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Killer neighbour who stabbed ‘hero’ dad to death in row over noisy motorbike and told cops he was GLAD is caged for life

A KILLER neighbour who stabbed a “hero” dad to death in a row over a noisy motorbike has been caged for life.

Evil Jamie Crosbie, 48, told cops he was “happy” he’d murdered Dean Allsop following the horror in Thorpe St Andrew, Norfolk.

Crosbie told cops he was ‘happy’ he’d murdered Dean Allsop following the horror in Thorpe St Andrew, Norfolk[/caption]
East Anglia News Service
Dean Allsop was murdered after son Mikey revved the engine of the motorbike the pair had been working on[/caption]
Crosbie’s bald head and face was covered in blood following the killing[/caption]

Crosbie used knives and a saw to stab the 41-year-old dad-of-three to death in a “cold-blooded” slaying in front of his son.

Judge Anthony Bate, sentencing at Norwich Crown Court on Wednesday, told Crosbie: “I regard you as a very dangerous man.”

He sentenced Crosbie to life in prison with a minimum term of 28 years, which is the amount of time he must serve behind bars before he can be considered for release.

The balding defendant stared straight ahead throughout Wednesday’s sentence hearing, bouncing his left knee up and down, and he showed no reaction as he was led to the cells.



Woman arrested after man suffers life-threatening injuries in park attack


Man dies from serious injuries as police release CCTV pic in murder case

Crosbie was found guilty of murdering Mr Allsop following an earlier 12-day trial.

On the day of the murder, Dean’s son Mikey had revved the engine of a motorbike he had been working on with his dad.

“Extremely violent” Crosbie complained about the noise – and exploded in a fit of rage, Norwich Crown Court previously heard.

He then attacked Dean with the knife and saw.

Horrified Mikey was forced to witness his “hero” dad stabbed 17-times in a frenzied orgy of violence by the monster neighbour.

Cops rushed to the horror scene shortly before 7.45pm on April 14 last year.

When they arrived, they saw Mikey in the middle of the road who told officers: “I need help. He’s stabbed my dad.”

Chilling cop bodycam footage taken a short time later shows officers walking to Crosbie’s door.

The killer – who quickly emerges from his bungalow lair – is told to turn around and kneel on the floor.

Crosbie is seen with blood-soaked hands and has blood pouring down his head and face.


When told by police later that evening that he’s being arrested for murder, twisted Crosbie says: “That makes me happy”.

The beast added: “That’s a good thing, that’s the best news I ever heard.”

Mr Allsop, of Primrose Crescent was pronounced dead at the scene at 8.18pm on April 14.

His partner Ms Newell said in a victim impact statement read to the court by prosecutor Andrew Jackson: “I will never forgive Crosbie for what he did to my family.”

She added: “I hope he’s never released.”

Mr Jackson went on to say that Crosbie had previously been convicted of causing actual bodily harm in 2013.

On this occasion he had punched a security guard at a Job Centre where he had gone to complain about his benefits entitlement and was asked to leave, Mr Jackson said.

Crosbie was convicted in 2018 of criminal damage and possessing a knife over an incident when he threatened Mr Allsop with a knife and hammer.

It came after Mr Allsop put some rubbish in his wheelie bin, Mr Jackson said.


At the sentencing on Wednesday Mr Jackson said the killer had made threats, to his supervising probation officer, to kill Mr Allsop while he was serving a suspended sentence for the 2018 offences.

Mr Jackson added there “can be no dispute” that at the time of the murder Crosbie was “suffering from a mental disability”, which was described by a psychiatrist as a “delusional disorder”.

He said it did “not extinguish” the defendant’s culpability.

Mr Jackson said Crosbie said he had drunk around a bottle and a half of wine before the killing.

Judge Anthony Bate told Crosbie: “You’re aptly described as an isolated man living alone.”

He said the defendant had mental health issues and was “complying poorly with prescribed medication in the community”.

“You showed callous indifference to Dean’s fate after he had been repeatedly stabbed,” the judge said.

“You left him bleeding on the ground and made no attempt to summon help.”

You’re aptly described as an isolated man living alone

Andrew Jackson, prosecuting

Senior investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Phill Gray, from the Norfolk & Suffolk Major Investigation Team previously the court some wounds were inflicted when Dean was face-down and unresponsive.

The force said Crosbie was also found guilty of the wounding with intent of two women – Dean’s partner Louise Newell and friend and neighbour Kerryn Johnson – who had come out to help.

It followed a three week trial back in August where he was cleared of two counts of attempted murder for the attack.

DCI Gray added: “This was a cold-blooded attack by a man intent on causing extreme harm to others.

“Crosbie’s savage attack didn’t stop there; he stabbed two people who had come to help Dean, one suffering an arterial bleed to her neck.

“Crosbie is an extremely violent man who has no place in society, and we welcome the jury’s verdict today.”

The incident had “striking similarities” to a previous one in 2018 where Crosbie threatened Dean with a knife and hammer after he put some rubbish in his wheelie bin.

In a statement, Mr Allsop’s partner Louise Newell said: “I cannot put into words how this has affected our whole family.

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The chilling moment Crosbie was caught by police as he prowled near his lair in Thorpe St Andrew, Norfolk[/caption]
Cops ordered the killer to kneel on the ground following the horror murder[/caption]

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