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Michelle Obama’s Voting Initiative Partners With BLK Dating App For National Voter Registration Day

BLK & When We All Vote

Source: Courtesy of BLK / BLK

In honor of National Voter Registration Day, the largest dating and lifestyle app for Black Singles, BLK launches their in-app Election Center in partnership with “When We All Vote.” Read more details about the exciting collaboration inside.

A new study finds that while 80% of dating app users are registered voters, over half do not know the date of midterm elections. BLK’s new initiative was created in partnership with Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote, a leading national, nonpartisan initiative with a goal to increase participation in each and every election by helping to close the race and age gap. The Election Center is a digital hub designed to shift the culture of voting and politics in the Black community, amplify voices of Black voters and drive Black voter registration.

MORE: What’s At Stake In The Midterms: 7 Reasons Why Democrats Can Win

Historically, Black Americans have faced extreme disparities and inequalities in accessing the right to vote. As a result, Black Americans have been less informed and engaged in both local and national elections, political initiatives, and major legislation. To help change the course of history, BLK recently conducted a survey of its members to understand the voting habits, behaviors, and preferences of Black singles.

These were a few of their findings:

  • Of the respondents, 80% of users are currently registered to vote.
    • Of those not registered to vote, 42% plan to register before the midterm elections.
  • However, this doesn’t impact dating, with 70% of users stating that they will date someone who intentionally chooses not to vote.
  • When asked which political beliefs would be deal breakers for a potential partner, the top three responses are 1) Trump Supporter (38%), 2) Pro-Life (34%), 3) Anti-Universal Healthcare/Anti-LGBTQ (tied at 10%)
  • Lastly, 52% of registered voters do NOT know the date of the 2022 Midterm Election.
    • This number jumps to 66% for Gen Z (18-24) registered voters.

BLK has also made some major changes to its interface.

Upon opening the app, users will be prompted to “Share Your Voice” or “Shift the Culture.” When users select “Share Your Voice” they will be asked to choose policy issues of importance such as “gun violence,” “affordable housing” or “universal healthcare,” which will then be displayed on their profile along with a When We All Vote sticker, allowing users to match with others that share the same concern over policy issues.  Upon sharing feedback, users will then be encouraged to ‘Shift the Culture’ by registering to vote via the ‘ BLK x When We All Vote’ voter registration portal.

Additional BLK Election Center features include:

  • “When We All Vote” profile stickers
  • Policy issues of most concerned added to user’s profile page
  • Push notifications alerting BLK members of key dates (ex. National Black Voter Registration Day) and in key geographic locations
  • In-App Ad Units
  • Upcoming influencer and celebrity amplification

“Democracy can often feel out of reach and out of touch, but we know it doesn’t have to be that way. With BLK’s new Election Center, we are bringing the fight for our democracy and real change in our communities to Black voters in a way that is empowering and engaging,” said Stephanie L. Young, Executive Director of When We All Vote. “Together, we will change the culture around voting and ensure our communities’ voices are heard in the midterm elections and beyond.”

To register to vote or to check your voter registration status via BLK’s Election Center, please visit their website.


National Voter Registration Day 2022: How To Prepare For Election Day, Step By Step

Michelle Obama And Chris Paul Celebrate National Black Voter Day


The post Michelle Obama’s Voting Initiative Partners With BLK Dating App For National Voter Registration Day appeared first on NewsOne.

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