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Bradley Beal 'ecstatic' about Tommy Sheppard contract extension

Bradley Beal is in his 10th year with the Wizards organization, but his connections to Tommy Sheppard go back further than that. Sheppard was blown away scouting Beal as a 16-year-old and did much of the legwork, then as the Wizards’ assistant GM, before the team drafted him third overall in 2012.W Beal has grown up quite a bit in the last 10 years, all while Sheppard has continued to climb the ranks in the front office. He was promoted to general manager in 2019 and then, this past week, was moved up to team president. The two have been part of many highs and lows, as well as some high-pressure contract negotiations. Through it all, Beal has grown to like Sheppard on a personal level, so he was thrilled to see him get his promotion and contract extension.
Source: Chase Hughes @ NBC Sports

What’s the buzz on Twitter?

Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
Montrezl Harrell’s perimeter defense last night on the two most important possessions of the game was incredible.
The switching, hedging, all of it.
Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro, no problem.
[Ft. Beal x Harrell seatbelt cele] pic.twitter.com/la5Ks41BWg5:23 PM

Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Bradley Beal “extremely ecstatic” that GM Tommy Sheppard got extension nba.nbcsports.com/2021/11/21/bra…5:01 PM
Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS
Some photos from today’s Wizards/Mystics/Go-Go Thanksgiving food giveaway in Southeast. Bradley Beal, Deni Avdija, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Tommy Sheppard are among those pictured. pic.twitter.com/tYWhy738Br4:47 PM

Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS
Bradley Beal says he was very happy to hear of Tommy Sheppard’s promotion to team president and contract extension, calling him “an awesome person” and “a great GM.” nbcsports.com/washington/wiz…11:26 AM
Neil Dalal @NeilDalal96
Bradley Beal blew a kiss to his mom sitting courtside after she lost her mom last week pic.twitter.com/10ChDUCqUr12:03 AM

Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS
Beal on Trezz: “He’s gonna talk trash, hit the other opponent. If something bad happens to me, he’s like a big brother out there. That’s always good to have. I call him a bash brother.” – 11:00 PM
Ava Wallace @avarwallace
Beal on Harrell: “He’s a bit of a bash brother” – 10:44 PM
Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
The Washington Wizards overcome a 16 point deficit to defeat the Miami Heat, 103-100.
Bradley Beal says they’re for real — agree? 👀 pic.twitter.com/YTMIAvNlHT10:02 PM

Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
This team is special. This team is for real. We coming.
– Bradley Beal – 9:39 PM
Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
“I gotta stop turning the dang ball over”
– Bradley Beal – 9:38 PM
Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins
Final: Wizards 103, Heat 100
Beal: 21 pts., 4 rebs., 9 assts.
Dinwiddie: 16 pts., 1 reb., 4 assts.
Caldwell-Pope: 16 pts., 3 rebs.
Kuzma: 6 pts., 11 rebs.
Wizards: Trailed by 16 pts. in third quarter – 9:36 PM
Neil Dalal @NeilDalal96
Hard to burn your last timeout, but Wes Unseld Jr. did not seem to consider very hard challenging Bradley Beal’s foul call against Jimmy Butler
Spencer Dinwiddie then gets stuck in the backcourt and Unseld able to bail him out with said last timeout – 9:28 PM
John Hollinger @johnhollinger
Wow total phantom call against Beal there. – 9:28 PM
Neil Dalal @NeilDalal96
Spencer Dinwiddie with a 3 and Bradley Beal draws an offensive foul vs. Jimmy Butler, big couple possessions for the Wizards – 9:18 PM
Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins
End of the 3rd Quarter: Heat 75, Wizards 71
Beal: 21 pts., 2 rebs., 6 assts.
Harrell: 13 pts., 7 rebs., 2 assts.
Butler: 20 pts., 5 rebs., 3 assts.
FTAs: Heat 12/14, Wizards 15/16
Turnovers (opp. pts.): Heat 11 (16), Wizards 15 (14)
[My error before] – 8:56 PM
Ava Wallace @avarwallace
Bradley Beal’s free throw nearly at the buzzer make it Heat 75, Wizards 71 heading into the fourth. Wiz looked a dead in the water for a while there. Huge momentum shift led by Harrell – 8:54 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Up 16 in third, Heat take 75-71 lead into fourth. Butler 20, Herro 14 for Heat. Beal 21 for Wizards. – 8:53 PM
Neil Dalal @NeilDalal96
Bradley Beal so sly bringing the ball up the court in the waning seconds of the third quarter, looked to see who was around him (3 Heat players) and then able to draw contact – 8:52 PM
Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins
Halftime: Heat 43, Wizards 41
Butler: 12 pts., 4 rebs., 3 assts., 2 steals
Beal: 12 pts., 1 reb., 3 assts.
Harrell: 6 pts., 3 rebs., 1 asst., 2 steals
Gafford, Harrell, Avdija: 3 fouls apiece
Turnovers (opp. pts.): Heat 8 (11), Wizards 11 (9) – 8:12 PM
Neil Dalal @NeilDalal96
Wizards first half shooting vs. Heat
Bradley Beal: 5/7 (71%)
Rest: 9/31 (29%) – 8:12 PM
Ava Wallace @avarwallace
Halftime: Heat lead the Wizards 43-41
Beal: 12p (5-7 fg)
Butler: 12p
11 turnovers for the Wiz – 8:12 PM
Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS
It’s 43-41 Heat at the half. Beal and Butler lead all scorers with 12 pts. Wiz shooting 36.8% FG, Heat 37.2% FG and 1-14 3PT. – 8:11 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Heat 43, Wizards 41 at half. Butler 12 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists. Beal 12 for Wizards. Heat 1 of 14 on 3s. – 8:11 PM
Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS
Deni Avdija got a quick tech for arguing a foul call on Jimmy Butler. Beal and KCP helped cool Avdija down while Butler seemed to be talking some trash. pic.twitter.com/HpwKizp2Al8:10 PM

