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The 10 best leather jackets for men, from classic motorcycle styles to sleek bombers

collage of Motorcycle and Hangar jackets.

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Worn by style icons the world over, from James Dean to Jay-Z, the leather jacket is an unrivaled symbol of sartorial confidence and an all-around practical wardrobe staple. Hard-wearing by nature, the leather jacket was originally crafted for outdoorspeople and later adopted by motorcyclists for its ability to protect against road rash. From there, it slipped into the mainstream, permeating modern style and culture.

The best men's leather jackets come in a few main styles: the biker, the bomber, the racer, the flight, and the field. Defined by shape, cut, zipper placement, lining, and collar, each iteration of the leather jacket offers a unique take on this wide-ranging style staple.  Whichever option you prefer, let our list of best men's leather jackets inspire you with a variety of cuts and colors in a range of price points. 

Our picks are all true leather, which means their price tags are slightly higher than their faux counterparts. That also means that, with proper care, they will last for years. We explain proper leather care later on in this guide. But first, here are the best men's leather jackets you can buy. Learn more about how we test our style products here.

The best men's leather jackets:

Topman Real Leather Moto Jacket
a man wearing the Topman Real Leather Moto Jacket

A unique right-side zipper extending up to the lapel makes the relatively inexpensive Topman Real Leather Moto Jacket stand out from the crowd.

Sizing options: XS-XL

As the name declares, this Topman has a total biker vibe, with its classic moto styling and standard fit. Built from supple leather, this jacket doesn't require any breaking in. Dual front zipper-pockets are balanced with extra wide, button-snap lapels. 

The jacket's main highlight, however, is its off-center front zipper closure. The zipper itself extends upward through the edge of the lapel, meaning when zipped-up, the jacket displays an attractive asymmetrical design that's both striking and strident. Another bonus, this jacket comes in under $300, one of the most approachable prices on this list.

Thursday Boot Co. Motorcycle Jacket
a man wearing the Thursday Boot Co. Motorcycle Jacket in black leather


Fair prices and excellent craftsmanship make the Thursday Motorcycle Jacket a great alternative to designer jackets with steeper price tags.

Sizing options: S-XXL

Best known for making boots and dress shoes as good as pairs twice as expensive, Thursday Boot Company applied the same successful direct-to-consumer formula to leather jackets, including a variety of motorsport and military-inspired silhouettes.

Arguably the most popular style from Thursday, the Motorcycle Jacket is made from premium lambskin leather designed to get better with age and features a polyester-lined interior with leather accents for comfort and durability. While the silhouette checks off all the styling cues for anyone looking for a classic motorcycle jacket, it also had added utility. You'll find two zippered hand pockets, a horizontal zippered chest pocket, and two hidden chest pockets on the inside. The zippers are also backed with a lifetime warranty.

At $399, Thursday's Motorcycle Jacket is a great option if you're looking for premium quality but you don't want to venture into designer pricing territory

Read our full review on Thursday Boot Company's leather jackets here.

AllSaints Lark Leather Jacket
a man wearing the AllStains Lark Leather Jacket

Between its timeless styling and 100% goat leather, the AllSaints Lark is a leather jacket you'll be able to wear comfortably out-of-box and for decades to come.

Sizing options: XS-L

As one of the most streamlined of all the jackets on this list, the AllSaints Lark Leather Jacket can be worn with almost any outfit. It features a point collar, a full zip, symmetrical chest pockets, and snap fastening at the waist. Using black hardware throughout, the jacket has a sleek and understated looked, which is a nice alternative to more attention-grabbing motorcycle jackets.

Handwarmer pockets are included on the sides, while an interior lined in polyester keeps the jacket light.

Made from 100% goatskin leather, you'll find this jacket to be immediately softer and more flexible than jackets made from cowhide leather. If you're looking for a jacket with a shorter break-in period, goatskin is the way to go. 


Taylor Stitch Hangar Jacket
a man wearing the Taylor Stitch Hagar Jacket

A rich espresso color and full-grain cowhide leather make the Taylor Stitch Hangar Jacket a rugged yet refined choice.

Size options: XS(36)-XXL(46)

It's tough to find a Taylor Stitch piece that isn't amazing — so it's no surprise that the brand's Hangar Jacket takes the prize for most buttery-smooth and beautiful. Built from a full-grain cowhide leather, this jacket develops a natural patina as it wears, becoming like a second skin over time. Articulated shoulders are used to provide comfort and a greater range of motion without breaking the jacket in.

On the interior, a cotton twill lining adds warmth to the body and contrasts with the jacket's bold espresso color. The sleeves are lined with a silky-smooth viscose material.

Under the collar and cuffs, a corduroy lining ensures neck and wrist comfort and hidden collar stay snaps keep it firmly in place. To top it all off, the coat's refined styling, attention to detail, and enviable collar mean it can work anywhere from the bar to the office.

Wilsons Leather Drew Accordian Jacket
a man wearing the Wilsons Leather Drew Accordian Jacket

The Wilsons Leather Drew Accordian Jacket has subtle detailing around the shoulders and a silhouette that hints at old-school pilot bombers.

Sizing options: S-XXL

Embrace the brash with this brown leather moto jacket that doubles down on its unique design. Bold burgundy trim and crimped, accordion patches and inserts at the shoulders and sides add an attractive texture and shape to the jacket. They also positively impact the utility of the jacket by offering a greater range of motion than a traditional leather shoulder seam. 

With that same combination of practicality and style in mind, the four zip pockets allow for plenty of storage. A snap collar closes tight for when you're ready to ride, while a mesh lining keeps you cool when things get hot. And a standard fit means it's accessible to more body types across the board, whereas most moto jackets are designed for slim silhouettes these days. 

