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I’m an interior designer – 10 things that are doing nothing but cluttering your home & need to go immediately

DECORATING is essential to making your space feel like home even if you have a shoebox-sized apartment.

But filling your space with decor could be doing more harm than good if you go overboard.

A small space can easily become cluttered with junk if you’re not careful[/caption]
Interior designers have suggested throwing out all of your extra coffee mugs to free up space[/caption]

To help with your small-space woes, interior designers talked to Kitchn on what’s best to toss out to avoid clutter in your apartment.


If you’re a fan of fresh flowers, vases can quickly pile up with every flower delivery, and in turn, can create clutter in your home.

Instead, designer Kerra Michele Huerta suggested picking out one or two beloved vases and tossing the rest.

She explained: “When I’m doing a room design, I make sure to select one or two sculptural vases that can stand alone without the addition of flowers, so my clients always have a vase somewhere in the house they can add flowers to when they receive or purchase them.”

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I’m an interior designer – your home looks ‘cheap’ if you have certain decor

By only keeping a few vases, your precious cabinet space won’t get overcrowded.


Unfortunately for readers, books take up a lot of space, which is a hot commodity in a small apartment.

Rather than have books collect dust on your shelves, Huerta advised donating books you’ll never read again to school and libraries where they will get more use.

Meanwhile, designer Elle Jupiter suggested going the digital route.

“If space is an issue, consolidate your favorite reads onto one digital platform,” she said.

“While nothing replaces the feeling of holding a physical book, you will thank yourself when you don’t have to haul boxes of books to your next place.”


While appliances like juicers, blenders, and toaster ovens are certainly handy to have, they can take up valuable cabinet and pantry space.

Since they tend to be used sparingly, look for appliances that have multiple functions in one, said interior designer Heather DiSabella.

For example, she suggested an air fryer/toaster combo will free up valuable space.


Similar to appliances, you don’t want your kitchen space taken over by single-use gadgets.

Things like an avocado cutter or strawberry huller just aren’t necessary when you’re dealing with a small space.

“Stick with simple yet high-quality kitchen basics that are multifunctional,” said Jupiter.


Candles make excellent gifts, but if you hoard too many in one spot, they can start to lose their scent aka their function.

Plus, a lot of candles can make your home look more cluttered rather than chic.

“Having too many candles of all different scents filling your shelves is unnecessary clutter that no longer remains functional,” added interior expert Larisa Barton.


According to interior stylist Kelly Hartley, extra coffee mugs are not necessary to keep around as much as you might think.

She said: “Do you really need those eight extra mugs for ‘in case’ you have guests that ALL want coffee at the same time?!”


It’s never a bad idea to have an extra set of sheets or dish towels on hand, but if you have a few too many extras, then it can become a problem.

There hardly ever comes a time when you’ll actually need all of those extra sets in your linen closet, so it may be a good idea to toss a few items out to make some space.

Designer Brandi Wilkins added: “While I admit that I love a bit of variety and a few options myself, our homes and our minds will feel so much better once we retire managing multiples of everything we own!”


Everyone loves free things, but do you really need to keep that branded tote bag or coffee mug you received over the holidays?

If you have a small apartment, you should really only be keeping things that bring you joy, suggested Jupiter.

She added: “If you are low on space, consider donating free promotional items that have no sentimental value.”


Any apartment-dweller knows natural lighting is hard to come by, so do yourself a favor and don’t cover your windows up if you happen to have them in your kitchen.

Interior designer Anita Williams explained: “If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your kitchen, skipping a curtain actually adds depth to your space because it allows more light to enter in your apartment.”


Flowers are a great way to instantly liven up your home, but if you think fake flowers are the way to go, think again.

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They will actually make your home dirtier in the long run, said Williams.

She added: “Faux flowers are dust collectors! Treating yourself to fresh flowers from your local market will instantly add color and personality to your apartment.”

Too many candles can also make your space look more cluttered[/caption]
Window shades may look nice, but they can actually make your space look smaller by blocking natural light[/caption]

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