Neil Dalal @NeilDalal96
Both Bradley Beal and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope immediately went over to Deni Avdija to remind him he cannot have that reaction no matter how bad a call might be, teaching moment pic.twitter.com/XNi2giMt9M8:03 PM

Quinton Mayo @RealQuintonMayo
Deni Avdija picks up a tech after fouling Jimmy Butler — Beal and KCP have to keep him from Scott Foster – 8:02 PM
Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins
End of the 1st Quarter: Wizards 26, Heat 25
Beal: 10 pts., 1 reb., 3 assts.
Avdija: 6 pts., 1 reb., 1 steal
Butler: 8 pts., 3 rebs. 3 assts., 2 steals
FTAs: Wizards 6/7, Heat 0/0
Turnovers (opp. pts.): Wizards 7 (6), Heat 4 (7) – 7:40 PM
Ava Wallace @avarwallace
After one: The Wizards lead 26-25 after a much sharper start (that…. still had 7 TOs)
Beal: 10p
Avdija: 6p – 7:39 PM
Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS
Wizards lead the Heat 26-25 after one. Beal has 10 pts, Avdija has 6 pts. Wiz lead despite 7 TOs. – 7:38 PM
Ira Winderman @IraHeatBeat
Wizards 26, Heat 25 after one. Butler with 8 for Heat, Beal 10 for Wizards. – 7:37 PM
Neil Dalal @NeilDalal96
Bradley Beal’s mom and dad are sitting courtside for Wizards-Heat with grandchildren in arms – 7:22 PM
Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS
8 points in 4 minutes already for Bradley Beal. 3-3 FG. Might be one of those nights. – 7:17 PM
Chase Hughes @ChaseHughesNBCS
My three keys to the game, including Daniel Gafford’s status and how to limit Mr. Big Face Coffee, all while Bradley Beal warms up at Capital One Arena 👇 pic.twitter.com/B72Ca2iv6T6:03 PM

Josh Robbins @JoshuaBRobbins
Wizards starters tonight: Spencer Dinwiddie, Bradley Beal, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Kyle Kuzma and Daniel Gafford. – 5:34 PM

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Monumental Sports & Entertainment announced today that General Manager Tommy Sheppard has been promoted to President and General Manager of the Washington Wizards and Chief Planning and Operations Officer Sashi Brown has been promoted to President of Monumental Basketball and Special Advisor to the Office of the CEO at Monumental Sports & Entertainment. -via NBA.com / November 17, 2021
Sheppard will continue to be responsible for all basketball decisions for the Wizards, the G League’s Capital City Go-Go and the NBA 2K League’s Wizards District Gaming. The coaching staff, front office, basketball analytics staff and scouts for all teams will report to Sheppard and he will continue to be the sole point of contact for player negotiations. -via NBA.com / November 17, 2021

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