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Calls for ‘hero’ pallbearers who carried Queen’s coffin to be given MBEs

The pallbearers could be set to receive a gong if the calls of the nation are listened to (Picture: Getty)

MPs, celebrities and military leaders have called for the pallbearers who carried the Queen’s coffin to receive awards from the King.

The young soldiers have been heaped with praise as they took on the mammoth task of carrying Her Majesty to her final resting place.

The Grenadier Guards steady shoulders took the Queen’s casket into St George’s Chapel ahead of the committal service on Monday, and also helped lift her into Westminster Hall, where she lay in state for four days.

The task of lifting the coffin up the steep stairs of the 450-year-old chapel was nerve-wracking for everyone watching at home, but their performance earned the praise of the nation.

Admirers across Britain declared: ‘They have done our nation and Her Majesty proud.’

The Grenadier Guards had the weight of the nation on their shoulders as they carried the Queen’s casket (Picture: Getty)
Pallbearers carry the coffin of Britain's Queen Elizabeth out of Westminster Abbey on the day of the state funeral and burial of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, in London, Britain, September 19, 2022 REUTERS/John Sibley
MP’s and celebrities have called for them to receive a gong in the New Years honours list (Picture: Reuters)
The soldiers lifted her Majesty into Westminster Hall as she lay in state for four days (Picture: Getty)
The soldiers lifted her Majesty into Westminster Hall as she lay in state for four days (Picture: Getty)
MP Tobias Elwood has called for the soldiers to receive an award (Picture: PA)
MP Tobias Elwood has called for the soldiers to receive an award (Picture: PA)

MP Tobias Ellwood is among the MPs who have also called for the pallbearers to get gongs in the New Years Honours list.

He said: ‘Their performance did the Queen and the nation proud’

Michelle Barnes said online: ‘Such a sad and momentous day today with the funeral, but I’ve got to say those eight young men/pallbearers from the Grenadier Guards carrying the coffin on her final journey were absolutely faultless.

‘Even going up the steps of St George’s Chapel. They deserve a medal.’

Elaine James echoed this and said: ‘Hope the Pallbearers get a special mention somewhere & a medal for their efforts today…they were amazing, especially climbing those steps.’

MORE : Viewers ‘on edge’ watching pallbearers carry Queen’s coffin during state funeral: ‘They must have been so anxious’

MP Lee Anderson and SAS: Who Dares Wins star Ant Middleton also called for the young soldiers to be made Members of the British Empire.

Mr Middleton, a former Special Forces operative, said they ‘deserved nothing less than an MBE’.

Ashfield MP, Lee Anderson, praised his constituent Company Sergeant Major Dean Jones, who walked ahead of Her Majesty’s oak coffin.

In a post on Facebook, he said: ‘Ashfield Lads. Doing their duty and making their families and the whole of Ashfield feel incredibly proud. Serving Queen and country.’

CS Jones, from Long Eaton, Derbyshire, also received lots of praise online from friends and relatives.

His mum, Gaynor Jones wrote: ‘Cannot put into words how proud myself and Dean’s family are, of all the lads.

‘I’ve been a mess all week but know all his friends from Long Eaton have been watching him. He’s worked incredibly hard for this.

‘Thanks, everyone, for your lovely words. From Dean’s mum.’

Pallbearers from The Queen's Company, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards prepare to carry the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II into Westminster Hall at the Palace of Westminster in London on September 14, 2022, to Lie in State following a procession from Buckingham Palace. - Queen Elizabeth II will lie in state in Westminster Hall inside the Palace of Westminster, from Wednesday until a few hours before her funeral on Monday, with huge queues expected to file past her coffin to pay their respects. (Photo by Ben Stansall / POOL / AFP) (Photo by BEN STANSALL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
The proud parents of the pallbearers have said the touching moment brought them to tears of pride (Picture: AFP)
2022 TV Week Logie Awards
Ant Middleton from SAS: Who Dares Wins has also called for the pallbearers to get an honour (Picture: WireImage)
Pallbearers carry the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II at her state funeral
The soldiers unwaveringly carried Her Majesty into Westminster Abbey (Picture: Getty)

Another family member said: ‘Stunning work Dean Jones and Queens Company Grenadier Guards leading the to her final journey. #proudfamily.’

Another person added: ‘Well done to all the coffin bearers today. Dean Jones you have done Long Eaton proud.’

Nev Insley summed up a lot of people’s feelings when he told Gaynor: ‘They should never have to buy a drink in a pub again.’

The married father-of-one marshalled his young team of pallbearers, which included 19-year-old Fletcher Cox.

The teenager, from Jersey, was at the back of the coffin both during the funeral and the procession of the casket from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.

Also the rear of the bearer party was Second Lieutenant Freddie Hobbs, 24, from West Sussex, who was issuing the group’s commands.

Freddie’s cricket club said: ‘Congratulations, pride and respect to White Hunter Freddie Hobbs for his remarkable role – and not dropping anything.

Dean and Freddie were praised alongside pallbearer Luke Simpson, whose dad said watching his son carry the Queen brought him to tears.

Mark Simpson said: ‘We had a tear watching but they have all done us proud.

‘It’s been an honour to watch this and see them all doing their best for the country and the Crown.

‘We are so proud of Luke.’

Luke’s former headteacher, John Maher, added: ‘It is a source of great pride to the Ashfield School community that Luke took his place centre stage on this historic occasion and, with the world watching, carried out his duty so professionally.’

His local football team also heaped praise on him and said: ‘Respect to you Luke Simpson, flawless under pressure with the whole world watching on.

‘You have done your country, village, family and friends proud!’

But yesterday the guard’s officer in charge of parades admitted he had never seen ‘such nervous people’ as the men waiting for the coffin.

Lt Col James Shaw told The Sun: ‘They carried the responsibility of the nation on their shoulders. It was the most important job which had to be perfect and it was.

‘They were outstanding from the first when Her Majesty arrived back at Buckingham Palace ­all the way through to Westminster Abbey and St George’s Chapel.’

The Army said: ‘The armed forces played a proud role in Her Majesty’s funeral and delivered excellence in every way possible.

‘Each and every person involved, from those involved in ceremonial events to the streets liners, should take great pride in the way in which they marked her lifetime of selfless service to the nation.’

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