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What are the 49ers saying after their 30-10 win over host Jaguars?

What are the 49ers saying after their 30-10 win over host Jaguars?

For the third time in four games, the 49ers are celebrating a victory, and here is what they’re saying after Sunday’s 30-10 rout of the host Jacksonville Jaguars:


On why he opted for a field goal to close the 20-play opening drive:

“Just how long of a drive it was. It thought it was closer to 2 yards than 1. They have a pretty good run defense. When you go that long of a drive and if we would have come out with no points, that would have given them a lot of momentum and got them going. I wanted to go for it bad. It was hard for me not to.”

On calling a timeout before opting not to go for it and instead kick a field goal:

“I called the play more out of emotion. The longer I got to think about it, I didn’t think it was the smartest decision. I wanted to take the points and make sure we got three out of it.

“It’s hard to go on those long drives. That’s why I wanted to score so bad at the end. We’ve been running consistently, but it had to do with converting on third downs, also. When you do that, you expect to eventually get in (to the end zone).”

On if it was the right call:

“It’s better than the wrong answer – when you get zero points. If it would have closer, I would have done it. I wanted it to be inside a yard. It was closer to 2 yards, from what I saw.”

On avoiding trap game

“I get how it looks, but I don’t think it was very hard to get the guys’ attention and ready to play. We knew how it felt losing games. We know how much better it felt (beating) the Rams and we didn’t want that to end today.”

On Josh Norman force fumble

“He’s done it his whole career. Everyone knows Josh has played at a high level. He had close to an MVP year with Carolina (in 2014). Yes, he’s toward the end where it changes a little, but he plays the same way. He’s a physical guy who loves playing football, gives it everything he has. He’s the best I’ve seen at going for the ball, with the Peanut punch and everything. He gets that ball out at a high percentage of times. Glad guys were running to (the fumble) and Fred got it. That was a huge momentum.”

On talking to Norman after his taunting penalty toward the Cardinals coach two weeks ago:

“I talked to him the next day. He knows what he did wrong. That was his first one here, first one on our team, which we don’t want any. I also wasn’t going to be overdramatic and make a big example of someone who had just done it the first time.”

On Deebo Samuel as a running back:

“We planned on giving him some through the game. We usually do. Once things work, you come back to them. When he runs the ball that well, it’s pretty impressive, almost 10 yards a carry in eight runs. Deebo was extremely efficient. He got everything and more out of those looks.”

On Trent Williams as an eligible receiver near the goal line:

“I was prepared if he scored for a (celebration) penalty. It was close. He did a good job. He got tugged a little and I know he was calling for it but it just wasn’t there.”

On the 49ers’ mindset:

“After the Arizona game, it was pretty low, because we were embarrassed how we looked. When we watched the tape, we saw a lot of stuff we felt we could fix. It wasn’t as discouraging as it felt during the game. I was happy with the guys that instead of getting discouraged they kept it real. Credit to the guys and coaches for not getting down when they could get down. They practiced on the details and got better.”

On a goal for a 40-carry total?

“No. That’s a real good run defense and they commit to the run well. That first drive helped a good amount. Doing good on third down helped a lot, too.”

On Deebo intended to help Wilson?

“Not really. It’s what we did last week with Elijah and Jeff up. He’s just good at it and it causes problems for the defense, when you have a receiver and you don’t know where he’ll be.”

On Brandon Aiyuk:

“We all know BA’s a talented dude. But it takes a lot to play in this league. He started out behind this year. I rode him hard and coaches did. It was impressive being younger and new to this league, when things aren’t going your way and people are putting pressure on you, not just outside but inside, a lot of guys tend to point the finger and feel sorry for themselves, which is what worries you and you have to wait until the offseason to almost bring them back. He wasn’t like that.

“He kept working and tried to get better. You’ve seen it the past couple weeks but we’ve seen it in practice, too. He didn’t always get the results and targets but it just comes out the way it does.

“When you have Aiyuk playing like a true staring player, Deebo, Kittle , I think it’s the first time we’ve had those three in three weeks in a row. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s good. And when they’re out there more consistently with the quarterback, everyone gets more consistent.

