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29 gift baskets filled with actually tasty food

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Side by side collage of a cocktail making kit on the left and a biscotti gift basket on the right

Food gift baskets or bundles are great gifts because instead of getting only one item for your friend or loved one — you're giving them a plethora of treats to enjoy. Not only that, but food gift baskets include a variety of treats and can even be curated to suit the recipient's preferences, so you can ensure your gift is a hit. 

We've found 30 gift baskets that will please all any foodie's tastebuds. Coffee aficionados will rave over the La Colombe Cool Beans Box, which includes three bags of coffee perfect for homemade cold brew, while meat lovers will go ham for one of the Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquets. Whether you're looking for a cute box of snacks or a themed package of artisanal goods, here are 29 gift baskets for all the foodies in your life. 

The 29 best gift baskets in 2022:

A taste of New York at home
"Best of Magnolia Bakery" Sampler Pack of banana pudding and assorted cupcakes.

"Best of Magnolia Bakery" Sampler Pack, available at Magnolia Bakery, $65

Gift a taste of this famous Big Apple bakery with this sweet gift. Magnolia Bakery, a New York City institution, has put together this selection of cupcakes and banana pudding that ships anywhere across the country.

A meat lover's dream
Piece of steak cut on a plate next to a salad and baked potato.

Custom Assortment with Free Dessert, available at Omaha Steaks, $159.99

Omaha Steaks has been in business for over a century, and anyone who enjoys a good cut of meat will appreciate this lavish gift. The Custom Assortment package allows the gifter to pick and choose from various cuts of meat, making the gift even more personalized.

A basket of breakfast goodies
Gift basket containing boxes of pancake and cinnamon roll mix, two jars of jam, coffee grounds, and maple syrup set on a table behind a plate of pancakes.

Stonewall Kitchen New England Breakfast Gift, available at Amazon and Walmart, from $79.95

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so treat someone with this basket full of morning meal goodies. This package includes maple syrup, pancake and waffle mix, two types of jam, and a tin of coffee.


Crunchy, flavorful popcorn
Parent and child sitting on a bench with a popcorn gift basket between them.

Popcornopolis Gourmet Popcorn 5-Cone Gift Basket, available at Amazon, $42.99

We love snacking on the savory and sweet popcorn from Popcornopolis. The delicious popcorn comes in five flavors (caramel, cheddar cheese, jalapeno cheddar, white cheddar, and kettle) and is wrapped up in distinctive striped cones. 

A snack selection curated by them
Red, yellow, green, and blue striped boxes with different candy and snacks in them

Personalized Gift Box, available at Sugarwish, from $23

Sugarwish is the best gift basket option for folks who may not have a permanent address, like to choose their own gifts, or have a serious sweet tooth. You'll send them an email or text prompting their gift selection, and they'll be able to choose their own snacks, shipping address, and timeframe. 

A healthy variety of nuts and fruits
Oh! Nuts Holiday Nut & Dried Fruit Gift Basket

Oh! Nuts Holiday Nut & Dried Fruit Gift Basket, available at Amazon and Oh! Nuts, from $25.06

There are a few out-of-the-ordinary fruits in this box: Dried summer plums, papaya, and pear. Pair them with crunchy nuts, meat, and cheese, or enjoy them on their own. 

Unique sweet and savory snacks
A box full of various snacks from CRAVEBOX

CRAVEBOX Gourmet Specialty Snack Box, available at Amazon and CRAVEBOX, from $29.95

CRAVEBOX is chock full of sweet, savory, and healthy snacks like garlic parmesan pretzel sticks or birthday cake graham crackers. They'll be excited to receive snacks that they've likely never heard of before, and it can inspire a reordering of some of their favorites. 

Beautifully designed biscotti
A white box filled with biscottis decorated with different icing patterns

Hazel & Creme Biscotti Gift Baskets, available at Amazon, $24.99

These beautifully decorated, Kosher almond biscotti are an unconventional sweet treat compared to the typical cookie basket. Plus, this box comes pre-wrapped and ready to gift. 

