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I’m A Celeb’s biggest bust ups – biting campmates, quitting over farting, ‘bullying’ & threats to EAT rival’s boobs

EXPLETIVE-fuelled rants, petty arguments and rows over who’s not pulling their weight – just a regular night round the campfire on I’m A Celeb.

The ITV reality show returned to our screens last night with a star-studded line-up including Richard Madeley, Louise Minchin and David Ginola.

The class of 2021 posing as they prepare for one of TV’s biggest challenges[/caption]
Not quite the jungle, but once again Gwrych Castle hosts this years celebs[/caption]

The ITV hit show is back at Gwrych Castle in Wales this year, having been moved there from its original home in an Australian jungle due to Covid.

The castle setting has introduced a few changes this year, with not one but two camps as well as the addition of The Clink, a prison that makes the main camp seem like luxury.

The show is known for its tough trials and cramped conditions, often causing tempers to flare and tensions to rise.

Last night some viewers claimed they’d already spotted a potential feud between radio DJ Snoochie Shy and Emmerdale actor Danny Miller.

It wouldn’t be the first time that campmates have failed to get on.

The show has seen a fair few disagreements over the years, all erupting on screens for our viewing pleasure. 

Here we look back at some of the biggest confrontations in I’m A Celeb’s near 20-year history.

Katie Price vs Johnny Rotten

Johnny and Katie giving each other daggers[/caption]

Katie Price, 43, clashed with the 65-year-old Sex Pistols star Johnny Rotten back in 2004.

The pair took an instant dislike to one another, making things awkward for the rest of their campmates.

Earlier this year Katie branded him “a nasty piece of work“, adding: “I witnessed it in the jungle.”

Jonny, whose real name is John Lydon, was known for his explicit rants and famously attacked Katie for using the camp’s drinking water supply to wash her hair.

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph he described her as “f*****g talentless”.

He raged: “I’m not here to support a Page 3 f*****g blow up balloon. Right? I f*****g ain’t. No f*****g more. B****s to you. I’ve had enough of this s**t.”

He wasn’t the only celebrity that had a problem with Katie in the jungle. The model also clashed with TV personality Kim Woodburn, 79, when she reappeared on the show for her second stint in 2009.

Janice Dickinson vs Lynne Franks

Janice and Lynne had it out for each other from day dot[/caption]

Glamour model Janice and PR guru Lynne had arguably the most memorable spats of the show’s history.

The two women argued pretty much non-stop from day one in the 2007 series.

Their rows began cooking their first dinner as they clashed about how to prepare the food.

After Lynne, 73, made a few sly digs at Janice, 66, the former America’s top model judge told her to “knock off the remarks”.

Lynne replied bluntly: “I don’t give a s**t,” reaffirming her point by repeating this seconds later.

Janice then branded her as a “freak’ and a “shrew”, before going off on a bizarre tirade later that night.

She ranted: “I’m going to stab her in the middle of the night and take her [bed]. You think I’m kidding? I’ll eat her t**s. I’ll fry up those big old boobs.”

Surely one of the most iconic lines of all time…

Janet Street-Porter vs Brian Harvey

Janet did NOT appreciate the smell that emanated from Brian[/caption]

Perhaps one of the show’s pettiest fights took place between broadcaster Janet Street-Porter and singer Brian Harvey.

It led to the E-17 member leaving the show – and the subject of the row? Farting.

On day 7 of the 2004 series, Janet, 74, berated Brian for breaking wind near to where she was making dinner.

The outburst caused Brian to fly off the handle, saying: “You’re cooking dinner! You’re f*****g over there, I’m over there. Don’t keep f*****g having a go at me about farting!

“Just because you think it’s wrong doesn’t mean everyone else thinks it’s wrong. I’m farting because I need to f*****g fart, because all I’ve eaten is f*****g beans!

“I take it very personal because you know that there’s 16 million people watching!”

The eruption led to the 47-year-old boyband member packing his bags, citing that he was sick of being “treated like a kid” in front of viewers.

Kendra Wilkinson vs Edwina Currie

Edwina looking smug at Kendra who was having none of it[/caption]

What started as an innocent conversation about philosophy quickly escalated into a heated argument, with many choice words being exchanged between the former Tory minister and Playboy model back in 2014.

Kendra, talking to her fellow campmates, claimed that “you should never live your life for anyone…EVER” – something which Edwina, 75, disagreed with, to put it mildly.

As the situation progressed and tempers flared, US personality Kendra lashed out: “Shut the f*** up and get the f*** out of our conversation.”

She then branded Edwina a “heartless a*** politician”.

Edwina, not backing down, hit back: “Kendra you can’t dominate me, so don’t even try.”

Now 36, Kendra ended up having to be restrained by her fellow campmates.

Lady Colin Campbell vs Everyone

There weren’t many people who avoided the wrath of Lady C[/caption]

Fans were eager to see how the author and socialite would manage in the jungle in the 2015 series – and boy were they not disappointed.

Lady Colin Campbell clashed with campmates in what seemed like every episode, alienating half the camp.

The 72-year-old came out with some of the most outrageous (and hillarious) insults of the show’s history, leaving audiences reeling.

