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Best Leather Belts for Your Inevitable Return to Work

Finding the best belt for men — especially the best leather belt — that works for you shouldn’t feel graining, but instead, be smooth sailing, granted you know your size and preference. See, leather comes in all shapes, shades, and textures, so the more specific or open you are, the easier it will be to find a belt that’s made for you. So whether you are looking for the best belt for right now or a long-term commitment, we’ll show you a variety from timeless neutral belts to braided, reversible, and textured belts to get wrapped up in.

1. Chaoren Adjustable Leather Slide Belt


When it comes to wearing belts, sizing can be an issue. If you go up in weight or shrink a size in the waist, you better hope you still fit into one of the pre-determined belt holes. But not with this bad boy. The handy adjustable slider allows you to achieve the perfect fit. So, it doesn’t matter if you gain or lose a few pounds. This belt will still fit like a glove. Not to mention, it’s an absolute steal at under $25. It’s available in a few different colors and buckle options, so pick up a few to have on deck.

Chaoren Adjustable Leather Slide Belt


Buy: Chaoren Adjustable Leather Slide Belt $20.99 (orig. $29.99) 30% OFF


2. Polo Ralph Lauren Reversible Leather Belt 


This Polo Ralph Lauren seasonal belt is reversible for days when you truly can’t decide. On one side is a rich traditional brown and on the other is classic black, ideal for day-to-night or work-to-play dressing when you only have time to change a few accessories before heading on out.

polo ralph lauren belt

Buy: Polo Ralph Lauren Reversible Leather Belt $65.00


3. J.Crew Roller Buckle Belt


J.Crew is great at creating affordable everyday pieces. Their Italian leather roller buckle belt, which comes in either a toasted almond or dark burgundy color, takes home the best for smart-casual dressing.  

J.Crew Roller Buckle Belt

Buy: J.Crew Roller Buckle Belt $23.99 (orig. $59.90) 60% OFF


4. Montblanc Black Belt


This sleek black-on-black leather belt is ideal for the modern man. Those with a flair for contemporary style can don this leather belt for casual or formal occasions because of its smart and clean design. The rectangular matte belt buckle nicely compliments the textured-Italian leather belt, making it an excellent choice for men who like belts a bit outside of the box.

Montblanc Black Belt

Buy: Montblanc Black Belt $335.00  


5. Timberland Pro Belt


Whether you’re working out in the yard, doing some handy work around the house, or just want a stylish yet durable belt with a slightly more rugged appearance, the Timberland Pro Belt is a solid solution. It hails from the Timberland Pro line, designed to marry comfort with performance for any elements. The 100% genuine leather belt is a durable work belt that easily transitions into any casual situation.

Timberland Pro Belt

Buy: Timberland Pro Belt $20.00 (orig. $25.00) 20% OFF


6. Lacoste Men’s Perforated Leather Belt


This brown leather belt’s full-coverage perforated design element isn’t something that you ordinarily see in men’s belts, which is precisely why we love it. The belt boasts a handsome, modern buckle with the Lacoste crocodile logo embossed right on top. Plus, it’s available in tan, brown, white, and black. So, you can choose the color that best suits your style.

Lacoste Men’s Perforated Leather Belt Buy: Lacoste Men’s Perforated Leather Belt

Shinola Guardian Leather Belt Set


Treat yourself or someone special to the Shinola duo belt set, priced at a cost that most spend on one designer belt. You have the luxury of being given two, with two straps and two buckles included, to ensure you are always looking your best. Also, it comes in a gift box, so all you’ll need to do is wrap it and lay it under the tree.

Shinola Guardian Leather Belt Set

Buy: Shinola Guardian Leather Belt Set $295.00


8. Joseph Nickel Alligator Dress Belt


This faux-alligator skin is a pretty convincing (and very affordable) fashion dupe that comes at no actual harm to the king of the swamp. Crafted from Italian calfskin leather, the brown leather belt has a semi-gloss finish to give it a more sophisticated spin. And if brown isn’t your color, this belt is also available in black, gray, white, and even lizard-print navy.

Joseph Nickel Alligator Dress Belt Buy: Joseph Nickel Alligator Dress Belt $29.95

The Best Men’s Dress Shoes Right Now


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