Overland Stanley Lambskin Leather Moto Jacket
a man wearing the Overland Stanley Lambskin Leather Moto Jacket in Caramel.

With a rich camel colored lambskin and understated design elements, the Overland Stanley is a high-end, no frills motorcycle jacket you can also wear to work.

Sizing options: S(36)-XXXL(54-56)

If you're looking for a leather jacket that comes across as more sophisticated, the Overland Stanley is an excellent choice.

This sporty motorcycle jacket is kept simple with a full front zip, a short standing collar, and four front zippered pockets — two on the chest and two for your hands. While the overall aesthetic is understated, the high-level of craftsmanship is what makes this jacket shine.  

The Overland Stanley Leather Moto Jacket is made in India using a smooth, lightweight lambskin. Its rich camel color is unique, eye-catching, and easy to wear with most business casual styles like sweaters, khakis, and button-up shirts.

Belstaff Axis Jacket
a man wearing the Belstaff Axis Jacket in Black.

As an elevated take on the classic men's puffer, the Belstaff Axis Jacket is made with a supple, yet water-resistant napa leather. 

Sizing options: 44-60

Puffer jackets probably aren't the first style to come to mind when searching for leather jackets, but if you're looking for a truly unique design to wear during the fall and winter, the Belstaff Axis Jacket is it.

Featuring an at-the-waist cut, a full front zip, high neck collar, and padded baffles, the Belstaff Axis combines all of the key elements of a classic winter puffer jacket with the high-end feel of top notch napa leather. 

While you probably won't want to wear this in the harshest winter conditions, the lambskin leather is naturally water-resistant and the polyester down insulation will keep you warm.

At $1,295, the Belstaff Axis Jacket is a splurge item, albeit a worthwhile one for anyone who wants to make a bold fashion statement.

Dunhill Leather Bomber Jacket
Dunhill Leather Bomber Jacket 2

British luxury brand Dunhill delivers a handsome, contemporary take on the classic bomber. 

Sizing options: XS-XXXL

A beauty to behold, you can't get more classic than this Italian-made Leather Bomber Jacket. Supple, shiny leather in an inky black color comes together with a two-way zip closure in the front. An overall roomy fit is reigned in by a ribbed collar, a ribbed hem, and ribbed cuffs, which also do a great job of keeping out any wind or rain. 

Simple in its design, this leather bomber is infinitely wearable. Throw it on over a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, or dress it up with a sweater and chinos for a dinner date. No matter which way you wear it, you can be confident that its classic style will stay relevant for years to come, making it an excellent investment piece to enjoy and pass on.

Schott NYC Lightweight Cowhide Flight Jacket
Schott NYC Lightweight Cowhide Flight Jacket

For a dose of pure class, the Schott NYC Lightweight Cowhide Flight Jacket's clean design fits the bill without totally breaking the bank. 

Sizing options: S-XXL

Located in the flight jacket category — known for its tighter cuffs, cropped adjustable waist, and high collar — the natural pebble-textured cowhide of the Schott NYC Lightweight Flight Jacket immediately reads luxe, while the ribbed knit waist and collar proudly nod to its aviation inspiration. 

Dual entry pockets with flaps and snaps keep everything you need to carry in place as the snap-fly front zips up to conceal a cotton-lined interior with a quintessentially autumnal plaid pattern. This looker is built with a bi-swing back, adding a bit more of a boxy structure than you'd find in a biker or a racer jacket. 

Cockpit USA Vintage Leather Naval Officer’s Coat
Cockpit USA

Look and feel like an admiral in the long cut of the Cockpit USA Vintage Leather Naval Officer's Coat.

Sizing options: XS-XXXL

Cockpit USA consistently delivers excellent throwback design — and its Vintage Leather Naval Officer's Coat is no exception. Harkening back to the hard-wearing leather version of naval pea coats, this topper hits below the hip. It also sports specially-treated goatskin leather that is lined with the brand's signature emblem fabric. Double-breasted with military spec buttons, the coat offers an air of authority to the wearer while also helping to withstand the elements. 

Its wide lapels can be popped to keep out the wind, while two side-entry pockets keep your hands warm. Two additional front flap pockets also provide storage for your not-so-classified documents. American made, the Naval Officer's Coat is an exceptional piece of craftsmanship you'll be pleased to have for decades to come. 

How to make your leather piece last for years
The best men's leather jackets

If some of the prices on this list cause you to reconsider your decision to buy a leather jacket, there's a reason high-quality leather jacket options run into the hundreds and thousands of dollars. It primarily has to do with how leather is created. 

First, a cow or sheep must be raised — a process that takes at least a year. After harvesting the animal and cleaning its hide, the tanning process, which is the procedure by which leather is changed from skin to the material we know and love, begins. This can take up to a month or more if using a vegetable dye process. From there, the leather must be cut and sewn into a jacket. 

All of these steps take an intensive amount of time and resources, which equals a higher price tag. But the good news is, thanks to leather's enduring strength and style, you won't need to buy more than one in your life — unless you want to.

And the way to make leather last a lifetime? Proper care. 

Unlike your favorite leather boots, a leather jacket isn't typically dragged through the mud and banged against rocks, so you're likely not going to see scrapes or abrasions. For light soiling, simply grab a barely-damp rag and wipe the jacket's exterior. Allow it to dry. If soiling is deep, there are special leather cleaning products, such as saddlesoap, that can help provide a deeper clean. 

It's also a good idea to give your jacket a needed dose of moisture every year or so. Do this by lightly applying a leather conditioner and then removing any excess. If you find your jacket has totally dried out, is stained, or is otherwise in severe disrepair, seek the guidance of a leather repair professional. Taking these simple steps will ensure your jacket looks and wears well for decades to come. 

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