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Kaitlin Armstrong’s ex reveals her most disturbing personality trait & exposes why they split before she ‘killed rival’

THE ex-boyfriend of fugitive yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong has revealed what he finds most disturbing about her personality after she went on the run for allegedly killing her love rival.”

Colin Strickland, 35, told the Sun that Armstrong “had sides to her personality that I don’t think she shared with anybody” after she allegedly murdered professional cyclist Moriah “Mo” Wilson, 25, on May 11 in a fit of “jealous rage.”

MEGA for The US Sun
Pro cyclist Colin Strickland, 35, said that ex-Kaitlin Armstrong ‘had sides to her personality that I don’t think she shared with anybody’[/caption]
The Mega Agency
Armstrong, 34, is wanted for killing professional cyclist Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson, 25[/caption]
Wilson was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds on May 11[/caption]
MEGA for The US Sun
Strickland is pictured outside his home in Austin, Texas[/caption]

“I would say she is one of the least volatile people I have ever met,” Strickland exclusively told the Sun.

“I had no indication of anything like that.”

Armstrong has now been on the run for more than a month having vanished days after being questioned by the police in the death of Moriah Wilson who was found shot to death in Austin, Texas.

Wilson was found dead hours after she went swimming with Strickland.

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The champion cyclist Strickland admitted to the Sun that he and Wilson had a brief fling in 2021, but he maintains this was after he and Armstrong had agreed to see other people.

“I had ended the relationship with Kaitlin and it was just interesting timing because Mo had come to Austin to visit a friend that exact week,” Strickland said.

“It was completely unplanned and yeah, we started spending some time together.”

Regarding his brief dating relationship with Wilson, Strickland said it “was clearly expressed to Kaitlin at that time, and Kaitlin dated other men directly after that.”

“We were clearly going our separate ways, but we just didn’t get enough inertia to separate.”

But he vehemently insists that after getting back together with Armstrong his relationship with Wilson was strictly platonic.
And he told The Sun: “I’m just in shell-shocked grieving mode.”


Strickland was speaking after a private investigator exclusively told The Sun earlier this week that Armstrong may have been using her younger sister Christine Armstrong’s identity to hide out in rural New York state.

The fugitive yoga teacher was last seen on May 14 leaving LaGuardia Airport in New York City – three days before a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Strickland said it was “pretty obvious” that she should surrender but added: “I’m not really thinking about Kaitlin, that’s outside my realm of control.

“Obviously she’s not going to be the same human that I knew.

Asked if he believes the claims that Armstrong may be posing as her sister Christine, Strickland said: “How is that relevant to me?

“I am working on f*****g cars all day, that’s what I’m doing.

“I’m not following the f*****g news, it’s not in my realm of control.

“There’s nothing I can do except drive myself crazy. That’s really it.

“My heart goes out to everyone who was more deeply traumatized by this than I was.”


After news broke of Wilson’s death, former gravel racing champion Strickland was dropped by sponsors.

Asked about his reaction to being dropped by sponsors, he said: “Everyone just wants to distance themselves from this event, which I completely understand.

“They’re reacting to the public’s anger, which I also completely understand.

“I’m just in the position of f*** my life, there’s nothing really to say. It is what it is.

“I’ve never done anything to harm anybody yet that’s just the position I’m in and there’s no way to change that, unfortunately.

“I wouldn’t fight anybody on the impulse to distance themselves from this because it’s just a foul situation.

“I’m not reading a lot on the internet right now because I think it would further my emotional distress, so I’m not sure who the public are angry at. I can’t speak to that.”

Strickland confirmed that Armstrong and Wilson had come face to face with each other at a cycling event held in Arkansas in January this year.


According to the police report, Wilson texted Strickland after the event to say: “This weekend was strange for me and I just want to know what’s going on.

“If you just want to be friends (seems to be the case) then that’s cool, but I’d like to talk about it cause honestly my mind has been going in circles and I don’t know what to think.”

Strickland refused to elaborate further on what Wilson had meant with her message.

But he said: “I would like to say that Moriah and I had seen each other at no less than four events in this 2022 and we had a completely platonic relationship and friendship.

“It’s unfortunate how that has been skewed out to be a salacious aspect to this story when it really wasn’t the case.

“It’s just unfortunate for her memory that it’s been skewed that way.

“I don’t feel like my words are really powerful right now so I don’t feel the need to try to set the record straight.

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“I would tell you that Mo was an intelligent person and she was not under the impression that we were in a romantic relationship.

“If we were in romantic relationship we would have been romantic at these bicycle races that we were seeing each other at, we would have found private space and that was not happening in any way.”

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SANDCAST: Deahna Kraft only knows one speed, ‘All in, or nothing at all’

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