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A&E Revives ‘Cold Case Files,’ ‘American Justice’ (Videos)

A&E is reviving two fan-favorite true crime series.

“Cold Case Files” and “American Justice” will return to the cable network on Friday, Aug. 20, with original host and producer Bill Kurtis returning for “Cold Case” while Dennis Haysbert takes over narration for the “reimagined” version of “Justice.”

“Cold Case Files,” which revisits unsolved cases through interviews with family members and investigators, first debuted on A&E in 1999 with Kurtis as host. The network teamed with Blumhouse Television for a 10-episode revival in 2017, with Danny Glover providing narration.

“American Justice” aired on A&E between 1992 and 2005, examining cases like the Jeffrey Dahmer serial killings, the Wells Fargo Heist and the murder of Selena. Category 6 Media will produce both revivals for A&E.

“A&E has long been a leader in true crime programming and we are thrilled to bring back two of our original series that defined and shaped the genre,” said Elaine Frontain Bryant, EVP and Head of Programming for A&E. “Both ‘Cold Case Files’ and ‘American Justice’ were beloved when they first premiered, and with more stories to tell, these new iterations continue their legacy of riveting and powerful storytelling at its finest.”

Watch teasers for both shows and read the full series descriptions below.

“Cold Case Files”

There are over 100,000 cold cases in America, and only about 1% are ever solved. With recent advancements in technology and the methods used to solve these cases, as well as the unwavering dedication of victims’ families, law enforcement and the public, “Cold Case Files” explores the cases the defied the odds. Narrated by the original host and producer of “Cold Case Files,” celebrated veteran journalist and newsman Bill Kurtis, each one-hour episode of the Emmy-nominated series examines the twists and turns of one murder case that remained unsolved for years, and the critical element that heated it up, leading to the evidence that finally solved it. Featuring interviews with family members, friends, detectives, and others close to the cases, the refreshed classic series examines all facets of the crime and shines a light on a range of voices and victims.

Cold Case Files” is produced by Category 6 Media group for A&E Network with Sharon Scott and Laura Fleury serving as executive producers. Hillary Heath serves as showrunner and executive producer, Grace Miller is co-EP. Elaine Frontain Bryant and Peter Tarshis serve as executive producers for A&E Network. A+E Networks holds worldwide distribution rights for “Cold Case Files.”

“American Justice”

Narrated by actor Dennis Haysbert (“24,” “The Unit,”) the newly reimagined and iconic “American Justice” looks at recent criminal cases in the United States through the prism of the criminal justice system, and from the first-hand perspectives of the prosecutors, defense attorneys, investigators, victims and perpetrators involved. The series dives into significant crimes that were adjudicated within the last few years, from trials that made national headlines to gripping lesser-known cases, ensuring that the issues being explored are relevant. Each story reveals how our justice system works, and, sometimes, how it doesn’t. One of the original true crime documentary series, “American Justice” originally aired for
13 years on A&E.

“American Justice” is produced for A&E Network by Category 6 Media group with Sharon Scott, Laura Fleury and Tiff Winton serving as executive producers. Anne Garofalo Paterno serves as showrunner and executive producer, Mary Lively is co-EP. Elaine Frontain Bryant and Peter Tarshis are Executive Producers for A&E. A+E Networks holds worldwide distribution rights for “American Justice.”

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