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Celebs who flashed the flesh in 2021 as Kim Kardashian, Amanda Holden & David Beckham top our naked league

PUT it away, lovies.  

Some showbiz stars can’t resist getting their kit off, no matter the weather. 

Kim Kardashian is known for showing off her shapely curves
Emily Ratajkowski showed off her pregnancy body in a series of nude snaps

We’ve had plenty of restrictions in 2021, but these exhibitionists have never felt more free – and they want us all to see for ourselves. 

As most of us wrap up in several winter layers, we take a look back at a year of flesh flashing in our naked league. 

Kim Kardashian

Never a shrinking violet, Kim K isn’t averse to showing off her shapely curves in all their glory. 

The queen of reality TV, 41, has a couple of good excuses though – she’s got her underwear brand, SKIMS, to promote and she’s got to show her ex-husband Kanye West what he’s missing. 

Emily Ratajkowski

Look through the archives and you’ll find a whole album-full of naked Emily pictures. 

This year, the 30-year-old not only published a book called My Body but she proudly showed off the changing shape of her pregnancy body in a series of nude shots too. 

She said: “The way I use my image and as a model and capitalise off of it has been very much about survival, rather than a representation of who I am.”

Amanda Holden

Amanda struck the right note with this pose

The Britain’s Got Talent judge just can’t help showing off her own, ahem, talents. 

The 50-year-old started off by wishing us a happy new rear, with a cheeky topless hot tub shot, and finished it with stripping down to her swimsuit on a wintry day at the seaside. 

In between, she posed naked with a scattering of £50 notes hiding her modesty. 

You can always rely on Mandy to give us more than we asked for.


Lizzo shared this snap to ‘change the conversation about beauty standards’

We applaud the 33-year-old popstar for her body confidence and doing it for plus-size women everywhere. 

She explained that normally she would smoothe out her wobbly bits on pictures, but posted this unedited one in collaboration with skincare brand, Dove, to “change the conversation about beauty standards”.

Liz Hurley

Liz Hurley feeling the cold on a snowy day in January

This topless snow picture, shot by her long-suffering son, Damien, must go down as one of the least appropriate mother-son working relationships of the year, maybe the decade. A Sun poll showed 73 per cent of readers thought it was “weird” for an 18-year-old to take sexy pictures of his mother. 

David Beckham

The former England star showed he still has Becks appeal

Clearly Becks, 46, wanted a golden bum to match his goldenballs. 

The footballer’s dedication to getting an all-over tan didn’t go unnoticed by wife Victoria, 47, who delighted the internet with this sizzling snap. 

Giovanni Pernice

Giovanni can’t resist getting his top off for moody Instagram snaps

The newly crowned King of the dancefloor has a six-pack as sharp as any tango – and don’t we just know it. 

Giovanni, 31, can’t resist getting his top off for moody Instagram snaps – but we’re pretty sure his 765,000 followers don’t mind. 

Joel Dommett

Mrs Dommett is a lucky lady

He earned the nickname Popeye when he unveiled his chiselled body in the I’m a Celebrity jungle, and the Masked Singer host certainly wasn’t disguising anything in this shot. 

The 36-year-old posted a honeymoon throwback in January showing him in the buff, riding a towel swan. Mrs Dommett is a lucky lady.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber stripped to his boxers

No wonder the Love Yourself singer is always so pleased with himself. 

He stripped down to his Calvin Kleins and had his tattoos disguised with make-up for the video to his song Anyone, and fans couldn’t help but notice Justin’s package. 

Lady Gaga

Fans went Gaga for this raunchy snap

The pop chameleon has worn some crazy outfits, including one made of meat – but she’s also happy to dispense with clothes altogether. 

Gaga, 35, who recently starred in The House of Gucci, showed off her very perky posterior in this cheeky bikini shot this spring. 


Madonna struck a saucy pose on her bed

She might be the Material Girl, but the Queen of Pop tends to shun fabric. 

The 63-year-old loves to shock – and there can’t be much of her we haven’t seen.

Despite nearing pensionable age, just last month, the mum-of-six posted graphic shots of her nipples and her bum in fishnet tights. 

Lourdes Leon

Lourdes shared this racy snap

Like mother, like daughter. 

Growing up with Madonna must have rubbed off on Lourdes, who is similarly comfortable in her own skin.

In May, a picture of her in a tiny thong, with her back to the camera, was so indecent, it had to be pixelated. She captioned it with the understatement: “Rudee.”

Perrie Edwards

Perrie showed off her bump with this nude pic

Being in Little Mix has involved plenty of skimpy outfits, but pregnancy emboldened Perrie to strip off completely. 

The singer, 28, proudly showed off her blossoming baby bump ahead of giving birth to her son, Axel, in August. 

Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow showed off her fab figure

The trailblazing model, who has the skin condition vitiligo, has been hailed as an inspiration for proudly displaying her flesh. 

The 27-year-old posted this stunning picture of her fabulous figure and unique looks to her 9.2m followers. 

Nicki Minaj

We can’t wait to see how Nicki will mark her 40th

What better way to celebrate your 39th birthday than in your birthday suit?

The rapper rarely needs an excuse to expose herself, but she clearly wanted to mark the occasion earlier this month in a special way. 

Kylie Jenner

Kylie shared this bloodied snap

Bloody hell!

The 24-year-old make-up mogul and billionaire posed naked in fake blood in this gruesome shoot and looked frighteningly good. 

Rita Ora

Rita Ora shared a topless shot earlier this year

Dua Lipa’s predecessor in many ways, not least in her passion for wearing – or not wearing – whatever the hell she pleases.

The Masked Singer judge, 31, lashed out at critics who slammed her saucy outfits on the ITV show, saying: “I dress to feel confident, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

Julia Sawalha

Loose Woman Julia isn’t afraid to bare all

As a Loose Women panellist, the actress and presenter is used to exposing her inner secrets. 

And the 53-year-old’s not averse to exposing her outer ones either. Here she posed nude to imitate Kim Kardashian. 

Britney Spears

Britney is celebrating her freedom – by getting naked

Unshackled from her restrictive conservatorship, we can’t blame the pop princess from celebrating by throwing caution – and her clothes – to the wind. 

The 40-year-old’s pal, reality star Paris Hilton, commented: “Love seeing you so happy and free. You deserve it!”

Gwyneth Paltrow

Health guru Gywnny had fans in a spinny

The Goop guru confused us this year when she posed in all her porcelain-skinned glory to advertise … her new jewellery line. 

The Oscar winner, 49, certainly knows sex sells. She previously launched her Goop mag with a cover shot of her, again topless, covered in clay. 

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