Maple bitters collection for cocktails or baking
Three bottles of Maple flavored bitters next to a cocktail made with them.

Maple Bitters Collection, available at Uncommon Goods and Runamok Maple, from $29.95

A truly unique gift for someone in your life who enjoys trying wild flavor concoctions, these bitters can be used in cooking, baking, or cocktail creations. The set of three comes in floral maple, aromatic maple, and orange maple flavors.

A box of spicy pickles
Assorted jars of pickles and peppers in the Spicy Pickles gift box.

Spicy Pickles Box, available at Mouth, $83

This box of spicy pickles is perfect for someone who likes a good amount of spice added to their food. There are five jars of hot pickles included in this gift set, including chile, jalapeño, and spicy dill.

Four pints of ice cream (toppings included)
Assorted pints of Jubilee ice cream for the sundae gift box

Ice Cream Jubilee Ice Cream & Sundae Toppings (4 Pints), available at Goldbelly, $99.95

It's usually hard to gift ice cream without it showing up at the door as a melted mess. Thankfully, Goldbelly packs all its gift kits with dry ice. Your recipient can enjoy this sundae kit of four ice cream pints and four toppings including, chocolate candies, rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, and gummy bears. You can choose four flavors from the 21 types of ice cream available.

A bouquet of gourmet salami
Assorted rolls of salami wrapped to look like a bouquet of flowers.

Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet, available at Food52, from $70 + $11 shipping surcharge

This salami arrangement will likely be one of the most unique gifts they've ever received. The pork salami comes from Oregon and will help them craft extravagant charcuterie boards. Your bouquet can include three or six salamis.

A coffee sampler of best-sellers and customer favorites
A gift box containing three different La Colombe Coffees

Medium Light Roast Cool Beans Gift Box, Available at La Colombe, $48

East Coast coffee shop favorite La Colombe offers coffee enthusiasts unique blends of coffee in multiple grind options. If they don't live in one of the six states with La Colombe locations or if you just want to treat them to a coffee shop experience right at home, gifting them this sampler will help them easily choose their new favorites.

A flight of wild wine flavors
Eight bottles from the "Wild Child" wine flight

Wine Flight, available at In Good Taste, from $49

If they choose wines based on what they're eating and love to try new flavors, In Good Taste's Wine Flight will be the perfect gift as it offers non-traditional wine flavors such as black currant, pineapple, fig, and black cherry. Each flight includes eight tasting bottles and every purchase comes with a complimentary interactive virtual wine tasting.

A variety bucket filled with sour flavored candies
A bucket full of different retro candies from Dylan's Candy Bar

Nostalgia Gift Bucket, available at Dylan's Candy Bar, $75

This giant bucket is the perfect gift for those that never grew out of their sweet tooth. The retailer also offers other fun options such as its movie night-themed gift basket.

A basket fit for your favorite home cook
A wooden gift basket filled with several different Italian foods

Italian Inspirations Gift Basket, available at Harry & David, $159.99

With pasta, olives, salami, and other ingredients, this massive basket will be an appreciated addition to any kitchen.

A gift box for the cocktail expert in your life
A champagne glass with lemons, syrup, a cocktail kit, spoon, and jigger

It's Five O'clock Somewhere, available at Knack, $35

This gift box contains everything they'll need to craft the perfect cocktail. The set includes a champagne glass and cocktail kit including elderflower syrup, bar spoon, and jigger.

A tin full of rainbow chocolate chip cookies
Pile of chocolate chip cookies with rainbow colored dough.

Rainbow Colors Chocolate Chip Cookie Tins, available at Baked In Color, from $30

Whether you choose the rainbow colors or your own custom colors, these cookies and brownies stand out. This tin basket contains colorful rainbow cookies in quantities up to 30.

A flavorful pack of seasonings and sauces
Assorted jars of spices and seasonings form the Momofuku pantry starter pack.

Pantry Starter Pack, available at Momofuku, $60

If they're always looking for ways to add new flavors to their meals, this seasoning starter pack is a great place to start. This set includes unique blends of savory, tingly, and spicy seasoned salts as well as chili crunch, and restaurant-grade tamari and soy sauces. 

