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Mum fined £300 after neighbours complained about her noisy sex

Caption: Mum fined for having sex which was too loud Credit : Andrew Price/Viewfinder
The care worker blamed the loud noises on her son (Picture: Andrew Price/Viewfinder)

A mum has been fined £300 after neighbours complained about her loud sex noises.

Kristin Morgan, 41, of Llay, Wrexham, admitted four offences but blamed her son and his girlfriend for the disturbances.

The care worker upset neighbours after she failed to comply with an abatement order slapped on her by Wrexham County Borough Council.

During lockdown, those living near the family-of-four heard the loud noises and complained to the council.

Morgan failed to abide by the notice that said noises coming from a bedroom in the house were clearly ‘lovemaking and loud conversations’ in the early hours of the morning and late at night, the court heard.

Morgan’s pensioner father, son and teenage daughter lived at the property.

Copyright Picture by Andrew Price / View Finder Pictures - Chester. 07 774 611 778. Picture taken 130922. Caption: Kristin Morgan arriving at Wrexham Magistrates court. charged for being to noisy while having sex at her home??? See story from Glyn Bellis???
Kristin Morgan was fined £300 after neighbours complained about her loud sex (Picture: Andrew Price / View Finder Pi)
Copyright Picture by Andrew Price / View Finder Pictures - Chester. 07 774 611 778. Picture taken 130922. Caption: Kristin Morgan arriving at Wrexham Magistrates court. charged for being to noisy while having sex at her home??? See story from Glyn Bellis???
The single mum blamed her son for the loud sex noises (Picture: Andrew Price / View Finder Pi)

Neighbours said they had repeatedly complained to the council as the noise was happening during a lockdown and it was ‘making some people quite upset’, Wrexham Magistrates court heard.

They added that the family were given multiple warnings ‘but nothing happened’ as they continued to have loud sex between December 26, 2021, and April 4.

Her son Aled, 23, said the situation had been a ‘nightmare’ and the family hadn’t meant to upset anyone, the court heard.

Prosecutor Louise Edwards, for Wrexham County Borough Council, said following a party at the property in July 2020, the authority first became aware of the issues.

Miss Edwards said neighbours had numerous recordings of noise issues at the property and despite warning letters, there were further complaints.

An enforcement officer suggested Morgan swap rooms with her son and his girlfriend but after doing so the noise continued so neighbours installed noise monitors.

Miss Edwards said the noise monitor confirmed the loud noises from ‘sexual activities’ had continued.

She added: ‘Neighbours have suffered noise nuisance for an unacceptable period which they described as a horrendous experience which has affected their health.

‘They no longer feel happy in their own home and feel on edge.’

Morgan, who represented herself in court, told the magistrates she had been trying to save money to insulate her ‘rundown’ house.

She was fined £300 and will also have to pay £534 in costs.

Morgan’s son also faces four offences under the Environmental Protection Act but his case has been adjourned in his absence until October.

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