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Little People fans claim Amy Roloff looks ‘happier’ with husband Chris Marek than with ‘greedy’ ex Matt amid family feud

LITTLE People, Big World fans think that Amy Roloff looks “happier” with her current husband Chris Marek than she did with ex Matt.

Matt, 60, was blamed for creating a rift in the family when he rejected his sons Zach and Jeremy’s offers to purchase the property on the family farm to instead put it up for sale for $4M.

Little People, Big World fans claim Amy Roloff looks ‘happier’ with her husband Chris Marek than she did with ex Matt[/caption]
Amy shared photos of her date night with Chris[/caption]

Amy, 57, posted photos from her and her husband’s date night to Instagram on Saturday.

Captioned, “Date night with my handsome man. Hanging out in downtown Hillsboro Friday Night bites and listening to CBD band,” the series of photos and video shows the couple enjoying their evening out.

The first depicts the TLC star smiling joyfully as she takes a selfie outside with a sunglasses-wearing Chris, 59.

The next slide of the post is a recording of the aforementioned CBD band singing a folksy, bluegrass country music tune.

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The last photo shows Amy grinning at the camera as she prepares to dig into a giant cup of ice cream.

Amy mentions the sugary treat in the post’s caption, writing “Had to top the night off with ice cream.”

Fans rushed to the comment section to show their support for Amy and her second husband.

One fan wrote: “Never seen you so happy Amy. I knew Chris was a good choice for you.”

A second person commented: “It’s so nice to see you happy with Chris and enjoying life.”

Another followed added: “You look happy and amazing.”

While other fans continued to share a similar sentiment, writing “May I say, you look so much happier these days” and “I just love you two together.”

However, others bashed Matt as one wrote: You and Chris are awesome! Matt is showing his true colors as an insensitive, greedy miser.

“Hope he ends up eating the farm!”


All this comes as Matt appears to have dissed his ex-wife Amy with recent social media comments.

The LPBW star shared a snapshot with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler, ex Amy, and Chris.

Matt argued that “negative people” should “please go away gracefully.”

He continued: “You don’t possess adequate discernment to speak your inadequate mumble jumbo.”

The television star seemed to have insulted Amy and mocked his former partner’s age as he said he would respond to “fools for fun if you are over 55 and mature to qualify.”


In the season finale of the reality series, Amy furiously confronted Matt and accused him of creating a nasty feud over the sale of the family farm.

Matt put 16 acres of Roloff Farms for sale for a whopping $4million on May 12. 

The TV personality blamed her ex-husband for creating a “hornet’s nest” with his decision.

Matt defended himself by saying “there’s 93 acres in this family—“.

Amy quickly interjected: “No. There’s 93 acres for Matt Roloff”.

In a confessional, the family matriarch explains that she “doesn’t see any type of ownership on Matt’s part.”

Matt revealed that he feels his sons, Zach and Jeremy, both 32, have an air of entitlement.

Again Amy fireed back: “You keep buying them ATV bikes every time they turn around, don’t blame it on me.”

Matt challenged his ex-wife, first admitting that he’s talked a lot about his mistakes and then asking Amy, “Have you talked about your mistakes?”


The Sun exclusively revealed that the portion of Roloff Farms up for sale once belonged to Amy

Amy sold 32.28 acres of land for $975,000 on August 13, 2020.

Matt took out a loan in the amount of $825,000 for the property exchange. 

Matt put 16 of Amy’s 32.28 acres on the market after making renovations to the main home and adding more features. 

The Washington County Assessor’s Office in Oregon estimated the 32.28 acres of land at $1,834,520.


Matt’s decision to price the land so high caused tension with Amy, who saw the high asking price as the reason Matt couldn’t come to an agreement of sale with his sons.

The star has been feuding with his son Zach over the farm after he refused his offers on the property.

The rejection ignited a rift between the pair, which Zach had talked about on the show.

He said: “My dad was definitely encouraging the conversation, Tori and Caryn came too.

“The north side is the 30 acres my mom and dad shared, and the whole thing was weird, he starts making excuses… suddenly me and my wife are not good enough to run the farm.

“Whether we don’t have the money, don’t have the skillset… Tori said, ‘It wasn’t cool, I never wanna see someone talk to my husband like that ever.’”

The argument has further caused a divide among the family, as Zach opted to take a step back from his duties at the farm.

Zach and his wife, Tori, also made the decision to move from their Oregon home to their new $1million abode in Battle Ground, Washington.


Meanwhile, Jeremy made a similar move as he purchased his own farm with his wife, Audrey.

Jeremy previously put in an offer on the property, which Matt also did not accept.

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Audrey wrote on Instagram around that time, saying that not buying the farm was the “death of a dream.”

Fans suspected at one point that Matt and his ex-wife Amy’s youngest son Jacob will take over the farm, as he is photographed there often working alongside his father. 

Amy with her night topping ice cream[/caption]
Matt, meanwhile, as moved on with Caryn Chandler (above)[/caption]
Social Media - Refer to source
Matt was previously accused of dissing his ex Amy[/caption]

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