A box of Japanese snacks they can't get in the US
Person pulling the lid off a Bokksu Japanese snacks gift box

Classic Box, available at Bokksu, from $44.95

Bokksu works directly with snack makers in Japan, so your recipient won't be able to find these unique and delicious treats here. Every month's box has a different theme and contains 20 to 25 snacks, as well as a tea pairing. The first box is called, "Seasons of Japan" and will feature snacks from every season of the year. 

Treats for the ultimate sweet tooth
"The Sweet Spot" dessert gift basket, containing birthday cake truffles, assorted cookies, and a pie.

The Sweet Spot, available at Milk Bar, $106

It'll be hard to decide what to eat first from this trio of Milk Bar favorites — will it be the moist birthday cake truffles, buttery Milk Bar pie, or the chewy cookies in creative flavors like Blueberry & Cream? 

Unique infused olive oils
Six bottles of flavored olive oil from the Giusto Sapore Olive Oil Gift Set

Giusto Sapore Olive Oil Gift Set, available at Amazon and Giusto Sapore, $59.99

The five-bottle set of flavored olive oil will transform their dinners — from spicy chili to make their pizza more exciting to blood orange to freshen up seafood dishes. 

A unique charcuterie assortment you can't find at a regular grocery store
Log of dried duck meat sliced on a wooden cutting board.

Delicious Duck Cure Bundle, available at D'Artagnan, $112.95

Expand their charcuterie horizons with this box of dried and cured duck meats, including duck rillettes, duck prosciutto, smoked duck breast, and duck saucisson sec. There's also a rich black truffle foie gras, which goes well with some bread. 

Read our review.

The gift basket that's perfect for a picnic
best gift baskets 21

Bella Cucina Italian Antipasti Basket Gift Set, available at Food52, $239

They'll definitely want to reuse this spacious woven tote, which contains savory and sweet spreads (like artichoke lemon pesto), crackers and flatbread, and an olive wood knife. It's a gourmet splurge, but a beautifully packaged one at that. 

A carb-heavy box of pastries and bread
Wooden gift basket containing various pastries, cookies, and other baked goods.

Signature Bakery Tray, available at Harry & David, $99.99

The tray of cookies, cakes, and other pastries will be a big hit for anyone who loves lingering in bakeries. Reviewers love the lemon poppyseed cake and raspberry galettes. 

A cheesy collection from a New York City institution
Plate with sliced cheese and cherries on top of a tiled surface.

Greatest Hits, available at Murray's Cheese, $95

If they crave a mild cheese, there's a manchego. For a sharper edge, try the cheddar. There's also aged gruyere and creamy mini brie. To go along with this sampler of Murray's Cheese's popular varieties, there are cherry preserves, crackers, and almonds in the box as well. 

Eight servings of 'tea drops'
Gift box of assorted Tea Drops tea leaves.

Tea Sampler (9-pack), available at Tea Drops, $16

Tea Drops are tea leaves that come in fun shapes such as hearts, flowers, and stars. As the name suggests, simply drop the packed tea leaves into boiling water to create a cup of tea. The tea kit contains both caffeinated and non-caffeinated varieties. 

Nostalgia-inducing Mrs. Fields cookies
Gift tin filled with of Mrs. Fields cookies with "Hello Sunshine" written on the lid.

Mrs. Fields Large Sunshine Basket, available at FTD, $79.99

Your favorite food stand from the mall offers a box of 48 bite-sized cookies, 30 brownie bites, and eight regular cookies that arrives right at their door. It wouldn't be a "Sunshine" box without four frosted sun cookies. 

A snack box that travels to a different country every month
Gift box of assorted snacks from Universal Yums

Yum Yum Box, available at Universal Yums, from $26

If you know that they're open to treats from all over the world, gift a box from Universal Yums. They can travel the world and sample sweet and savory snacks from countries such as Greece, Indonesia, Colombia, and Italy. 

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