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UFC London results and video: Krylov quickly KO’s Gustafsson, Pimblett and McCann get stoppage wins

Nikita Krylov quickly knocked out Alexander Gustafsson at UFC London
Nikita Krylov quickly knocked out Alexander Gustafsson at UFC London | Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

On the UFC London main card, Nikita Krylov quickly knocked out Alexander Gustafsson, Paddy Pimblett sub’d Jordan Leavitt, and Molly McCann TKO’d Hannah Goldy.

The UFC London main card was much more entertaining than the prelims, with three finishes so far across the first-five fights. We got a furious TKO, and 67-second KO, and a clever RNC plus a teabag.

In the co-main event, the UFC’s #8 ranked middleweight, Jack Hermansson, took a unanimous decision over Chris Curtis. The opening round was a bit sticky, but the second round saw a huge moment for Jack when a head kick led to a flurry that wobbled Curtis. Hermansson delivered some pretty cool tomahawk elbows, but wasn’t able to hurt Curtis any further. The final frame involved a lot of Curtis following Hermansson instead of cutting him off. Curtis proceeded to flip the bird to Jack after the match to further display his frustration.

Paddy Pimblett pulled off another rear-naked choke today when he submitted Jordan Leavitt in the second round. It was a pretty sweet sequence that lead to the submission, as Paddy landed a knee from an unorthodox arm triangle, and used that moment to spin to the back. Paddy trapped the arm with his legs and was free to start squeezing on his strangle hold. As soon as Leavitt tapped, Paddy proceeded to hit Jordan with a Call of Duty style teabag — just like he said he would. Paddy has proven to be quite the character, and is following that up with two submissions and one knockout in three UFC appearances.

Nikita Krylov picked up a huge win today when he knocked out Alexander Gustafsson 67-seconds in the first round. Krylov floored Gustafsson with a huge right hand right away, and never really let him off the hook. Just when it seemed as if Gustafsson was going to weather the storm, Krylov connected with a left hand that sent Gustafsson back down to the ground. Krylov dropped some academic ground strikes to cement the biggest win, and finish, of his career. On the mic after his fight, he called for a fight with Volkan Oezdemir in Abu Dhabi.

Our first finish on the main card came at the hands of Molly McCann, who unleashed a flurry of violence on Hannah Goldy to achieve a first-round TKO. It was a big overhand to spinning elbow that dizzied Goldy, and then a wicked combination sent her falling to the floor. This makes three straight wins for McCann, and two fantastic finishes in a row.

Opening up the UFC London main card, Volkan Oezdemir avoiding the unique style of Paul Craig to pick up a unanimous decision. Craig got the fight to the ground by pulling guard a couple of times, but Oezdemir made all of the right moves to not get submitted, and return to his feet to do damage. Volkan snaps a two-fight losing skid with this intelligent performance.

**See complete results below

Main card:

Jack Hermansson def. Chris Curtis by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28x2): Middleweight

There was a bit of feeling out and measuring going on to start this one. Hermansson was using his footwork to stay on the outside, while Curtis was looking to get close enough tot touch the body. Hermansson was also launching kicks from range, which made it even more challenging for Curtis to get anything going.

Hermansson continued to fight at range in the second, making the absolute most of his length. Curtis started to show signs of frustration, as he was unable to cut off the cage. A big head kick from Jack seemed to register, and then fists of fury wobbled Curtis. Hermansson pressed the action, unloading tomahawk elbows and a flurry of punches as Curtis was shelling up.

The final act saw more footwork from Hermansson, with Curtis doing more following than cutting off the cage. The range striking of Hermansson continued to work for him, staying long with straights and working his kicks. Curtis just couldn’t get close enough to land his punches. He may have landed one here and there, but Jack wasn’t there for the followups.

Paddy Pimblett def. Jordan Leavitt by submission (RNC) at 2:46 of round 2: Lightweight

Paddy closed the distance right away looking to strike, but Leavitt clinched up to grapple. Leavitt got himself a takedown, but his neck was caught in a guillotine. Jordan worked out of the hold, but Paddy stood back to his feet. Leavitt remained attached in the clinch, forcing Paddy to grapple with him. Paddy finally broke free, and then quickly dove on a guillotine again to thwart the takedown. Leavitt rolled to his back, and Paddy started to drop ground strikes. Paddy went tot he back and landed a few more before the bell.

Leavitt again looked to grapple in the second round. He pressed Paddy against the cage, grinding away while hunting for a takedown. Paddy was being stubborn and not allowing Jordan to get the fight down. Paddy locked up an arm triangle from a funky angle, and then blasted Leavitt with a clever knee. Paddy then took the back, trapped an arm with his legs, and sank a rear-naked choke for the tap! What a sequence!

Nikita Krylov def. Alexander Gustafsson by KO at 1:07 of round 1: Light Heavyweight

An overhand right from Krylov dropped Gustafsson almost immediately. Krylov went in for the kill, but somehow Gustafsson found a way to survive and fire back. Krylov was still on the hunt, though, and dropped Gustafsson with a short left hand on the inside. A couple of ground strikes later and that was that.

Molly McCann def. Hannah Goldy by TKO at 3:52 of round 1: (W) Flyweight

The fighters met in the middle and started to trade punches. Goldy switched things up by hunting for the takedown, but McCann was fighting it. She pressed McCann against the fence, but McCann refused to hit the deck. In open space, McCann landed a huge overhand followed by a spinning elbow that dazed Goldy. Molly then followed up with an angry flurry that sent Goldy falling to the floor. The referee was there to step in and prevent any further damage.

Volkan Oezdemir def. Paul Craig by unanimous decision (30-27x3): Light Heavyweight

Oezdemir pressed the action right away, and Craig pulled guard. Oezdemir separated and Craig tried again, this time attacking a leg. Oezdemir remained calm and found a way out of harm’s way, and Craig quickly jumped guard again. Craig wasn’t able to lock up a sub before Oezdemir returned to his feet. Craig tried for a single leg, but ate some elbows for his troubles. Oezdemir started to land big punches that prompted Craig to flop to his back, but Volkan wisely refused to go back to the ground.

Craig was letting his strikes go to begin the second round. This allowed him to close the distance to pull guard. Oezdemir responded with some ground and pound from the top, before standing back to his feet. Craig was landing volume, but when Oezdemir did connect, he was actually doing damage. Those heavy strikes prompted Craig to return to his guard pulls.

Oezdemir wobbled Craig with a big punch in the first-minute of the third round. He followed Craig to the ground briefly, but elected to stand back up. Craig tried for another guard pull, eaten punches on the way down. Craig was struggling to get the fight into his world. Craig was forced to stand and strike, and would throw some volume, but didn’t seem to be hurting Oezdemir with anything.

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