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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez shows newborn son CJ’s face for first time in cute photo with Lux, 4

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez showed his newborn son CJ’s face for the first time in a cute photo with his older half-brother Lux, four.

Kailyn’s latest ex baby daddy Chris announced CJ’s birth amid his tense relationship and ongoing feud with the Teen Mom star.

Instagram/Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez shared a photo of his newborn son, CJ, for the first time[/caption]
CJ, or Trew, was bonding with his older half-brothers Lux, 4, and Creed, 1[/caption]

Kailyn’s ex Chris posted the adorable new snap of his newborn to his Instagram.

Chris introduced the face of his newborn, Trew Christopher Lopez, or “CJ” to his fans.

Since his son’s birth, Chris has been keeping his third child out of the Teen Mom spotlight.

In the photo, Chris seems to be letting Trew bond with his half older brothers Lux and Creed, one, who Chris shares with Kailyn.

Lux cuddles Trew in his arms as his baby brother looks up lovingly into his big brother’s eyes.

Creed is spotted in the corner of the frame of the photo, running around the couch and checking out the action.

Teen Mom fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts on CJ, or Trew, Chris’ third kid.

One wrote, “What a chunk, super cute,” and another said, “Omg, what a cutie!”

A third commented: “Awe, they’re matching, that’s so cute.”

However, many fans were up in arms about the spelling of Trew’s name.

One fan asked: “I just want to know why it’s spelt that way. What’s the reason?”

Another wondered how Kailyn felt about the whole issue and commented: “So when you leave out his middle name, he’s (the) “True” Lopez. That and being referred to as Junior – ya know Kail is hulking.”


Chris has been keeping Trew out of the public eye, as his date of birth has still not been revealed to Teen Mom fans.

Earlier this month, Chris revealed his newborn’s full legal name to be Trew Christopher Lopez, but he goes by Chris Junior, or CJ.

Chris had also been teasing photos of Trew, keeping his face concealed until this latest post.

When Chris announced his son’s name, he posted a photo of his son Lux, four, cradling his new baby brother – but placed an emojis over the tot’s face to protect his identity.

He also shared a cute close-up of the baby’s forehead and hair.

The MTV star revealed he has named his third son Chris Junior and gave him his old “Chris” bracelet.

“I get to pass this down after 27 years,” he said, before posting a photo of his baby wearing it.

The reality star revealed he sometimes calls his son CJ for short, and added of the “junior” part: “Junior which is commonly given to the first born is whichever boy has his father’s name.

“It’s not always the first and just as valid if it was the 10th son.”

Chris then shared some insights into experiencing fatherhood for the third time in an Instagram Q&A session.

One fan asked: “Does the new baby look like his siblings?” to which he replied: “The ones who seen him say he looks like Lux a lil bit.”

Another follower wanted to know: “How does it feel to be a father of 3 boys.”

He replied: “It’s kinda crazy when I think about it lol I just had all three this past weekend, I love it.

“I can’t wait when they all running with each other. I always wanted a girl but no time soon.”

At the beginning of December, Chris revealed his new partner – whose name is not known – had given birth to a son.


The MTV star announced he had become a father for a third time on the latest installment of his P.T.S.D podcast.

Chris was unclear though when his new baby mama gave birth.

He said: “I love being a dad, I promise you. I experience more with the third one than I have with the others. It feels crazy, it feels good.

“I got to be a part of it more than I ever have.”

Chris continued: “I love kids. I’ve always gotten along with kids, I don’t know how. They know how to have fun. They’re so innocent.”

He also slammed Kailyn for announcing that he was going to be having a child with his baby mama.

The TV personality accused her of attempting to “destroy” his “peace.”

Chris concluded: “Regardless of situations… like it came out… I don’t even care. You ain’t about to destroy some peace.

“I’m just trying to be as peaceful as possible. Leave me the f**k alone.”


Kailyn threw shade at Chris on her latest Baby Mamas No Drama podcast episode where she revealed her diagnosis of depression.

Kailyn confessed she had been diagnosed with depression in a therapy session right before the podcast episode was filmed.

Vee listened to Kailyn’s confession silently and has also admitted she suffers from depression and anxiety.

She shared: “I’m having a hard time processing that. I thought it was a weight thing. I thought that all the feelings I’d had over the past year were about losing weight.”

Kailyn has been struggling with her weight gain, especially after her Teen Mom co-star Briana DeJesus sent her a treadmill amid their legal feud as a body slam.

Kailyn admitted she struggled to leave the house and even shower, but thought it was because she was embarrassed with her weight gain.

She reported her therapist insisted it was actually depression.

Kailyn said: “Losing weight would make me feel better, but it wouldn’t change things.

“I felt my best in 2016 when I got plastic surgery and I maintained it until I got pregnant. I went to the gym six days a week and I was at the peak of my fitness.”

The Teen Mom threw some shade at one of her rival ex baby daddy’s: “It was a specific situation and person that changed my life and not in a good way.”

Kailyn was pregnant with her now four-year-old son Lux with Chris Lopez in 2017.

She told Vee: “I didn’t know how to bring it up and the only way for me to process the depression diagnosis is to talk about it.”

Kailyn said she “broke down crying” when talking to her therapist after he diagnoisis.

She said: “I don’t want to be the spokesperson for this. I don’t want to fight these stigmas, I don’t want to fight these stereotypes that come with depression, I don’t want to be a label.”

Instagram @chrisxlopezz
Chris had teased photos of CJ previously as he’s kept him out of the spotlight[/caption]
Instagram @chrisxlopezz
Chris announced his son’s birth early in December but kept details vague[/caption]
Social Media - Refer to Source
Chris shares his older two sons, Lux and Creed, with his ex Kailyn[/caption]

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