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It drives Conor McGregor 'crazy' that he's no longer one of the boys, and never will be again, UFC fighter says

Conor McGregor screams during a UFC weigh-in event.
Conor McGregor screams during a UFC weigh-in event.
  • Conor McGregor is a sell-out, according to UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith.
  • He added McGregor lashes out at various fighters because he no longer feels part of the group.
  • The Irishman has alienated himself from everybody in the fight game, Smith said.

Conor McGregor is trash-talking his mixed martial arts peers because it drives him crazy that he'll never again "be one of us."

That's according to the UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith, who himself has been on the receiving end of McGregor's ire.

McGregor, Smith says, is a millionaire, with a young family, and a lot of success when it comes to MMA as a two-weight UFC champion.

However, he no longer has the camaraderie that comes with regular training at a fight club, and appears to have lost the support of the locker room.

"Conor has been uber, uber-successful," Smith recently said on SiriusXM's Fight Nation.

"He's made more money than he could ever spend. He's made true, like, generational wealth. Like, his kids' kids' kids' kids are going to be just fine because of the things that Conor's accomplished.

"What Conor can never get back, is he'll never be one of us again, and it drives him absolutely crazy."

The 33-year-old McGregor has endured a tumultuous time since suffering a broken leg and stoppage loss to Dustin Poirier in the summer — his second of the year having been knocked out by the American in January.

In September, he threw a drink at Machine Gun Kelly on the VMAs red carpet, then called the rapper a "little vanilla boy."

The next month an Italian DJ accused Conor McGregor of punching him "for nothing," and breaking his nose at a party in Rome.

Multiple people have accused him, without evidence, of abusing drugs. The internet sensation Jake Paul claimed Conor McGregor was "coked up" in a tweet that mocked the Irishman.

Earlier this month, UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal said McGregor is "losing his mind" because of a "shortage of cocaine" in Ireland.

Away from the UFC Octagon and away from Twitter, McGregor appears to enjoy the trappings of his success.

He posts photos of his frequent lavish vacations on Instagram, he walks red carpets, drives fancy cars, and has befriended celebrities like Drake, whose recent album-release party he attended.

But this, Smith says, puts him at odds with the vast majority of fighters. 

McGregor, a worldwide celebrity, may miss just being one of the guys, Smith said

Anthony Smith.
Anthony Smith.

Smith said McGregor "alienated" himself from "everybody" on the UFC roster.

"I've been around him, and he was one of the guys, and he kind of sold out, and he starts taking shots at people, and he kind of sold his soul for all that money. And that's fine if that's what you want to do."

He continued: "He'll never fit in in our group. He's not one of our peers anymore. And it's not because we kicked him out and didn't want him. It's the total opposite.

"We wanted Conor to be one of us, and he alienated all of us, and now he wants back in and we're not going to let him in because he shit on every single one of us.

"It's the comments he makes. He wants the whole world to think that he's the cool guy and we're not, when in all reality, in our, like, private situations and in our small world, he's the outsider.

"He's the one that no one's letting back in."

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