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Mama June’s daughter Pumpkin, 22, & husband Josh reveal FIRST photos of newborn twins & share babies’ unusual names 

MAMA June Shannon’s daughter Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird, 22, and her husband Josh, revealed the first photos of their newborn twins and shared the babies’ unusual names. 

In photos exclusively revealed by The Sun, Pumpkin was glowing as she proudly showed off her new twin babies, making it four children in her home, ages four and under.

Dana Mixer / MEGA
Josh & Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird show off their beautiful family in first photos of the twins[/caption]
Dana Mixer / MEGA
Welcome to the world Sylus Ray Efird & twin sister Steels Renae Efird![/caption]

The 22-year-old Road to Redemption star gave birth via c-section to the twins on May 19 at a Georgia hospital, as The Sun originally exclusively reported, and in stunning photos the happy new parents showed off their brood of children which is now doubled. 

The baby boy’s name is Sylus Ray Efird and his twin sister’s name is Steels Renae Efird. 

Steels weighed in at 6lbs 1oz when she was born at 8:50 am and little Sylus followed one minute later weighing 5lbs 4oz.

Pumpkin revealed she and Josh were the only people allowed in the delivery room when the twins were born.  

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June's sister brings diapers to Pumpkin as star fails to help with twins


Mama June's daughter Pumpkin, 22, shows off bump in photoshoot with sisters

After the birth Josh’s mother, stepfather and grandmother were the first visitors.  

An elated Pumpkin told The Sun: “The family is really happy. Things have been stressful adjusting to three babies under one-year-old and just five kids in general but it’s nothing me and Josh can’t handle.

“This just means life is a little more hectic but will be so worth it in the end.” 


As The Sun previously reported, Mama June, 42, has been largely out of the picture since the birth of her twin grandbabies, as she is living in Alabama with her new boyfriend turned husband, Justin Stroud who must remain in the state due to ongoing legal issues stemming from his arrest on a probation violation.  

Dana Mixer / MEGA
So sweet! The new babies have plenty of love from their parents & large family[/caption]
Dana Mixer / MEGA
Alanna ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson, a dating new aunt, helped & posed with the babies[/caption]
Dana Mixer / MEGA
Bright-eyed babies! The twins bring Josh & Pumpkin’s children to four[/caption]

In photos exclusively revealed by The Sun last week, Pumpkin’s aunt Jo ‘Doe Doe’ Shannon was seen stepping in to help the new parents. 

The 51-year-old aunt was seen unloading a trunk load full of baby supplies including diapers and wipes, while other family members visited with the new parents and their four children.  

Pumpkin’s sister Jessica ‘Chubbs’ Shannon, 25, was seen helping take boxes from the back of the minivan into Pumpkin’s home while their doting aunt Doe Doe grabbed bags. 

They will certainly be able to put the baby supplies to good use with their growing brood, as Bently is still in diapers- he was born just under a year ago in July of 2021. 


An insider previously claimed to The Sun that the mom of four is furious with her mother June for allegedly not visiting her and the babies since she first met them at the hospital in May. 

The source said: “June has not been by to see Pumpkin or the babies since they’ve been home. 

“She hasn’t been to their house to check on her or try to help.” 

The insider said both Josh and Pumpkin are upset with The Road to Redemption star.  

Pumpkin has been dropping hints about how she feels about her mother on her private Facebook page.  

A little over a week after she gave birth to the twins, Pumpkin posted an angry missive that appeared to take a swipe at June, 42.   

“Just putting this out into the air but it’s literally up to NO ONE but YOU to make sure you have a relationship with your grandkids, niece, nephew- etc. And if you don’t, you got no one to blame but you.  

“If you wanna see them, drive. If you wanna call them, call. It is not- I repeat NOT up to the PARENT to make sure you know their child. 

“They are way too busy raising said child/children & already being active in their lives to worry about how active you are.  

“Kids won’t miss who they don’t know. The end.” 

As The Sun exclusively revealed, June secretly married her new boyfriend Justin Stroud, 34, in a courthouse ceremony back in March and has been living with him in Alabama as he deals with legal issues.


In Georgia court documents first obtained by The Sun, a judge awarded sole custody of Alana to her sister Pumpkin and away from their mother June, 42.    

The young mother has been Alana’s legal guardian since August of 2019, following their mother’s downward spiral into drug addiction.  

In the final order issued in April 2022, the judge wrote that Pumpkin “has had guardianship of the minor child since April 29, 2019.   

“It is in the best interest of the child that the plaintiff is awarded sole custody.”    

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The judge ordered June, 42, to pay $800 in monthly child support to Pumpkin, beginning on May 1, 2022, and to continue on the 1st of every month until Alana turns 18 years old.    

Additionally, the 22-year-old mother of four will have the discretion to allow “visitation between the defendant [June] and the minor [Alana].”    

Dana Mixer / MEGA
Happy father’s day to Josh who had double to celebrate[/caption]
Dana Mixer / MEGA
Alanna lending a hand to help with Bently who is almost one, and Ella, 4[/caption]

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