On Trent Williams wanting a TD catch:

“He’s been talking to me about it since the day I met him. He’s never had one. He’s probably as good of a tackle as you can have running a route. That’s tough. That’s my first time doing it, and it didn’t work. When you report as eligible, you can’t go in the next play, so calling that is risky and why Trent had to come out. You don’t want Trent to ever come out. He didn’t get open like he promised he would.”

On Jimmy Garoppolo:

He played well, very efficient. Protected the ball, most important. Did what he had to do to win.”


On Brandon Aiyuk:

“It all turned around for Brandon, as he said in the media like three weeks ago, when he and Kyle had that talk, you could see a different type of B.A., not afraid of anything. He got his confidence back and just go ball out on Sundays.”

On playing running back:

“I don’t have anything against it. Whichever way gets the ball in my hand, I’m all for it. I’m kind of natural back there, honestly.”

“If I’m in the backfield, I’m really looking to bounce it (wide). But if I can’t, I’ve got to stick my nose in there. It’s kind of natural. I have the body to be a running back. I told one of the coaches, ‘Don’t get too many ideas.’ ”

On Trent Williams’ potential TD:

“He was kidding us at practice early in the week, saying, ‘I’m going to start doing receiver (drills).’ I said, ‘Don’t come over here.’ ”


On Deebo Samuel:

“We saw the running back Deebo this week, I guess you could say. He looked natural as a running back. We’re used to that by now.”

On how his chemistry has improved with Garoppolo:

“A lot. Just talking with him and all the quarterbacks, really, just getting a feel what they’re looking for from us in every route and the course of every game. We have good chemistry but just continue to build on that.”

On Garoppolo targeting him on third down:

“That’s huge. That’s big. Third downs are big for us. For him to look for me on third down and converting, that gives us both a lot of confidence.”


On the opening drive:

“It’s awesome. I think I got two plays off in the middle, so shout out to (tight ends coach Jon Embree).

“I didn’t realize how long we were out there until I looked at the clock and there was like a minute, 50 (seconds0 left. That’s wild. We caught a couple lucky breaks with penalties that helped us get first downs. I wish we got a touchdown. But getting points after a 22-play drive, that’s awesome.

“When you’re a defense and you’re on the field for 22 plays, that’s tough. It is. That’s what we’re built for, those long drives. The fact we can stay on the field for them says a lot about this team. If I’m tired, I know the defense is tired. I’m in good shape, if I’m winded, I feel everyone across me is winded. … We’re a physical team. The Jaguars are very physicaly, they did a really good job. But when you’re on the field that long, it’s tough to be a defense.”

On team success recently:

“We’re not turning the ball over. We sat here after the Arizona game, bear-in-the-building type of stuff, everyone’s trying to solve problems, and we literally said have to stop turning the ball over, we have to get a couple of turnovers on defense and special teams, and that’s all we’ve done the last two weeks.

“We’re not turning the ball over. We’re converting third downs. We’re putting our best players in positions to make plays and they’re taking advantage of it.

“Deebo’s looking great. Aiyuk looked great today. Our tight ends blocked our tails off.  Our O-line looked great, and Jimmy’s still slicing and dicing, so our offense is just clicking right now. Kyle is calling the right plays he knows we’ll take advantage of.”

On trap game potential:

“Is it 10 a.m. game? Sure. But if that’s an excuse, you won’t win. I thought they were a good team. We got an early turnover, kind of similar to last week. We came out with our foot on the gas. We’re a good offense when we don’t turn over the ball and convert on third downs. We gave our defense plenty of break, and Fred owes me for how much he got off.”

On Jimmy Garoppolo:

“A lot of the confidence comes from us having really good practices. The guys Jimmy’s thrown the ball to and the run game, we’re making it easy on him. … Jimmy does a fantastic job. He gets us into the right calls and allows our best players to make a play. … When Jimmy’s rolling, we’re rolling. He’s a hell of a leader out there.”

On Deebo and running game:

“When you put Deebo back there  … you don’t really know what you’re going to get, and that’s awesome.”