She branded 61-year-old singer Tony Hadley “a fat slob”, adding on another occasion that he “doesn’t have a brain in his head. The crap that comes out of his mouth makes no sense whatsoever.”

Clashing with US choreographer Brian Friedman, 44, after he called her “rude”, she said: “Who the hell are you to speak about talking my dear?

“You have verbal diarrhoea, not only do you have verbal diarrhoea, you are so full of s**t that if you ever took an enema you would disappear off the face of the earth without trace.”

Lady C also grappled with Duncan Bannatyne, 72, of Dragon’s Den. On one occasion she lost it, ranting: “You are… a chippy oik with the brains of a pea and the mouth of diarrhoea.” Charming.

Other outbursts included calling Yvette Fielding a “tart” and telling Chris Eubank to “F*** off”. Not very ladylike, it must be said.

David Van Day versus Nicola Mclean

‘Inappropriate’ David tried it on with Nicola[/caption]

Another pair who squabbled pretty much endlessly were singer-songwriter David Van Day and model Nicola Mclean in 2008.

Nicola, now 40, had it out for the 64-year-old from the start, describing him on Instagram last year as her least favourite campmate.

She said: “He was an absolute t***. Literally his sole purpose was to p*** everyone off.”

On the show, Nicola is caught telling him to “go into a cave and cry because you’re afraid of the dark”, calling him a “snake” as she was voted off.

More recently she has also accused him of “sexually inappropriate” behaviour.

“I was washing a car but he thought it was appropriate to spank my bum and try to kiss me,” she claimed.

“His behaviour was very strange and made me feel so uncomfortable. I’d gone from arguing non-stop with this man who was old enough to be my father – to have his hands on my body when I was wearing my bikini.

“It was very sexually inappropriate.”

Scott Henshall versus Phina Oruche

Phina and Scott having a scrap[/caption]

All of the attacks so far have been purely verbal, but this is one of the few occasions on the show where there’s been a full blown scrap.

In a 2006 boys versus girls style challenge, Scott and his team were competing against Phina’s, each trying to access a locked box.

Having fallen behind, fashion designer Scott acted rather childishly by sitting on the box, blocking Phina of Footballers Wives from getting to it.

It didn’t excuse what happened next however, as the 49-year-old leapt on him, scratching him and even sinking her teeth in.

The Fashion Designer, now 46, later described her as “psychotic”, adding: “She was acting like a wild animal. If a spider bites me, that’s fine. But if another contestant sinks their teeth in, I think that’s overstepping the mark.”

Despite her actions, Phina appeared to regret what she’d done, later admitting it was “a career low”.

Matthew Wright versus Alfonso Ribiero

Alfonso was fuming[/caption]

Now 50, Fresh Prince of Bel Air star Alfonso fell out with presenter Matthew Wright in the 2013 edition of the show. One of the more fastidious feuds, it was an argument about grammar of all things.

After being corrected by Matthew about him confusing the words “minimum” and “maximum”, Alfonso went off at him.

“Matthew, enough!” he said. “Enough! Okay, enough! I’ve had enough of your f*****g s**t. I’m done with you talking about it.”

Matthew, now 56, said that it was “a completely unnecessary outburst” but Alfonso went on: “I’ve had enough of his a**. I’m done with him saying every time I say something, ‘No you are wrong, I’m right, you are wrong’.

“Well, no, you are f*****g not! I will take respect in a debate rather than, ‘You are f*****g wrong’.”

The two eventually made up, but that didn’t stop fellow star David Emanuel from painting them as “two drama queens”, saying: “It’s an emotional rollercoaster here, they haven’t been seeing eye to eye for some time, but today it erupted into a real showbiz bitch!”

Rebekah Vardy versus Iain Lee

Rex Features
Rebekah wasn’t the biggest fan of her campmate Iain[/caption]

WAG Rebekah Vardy, 39, was accused of “bullying” 48-year-old comedian Iain Lee.

Wife of Leicester City hitman Jamie Vardy, Rebekah said that Iain was “fake” and accused him of “playing the sympathy card” during their jungle stint in 2017.

She was also spotted sharing handshakes with her fellow campmates as Iain was voted out. 

When quizzed on her behaviour, she insisted she’d done nothing wrong claiming that she was no “ringleader”.

Shaun Ryder versus Gillian McKeith

Gillian clashed with Shaun on the show[/caption]

Another entertaining encounter was in 2010, where Happy Mondays star Shaun Ryder lost it at 62-year-old celebrity nutritionist Gillian McKeith.

In one Bushtucker Trial, where the Scottish presenter was screaming and complaining, the 59-year-old frontman snapped, branding her “a f*****g irritating woman.”

Gillian condemned the comment, saying the way he speaks to people is “disgusting”, but Shaun wasn’t having any of it.

He hit back: “You say the nasty things all the time… your tone, everything. The way you speak to everyone.”

After the confrontation, Shaun did admit his mouth was “horrible”, but added: “She’s just rude and she’s said some rude things to the girls. It’s all right for her to say things, put people down or talk to them like s***, which she does.

“Yet you give it to her and she can’t take it.”

We can’t wait to see what this year brings…

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