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Report: Seven players who will train with Conte during international break

While the majority of the Tottenham Hotspur squad head off on international duty over the next fortnight, there are seven first-team players who will stay at Hotspur Way and get the full attention of Antonio Conte (Football London).

Alasdair Gold has revealed that Conte often spends a few days back in Italy with his family during international breaks, and the players left behind will also be given a few days off.

With a high-quality squad like the one Tottenham possess, there is always the chance that most of your players are going to disappear a few times a year to represent their country.

With this being the final international break before the upcoming winter World Cup in Qatar, this round of national games is more important than ever for many of the Spurs squad.

Eric Dier is a notable example of this, having been recalled to the England squad for the first time in two years. Dier will be hoping to make an impression and force his way into Gareth Southgate’s plans for the big tournament.

Not everyone gets the privilege of representing their country though, but for those left behind in North London, it does present an opportunity. Whether they like it or not, these seven first-team players are going to be spending some quality time with Antonio Conte.

Goalkeepers Fraser Forster and Brandon Austin have, rather understandably, not been called up for international duty. As second and third-choice keepers at the club, it’s always going to be unlikely they would get a call-up.

Spurs youngsters Japhet Tanganga and Harvey White are in a similar position. The pair are on the peripheries of Antonio Conte’s squad, meaning game time is hard to come by. Tanganga is too old for the England U23 squad, and White has been overlooked.

Brazilian duo Lucas Moura and Emerson Royal are also left out of their national team at this moment. Moura has been suffering from an injury over the last month and is arguably not in the plans of Brazil manager Tite regardless.

Royal on the other hand was part of the Brazil squad at the start of 2022, but has fallen out of favour. He will be hoping his extended run in the Spurs starting XI is enough to win him back his place before the World Cup.

And finally, Clement Lenglet is left out of the France squad. Lenglet has not featured in the French squad since November 2021.

Alasdair Gold added that the focus will mainly be on fitness work, while U21 players can flesh out the squad for training drills. Hugo Lloris and Ben Davies will also likely be around Hotspur Way dealing with their respective injuries.

Spurs Web Opinion

It’s actually worked out quite well for Spurs that the likes of Fraser Forster and Clement Lenglet are free of international obligations. With the injuries to Hugo Lloris and Ben Davies, there’s every chance that the pair will need to step in, and a bit of extra time with Conte will do these lads the world of good.

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