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Cubs’ Nelson Velázquez takes stock of Hurricane Fiona’s devastation in Puerto Rico



MIAMI — When Cubs outfielder Nelson Velazquez called home Tuesday, he learned the electricity at his mom’s house in Carolina, Puerto Rico, had been restored. Now, however, the running water was shut off. He has been checking in with his family every day since Hurricane Fiona made landfall Sunday.

‘‘Maybe one day they have electricity and another they have water instead of everything going away,’’ he said in a conversation with the Sun-Times. ‘‘But everything at my house is good. They’re doing OK.’’

Most of the island has experienced a loss of running water and electricity. The storm ripped the roofs off houses and flooded residences and airports alike.

The storm also swept across the eastern side of the Dominican Republic. The heart of it missed San Cristobal, where Franmil Reyes’ family lives, and Santiago, Christopher Morel’s hometown, which is farther inland.

Still, according to CNN, the hurricane left more than a million people in the Dominican Republic without running water.

Reyes opened his family group chat on WhatsApp this week to see videos of destruction his family members had screen-recorded from Instagram as Hurricane Fiona slammed the eastern side of the country.

Early on, the Emergency Operations Center issued a red alert for provinces including San Cristobal.

‘‘It was nothing that scared me that much about my family because I knew they were going to be safe,’’ Reyes said, referring to the sturdy cement construction of their home. ‘‘But some people from my town that I grew up with and know, that worries me a little bit. Like I tell them all the time, they can always come to me with what I can help with.

‘‘I’m happy that nothing happened in my town to those people but sad because of what happened in Puerto Rico and some of those islands and the D.R. in the East, too.’’

The official MLB Puerto Rico Twitter account sent out a link to its Red Cross donation collection page ( on Tuesday. Former Cubs shortstop Javy Baez is among the major-league players who have lent their support to those affected by the hurricane. He offered free meals through a local restaurant in Puerto Rico, sending out the invitation via his Instagram story.

Hurricane Fiona compounded the lingering aftereffects of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. When Maria struck in September 2017, just weeks after Hurricane Irma, it killed nearly 3,000 people and destroyed the power grid.

Velazquez said the Cubs had him stay in Arizona in the immediate aftermath of Maria.

‘‘It was hard a little bit,’’ Velazquez said. ‘‘You want to be with your family. You take care of them and try to take care of anything they need. But I talked with them. They told me they were OK, they were doing good. So I respected the team’s decision for me to stay [in Arizona], be safe. And when I had the chance to go there, they flew me out.’’

Some residents had to wait 11 months for their power to be restored. Five years later, when Hurricane Fiona hit, much of Puerto Rico hadn’t fully recovered. Thousands of homes still were covered by tarps.

‘‘We as a people, we have to be ready for anything,’’ Velazquez said. ‘‘I wish that wouldn’t happen anymore, that we can be good and not lose the house or anything like that. But we have to live with that. It’s natural.’’

Hurricane Fiona headed north from the Dominican Republic and hit the Turks and Caicos Islands as a Category 3 storm Tuesday.

Contributing:  Associated Press

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