On first-play drive for field goal:

“Yeah, 22 plays and not scoring a touchdown hurts a little. But when I sat on the bench and there’s 1:50 on the clock, OK, we’re scored. Our defense was very well-rested. As an offense if you’re on the bench that long, you come out cold. … Do I wish we scored a touchdown? For sure. The fact we got points and our defense held them, I love it.”


On first-drive dominance:

“You get a feel for it. It starts with their exhaustion. That many plays and humidity, it adds up on them. This was more of a grinder-type drive and last week it was run-it-down-their-throat.”

On Trent Williams:

“He was like triple or quadruple covered. I tried. It was a tough one thought. He had a nice one-hander in practice. He can do it. We’ll save that one.”

On wary of trap game:

“It was talked about. The time change is tougher than people think. Guys responded well. There was good energy in the locker room this morning and that’s always a good sign.

“These past 14 days, I don’t want to say they’ve changed our team, but we’re moving in the right direction now.”

On mindset:

“We’ve had other east coast trips and I don’t want to call it dead but guys are differerent. The mojo was going this morning.”

On getting bullied first-half of the season:

Guys are winning one-on0-one matchups. When you can do that consistently, and we have good players, but all 11 winning one-on-ones across the board, it sets the tone. Up front, our O-line is doing as good a job as I’ve ever seen. And the defense getting turnovers and doing what they do, it adds up.”

On opening-drive field goal:

“Little surprised. That’s his decision. Whatever he decides, we’re good with. It’s a feel thing. Whatever he decides, I’m good with and we’ll make it work.”


On first quarter:

“It was a little weird. We had three plays in the first quarter. We were kind of frustrated as a D-line. We wanted to be part of this game. (Assistant coach Darryl) Tapp told us, ‘This is how you win.’ We were like, ‘Alright.’ We’ll take this anytime.”

On how the defense rallied after losing to Arizona:

“It’s been obviously a lot better. Starting fast, getting going, taking advanatage of our opportunities with turnovers and as a D-line. Guys behind us are covering real well.”

We definitely had a lot of rough bounces turnover-wise. We’ve been getting after the ball all year. When we get the ball on the opps we create, that flips momentum. Those big plays, when they don’t go your way, it kind of snowballs. You’ll have to ask DeMeco (Ryans, the defensive coordinator) on the exact reason, because I just rush the passer and don’t look too much behind me. I know when we’re getting there, it’s because they’re covering behind us.”

On how his year is going:

“I’m definitely improved a lot. I’m starting to get the hang of how to really get sacks, get numbers. My rookie year, I was just rushing, trying to win every time. It worked well. But now I’m really getting the hang of how the league sack leaders in the league do it. They go out there with a plan, and know when the opportunities come, they’re ready for it.

“In a game like this, I thought my (opportunities) were over and then I get two (sacks). Just staying in the game and playing mind games with the guys you’re going against.”

On his conditioning:

“I definitely feel I’m moving better than I ever have, which coming off an injury is great to get to this point. It’s a credit to our training we do back home and all the work my brother and I put in during the offseason. It’s paying off.”

On his second sack (running Trevor Lawrence out of bounds):

“I’ve never gotten one like that. We always watch them in the film room and ‘that’s BS.’ (Fred Warner) told me. I thought I late-hitted him because I was just running and didn’t know where the sideline was, and it paid off.”

On why he thought his opportunities were done:

“I thought we’d get taken out of the game. That last drive when Arden (Key) got one, we had big lead, Kyle might pull us soon, but it’s the NFL and we have to end it. All it takes is one drive and we have to be ready.”


Josh Norman’s ability to force fumbles:

“Any play. He’s been doing that all season. it’s crazy to watch. That play, I was running to the ball, I didn’t know what happened. That ball comes and you automatically think, `Josh must have been around somewhere.’ Aziz thought he had it so he was a little sad when he found out he didn’t get it. Josh has been amazing doing that this year.”

First thought was Josh when ball was free:

“That was my first thought. That’s just how it be. When he’s getting them out, he gets them out so easily. Especially out there on the perimeter, that’s where he’s coming outside in and just has that knack for it.”

