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Devon King’s brand champions bonding in current economic challenges

Devon King’s

One of the major values the African culture leverages on sustainability, peace and progress is cohesion and bonding within the family. These form the pillars of our society. The Covid-19 pandemic is threatening these values with the introduction of virtual lifestyle and social distancing. However, a brand like Devon King’s is championing the course of family and friends’ togetherness because it believes that when people come together, issues are discussed, barriers are broken and greater feats are achieved. Daniel Obi writes.

Promoting family/social bonding

Covid-19 has altered social cohesion and introduced distancing in workplaces, families and social gatherings. People now work from home through the help of the internet while seminars are also held online. The world now lives on virtual existence both personally and professionally.

The present lifestyle foisted on people by the pandemic is against African culture that thrives on bonding and togetherness. The significance and objective of interconnection have worked for Africans as the continent has relied on this value to mitigate crime, foster peace and drive cultural integration.

Scholars such as Elizabeth Onyedimma and Loius Kanayo have posited that the “African man’s idea of security and its value is depended on personal identification with and within the community. The African human relations are indissolubly connected with culture and permeate the whole of life.”

Family and communal bonding at ceremonies like ‘iri ji’ (Yam festival) in Igboland; Ojude Oba in Yoruba land and Ileya festivals have strengthened the relationship between people and communities which the lockdown and social distancing disrupted, in the past years.

The negative impact of less gathering and bonding is detachment and dissociation and when that happens, culture is diluted and that is why Devon King’s, a brand of PZ Wilmar Limited, a joint venture between PZ Cussons and Wilmar International, is seeking to keep the culture of bonding alive by inspiring families/friends to seek moments of togetherness in spite of the economic climate and the pandemic.

The brand strongly believes that bonding moments are more fun with tasty meals to enjoy. Of course, when families and friends gather in private or public setting, whether to celebrate or deliberate on issues, food is always a part of the mix to make the moment more enjoyable.

Therefore, as the taste that binds, the Devon King’s brand is championing and promoting moments of togetherness.

Toyin Popoola-Dania comments: “We all know bonding moments are more fun when tasty meals are involved and in line with this, Devon King’s is championing this course to make ‘moments of togetherness’ more memorable no matter the place, budget or occasion.

“With family now sharing and having more time together, Devon King’s as the Taste That Binds, is making these moments most memorable, interesting and enjoyable.

“Devon king’s is leading the campaign knowing that when people come together, there are greater achievements which make the society at large better.”

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While encouraging people to comply with Covid-19 protocols, Devon King’s believes that the advantages of bonding far outweigh distancing. Africans operate more on emotions based on the foundations of the values of togetherness as this has been observed over time and generations before now.

Devon King’s is not only encouraging bonding but providing products in different sizes to enable families and communities prepare foods as rallying point for bonding.

With consumer understanding, the brand products have been developed in affordable cooking oil packages for every consumer at different budget. It has different sizes ranging from the N50 70ml (Wazo) Pillow Pack which is just sufficient for quick cooking to the 500ml, 750ml and 1000ml Pillow Packs.

In times of difficulties in the economy, consumers adjust to the economic situation and it is natural that Devon King’s, through its pillow packs, is providing affordable products for everyone.

Devon King’s has provided consumers with affordable products that promote bonding with family and friends with the consumption of food.

Benefits of Family Bonding

Family bonding is not only essential for individuals, families and society, but family bonding is also beneficial to future generations. The following are some benefits that can be gotten from family bonding:

Support System

Family bonding helps to build confidence, bind family members stronger and emotionally, improve communication skills, reduce behavioural issues and help improve performance in school, work and other endeavours. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity to create memories of fun, laughter and togetherness.

When people are socially distanced either by the pandemic or other responsibilities like work, there is little interest in the well-being of family members and that has been proven to lead to a breakdown in relationships, but bonding with family and friends creates the atmosphere and opportunity to show interest in the well-being of each family member or friend. Coming together can lead to a willingness to share problems and build mutual respect and understanding which are pivotal to building long-lasting friendships. It helps in building a strong society and civilization for development. Family is a major agent of socialization, and it is critical to societal development. Bonding helps to create a solid relationship that aids healthy living and togetherness.

Building Memories

This is the important, simplest and unforgettable benefit of bonding. Moments shared together playing, chatting and laughing, discussing, and eating around the table, on a picnic, create positive memories that family and friends hold as beloved possessions. This reinforces the essence of people coming together as members of society in a private or public setting.

For the family, the importance of building shows great impact on the academic and professional performance of every individual, improve their communication skills and stem risky behaviours that could have otherwise been fostered in solitude and social separation.

Devon King’s bonding moments campaign focuses on the need for a healthier, happier and stronger society. It is targeted at celebrating family’s togetherness and promoting bonding moments especially at this time of uncertainty. The social education campaign is essentially deployed to sensitize the public on the benefits of bonding and sharing moments of togetherness with friends and family with tasty sweet meals to make it more enjoyable.

Availing families with more time, space and opportunity for bonding where they share moments and create memories is pivotal to the sustenance of society. It is to this course that Devon King’s is championing campaigns that will help family and friends to spend more time with tasty meals cooked with Devon King’s oil.

IDL introduces sleek glass confam bitters bottles

Intercontinental Distillers Limited (IDL), the foremost player in the wines and spirit industry in Nigeria, the maker of Chelsea Dry Gin has announced the rebirth of Confam Bitters in a sleek bottle design in an irresistible sleek 37.5cl and 75cl glass bottles.

The Head of Marketing IDL, Bolaji Alalade said “after four years of Confam Bitters entry into the market, it is witnessing a rebirth, as Confam Bitters has been repackaged and refreshed with an exciting, contemporary, trendy, sleek bottle design which gives it a fresh new look, an alluring label, a unique cap with an aim of giving lovers of the brand a variety to choose from in all leisure destinations.”

According to Alalade, Confam Bitters has carved its own special niche in the Nigerian market enjoying robust popularity amongst its consumers because it delivers on expectation as a truly herbal drink made from a perfect mix of quality herbal extracts.

In addition to the rebirth of Confam Bitters, a new marketing campaign was also introduced for the Brand titled “Mr Capable”. The campaign underscores the brand’s unique proposition as a true herbal drink made with 100% herbs and zero sugar.

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