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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry claims she’s NOT a ‘superspreader’ after fans accuse her of giving Covid to four sons & Vee Rivera

KAILYN Lowry slammed people online for calling her a “superspreader” after she gave Covid to all four of her sons and her co-parent Vee Rivera.

The Teen Mom 2 star revealed earlier this week that she caught the virus during her vacation to the Dominican Republic.

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Kailyn has slammed fans for calling her a ‘super spreader’[/caption]
She also gave the virus to Vee[/caption]

Kailyn, 29, confronted the haters during her Coffee Convos podcast after many claimed she was a Covid-19 “superspreader.”

After talking about her lingering “congestion” from the sickness, she explained to her co-star Lindsie Chrisley how they all caught it equally.

“People are online talking s**t saying that I’m a super spreader and things like that but my entire family came home with, I didn’t give my whole family Corona.

“We were all in the same places at the exact same time. I told the story on Baby Mamas but I am not a super spreader,” she claimed.

“As soon as I found out I had Covid I quarantined immediately so for those of you guys listening obviously had I known I had Covid, (I tested negative twice), so had I known that before I would not have been out.

“But I saw a bunch of comments just being complete a**holes cause I would never go purposefully spread Coronavirus, or like go out in public if I knew I had Corona,” she ranted.


On Tuesday, Kailyn confirmed that not only did she and her sons contract Covid, but she also gave it to her co-parent and podcast co-host Vee Rivera.

Vee told fans she felt “miserable” from the virus and could no longer “kiss” her husband Jo.

The reality stars spoke further on their sicknesses during this week’s episode of the Baby Mamas No Drama podcast, as they said they both felt like “straight up s**t.”

“For those of you guys listening that don’t know, Vee and I have Covid,” Kailyn told listeners.

“We are Covid queens,” Vee added, joking: “We got cooties.”

“I am so sorry. I honestly think we brought it home from the Dominican Republic,” Kailyn admitted.

“Thursday it took me out. I was in bed all day, and then Friday too I was feeling like straight up s**t,” Vee revealed.

“When you told me that you tested positive I was like f**k now I really need to get tested.”

Kailyn then confessed that she also gave Covid to her ex-husband Javi Marroquin, and although they were all asymptomatic, to her sons Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed.

“It’s been so hard the past week just trying to be able to rest but also have my infant, he’s one. But he’s been a trooper. He hasn’t fought me at bedtime at all,” she explained.

On Monday, Vee hopped on her Instagram stories to tell fans about her “miserable” experience with Coronavirus, as she completely lost her sense of “taste and smell.”

“I’m so sad sleeping in the bed by myself and Vivi keeps looking at me like, ‘don’t come near me,'” she shared, mentioning her five-year-old daughter.

“It’s so sad I want to be able to smell her again, I want to be able to kiss my husband, I’m miserable.”

Kailyn told Lindsie that she ‘quarantined’ correctly[/caption]
She caught Covid while on vacation in DR[/caption]
Instagram/Vee Rivera
Vee felt ‘miserable’ while sick[/caption]

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