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Woman terrified after discovering spookily specific ‘doomsday’ message underneath wallpaper in her 150-year-old house

WHEN you move into a new place, it’s only natural to want to put your own stamp on it.

After getting the keys to her new home earlier this year, this comedy writer – who goes by Loubobang on TikTok – hasn’t wasted a moment getting stuck into her renovation project.

Comedy writer – who goes by Loubobang – shared her spooky story on wallpaper[/caption]
The message was hidden underneath five layers of wallpaper[/caption]

The star has been sharing every step of the process with her 242,000 followers – including when it recently took a spooky turn.

Earlier this month, the comedian was busy removing layers and layers of old wallpaper when she claims she uncovered a VERY creepy note.

She said: “Today is the first time I did feel a little bit edgy and that’s because I’ve been stripping this wallpaper.

“There’s about five layers of it before I can get to the original plaster.

“As I was scraping I uncovered some writing and I thought ‘I wonder what that said’.

“So I scrapped away some more and it revealed ‘September 10th – doomsday’.

But while most of us would probably just ignore it, the hidden note left the homeowner feeling rather unsettled.

“The reason that’s freaked me out is because September the 10th is my f***ing BIRTHDAY,” she explained. “This is all just getting a little bit weird now.”

The reason that’s freaked me out is because September the 10th is my f***ing BIRTHDAY. This is all just getting a little bit weird now.

The video has racked up over 87,000 views since it was shared yesterday and it prompted people in the comments to share their own experiences.

One replied: “When my parents stripped their bedroom in like 2010 (the wallpaper was from the 80s), there was a note that said ‘Hello Pauline’ – the mum’s name.”

Another added: “Weirdly I like in a Victorian house and it said the same thing.

“Alongside was an elaborate drawing of a Victorian lady with devil’s horns. FML!”

Lightening the mood, a third joked: “I’m more freaked out by the sunflower wallpaper.”

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And this neighbour’s savage note demands mum stops her ‘noisy’ kids playing outside so they can sleep.

Plus this woman finds ‘proof’ boyfriend is cheating from innocent photo of his food – can YOU spot the clue that gave it away?

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