Sitting out first 13 minutes of the game:

“It’s outstanding. Got to stay warm, right? But the offense did an outstanding job starting that game. I just remember looking up, seeing the clock wind down to about three, two minutes and it was like, wow, they were really out there the whole first quarter. For sure, you could feel it, just the fact that they’re picking up those first downs, running the ball, getting those plays that they needed. That’s great for us. We’re on the sideline just waiting our turn. They did a heck of a job.”

Picking Josh’s brain on getting the ball out:

“It’s just a knack for it. I had it on my mind today, I tried to swing at a couple and it just didn’t come. With him, the good thing for him is coming outside in, the ballcarriers, sometimes they carry the ball on that outside arm so he’s coming outside in. It’s just the perfect spot. If it were just easy, everybody would be doing. He has a knack for it and he’s just constantly going after it. It’s on his mind and he’s outstanding at it.”

Defense coming alive:

“I attribute to everybody kind of locking in, coming together, playing for one another. The mentality on defense all season has been to get the ball to the offense and that’s happened the past two weeks. I think that’s one of the biggest differences why you see us dominating teams is when we’re winning that turnnover battle. That’s always a plus. I think just playing for one another, playing hard, and eliminating explosives has helped us.”

Feel like you’ve got your swagger back:

“For sure. I think it’s just coming together right at the right time. We’re getting to that back half of the season and we’re getting hot. That’s just who we are though. I think all along we’ve been trying to find that identity, trying to find ourselves and it’s starting to show through.”


Looking for opportunities on film creating turnovers:

“Not really. Honestly. My game kind of evolved, not just playing the outside role of being a cornerback. You’ve got to put a little bit more into it. You’ve got to be a trench monster, we call it. You’ve got to look for opportunities, the opps, they’re all over the field. But I respond by using this and this and you think, if I get 60 opps a game, then somebody’s going to be slipping. I look at it, I just go after the ball, but use it as much as I would do power, it’s precision, really, just keying in. Somebody’s going to come up slipping.”

How long working on punch and a point where felt you perfected it:

“Probably toward the end of last year. I knew that, as long as you play in this game, you keep learning. More and more comes to you. It’s something I had in my tool belt I could use at any given moment, if a situation occurs. But it seems to be one of the strengths now, and it’s kind of cool how you can see it from the time that you played in this league as a rookie, third year, fourth year, just going after interceptions, and now it’s toward the back end, ninth, 10th year, you’re looking at it from a forcing fumble machine. For me, I just thank God for allowing me to be as durable as I have been and just making plays.”

Practice routine that helps you with forcing fumbles:

“No. Not at all. See a play, and go and get it. I just key in on the ball. Every time a ballcarrier has the ball I’m not really watching him, I’m watching how the ball actually moves and I see it as an opportunity to work on my precision, work on my eyes, keying my target. Then that maximum opportunity to make a perfect punch. Sometimes I get it. Seems like most of the time now I’m getting it more so than not before. Before I was just wild with it, now I’m more precise in what I’m doing.”

Criticized vs. Arizona, benched  . . . how did you respond:

“George (to George Kittle) how did I deal with it?

How did defense play overall and last couple of games:

“Exceptional. I can’t be more happy for those guys. Azeez playing his you-know-what off. Fred, Jimmie Ward, so glad to have him back. Then you got E-man on the outside. KK having himself a Pro Bowl year if you ask me. The trench monsters in the front interior and outside. I think I’m one of them boys, coming downhill, get them fumbles out for sure. I like to be a part of them. They make our job so much easier. It’s a joy and a treat, a real treat to be on this football team. You all got to show my head coach some love. Y’all been giving him hell lately.”

To be on sidelines start of the game for 13 minutes:

“It’s amazing, man. When the offense can have another outing of an 18-play drive. Twenty, I’m sorry. Twenty-two. Thank you. Even did a better output than last week. It tells a story in itself. We’re fresh, and we get the ball right back to ’em. That’s a backbreaker and a blow to their morale because now you’ve got to deal with George Kittle and his pancakes and all the guys coming down the field. It’s extremely good feeling for a defense.”




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