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stc successfully concludes its Ramadan campaign

KUWAIT: Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced the conclusion of its Ramadan campaign for the year 2022. The campaign primarily focused on initiatives that empowered the youth, supported the development of mental and physical health, in addition to initiatives that contributed to the community across different aspects during the Holy Month.

stc launched interactive initiatives and organized several activities including sports competitions, challenges, youth development activities, and employee focused initiatives under its CSR program in collaboration with different organizations from both the Govt. and private sectors in Kuwait.

Community driven initiatives

The community driven initiatives stc participated in this year included sponsoring Al-Qabas’ first Ramadan Padel tournament, considering the role of sports during the holy month, with 250 Teams participating and the participation of the number one ranked Padel player in the world, Juan Lebron Chincoa, during the closing ceremony that witnessed the attendance of 2000 people.

stc partnered with Flare Fitness gym to host several fitness challenges for a good cause under the slogan “Transform your power”. The fitness challenges enabled the participants to donate iftar meals to charity and families in need, as well as other initiatives organized through the partnership to spread a positive impact within the community.

stc also sponsored and participated in the ‘Your Steps = Free Internet’ and ‘Al-Hamra in Motion’ fitness challenge for a three weeks period at Al-Hamra Tower. Your Steps = Free Internet”, a daily 5,000 steps challenge held for 3 weeks in which participants reaching their goals, while using the Warba Bank App “Fayez”, donated free internet subscriptions to over 100 families in need.

stc also collaborated with Aspire Kids Club during Ramadan to give back to the community through distributing iftar meals to workers at the Equestrian Club, Kuwait Zoo, mosques, and other locations. In addition to distributing meals, educational gifts were also distributed to the children at the Kuwait Hospitals in celebration of girgian.

stc celebrated “girgian”, the beautiful Kuwaiti tradition, with children in the Surra district with the participation of Zeina Al Saffar. stc initiative came in an effort to share the joys of girgian with children and youth who are the community’s most vibrant segment.

Employees Related Activities

In terms of its internal activities, stc organized a Padel tournament for employees in line with its commitment towards adopting a healthier lifestyle through fitness activity and encouraging activities that develop teamwork skills.

stc also held its employee Ghabga this year for the first time since the pandemic to further strengthen the links between members of the Big stc family. The social event provided employees with an opportunity to get together, including the employees of e-Portal. The gathering was held in a beautiful one-family atmosphere, attended by stc CEO Eng. Maziad Alharbi and top executive management.

These were not the only initiatives employees were involved in during this Ramadan, as the Company highly encouraged the participation in the various community driven initiatives. stc formed a team consisting of its employees to participate in the Al-Qabas Padel tournament, the Company also held special activities for its employees during the Flare Fitness and Hamra in Motion challenges.

“On Us” Ramadan lucky draw for customers

For its new and existing customers, stc launched the Ramadan weekly lucky draw, a 5-week raffle draw held throughout the month of Ramadan where 50 lucky winners got a chance to win one of the valuable prizes and a free commitment. Customers renewing or subscribing to any postpaid plans were automatically included in the draw.

.stc also launched ‘stc tv’ during the month of Ramadan, the Company’s rebranded and redefined entertainment platform. The rebrand aims to leverage on ‘Jawwy TV’, stc’s previous platform, and provide customers with a wide selection of entertainment options.

Danah Al-Jasem, General Manager of Corporate Communications at stc, said, “We are proud to have participated in a variety of community driven initiatives that reflected our Ramadan campaign theme this year. This year was special for us, especially considering the return of normal activities following the pandemic, and we were keen to play an impactful role.”

Jasem added, “We collaborated with various entities this Ramadan from both private and government sectors with the objective of spreading positivity within the community. The initiatives we participated in also helped spread awareness on various topics that reflect the true values behind the Holy Month, as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular fitness activity. Our strategy further builds on the direction we have set to not only be a pioneer within the telecom industry but also in our community through our progressive CSR program. stc aims to enrich people’s lifestyles whether it is through our wide range of solutions and offerings, or by organizing various activities that entertain and bring the community together for a good cause.”

Jasem concluded, “On behalf of stc, I would like to thank all the entities and organizations we partnered with as we conclude our Ramadan campaign this year. stc greatly values the role it aspires to play within the community and will continue to organize and participate in initiatives that have a positive impact on the community. We are also proud of the gradual growth and diversity of our CSR framework, which has addressed the most common topics within our key pillars, which are health, the environment, entrepreneurship, and the youth. We will continue to play an active role within our community and organize initiatives that empower and encourage the youth to adopt positive habits that will enrich their lives.”

The post stc successfully concludes its Ramadan campaign appeared first on Kuwait Times.

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