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Love Island shock as cast’s secret conversations from the villa are revealed in a brutal twist

THE Love Island contestants are in for a shock as their top-secret conversations from the villa are revealed in a brutal twist tonight.

With the islanders being filmed all day and night, the cameras have no doubt picked up on them gossiping behind each other’s backs.

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The Love Island stars are set to sit down for a movie night – with a brutal twist[/caption]
It’s thought the movie night will reveal all about shocking secret chats[/caption]

And if the islanders thought they could get away with keeping their chats secret from their housemates, they were very wrong.

ITV2 bosses have revealed that the group are due to sit down for what they believe will be a movie night – but it will actually have a horrifying twist.

After competing in a quiz to win points to pick their favourite film clips, the girls and boys will be asked to sit down in front of a big screen.

But instead of their favourite films, they will get to listen in on conversations they’ve never heard before.

“They’re not seeing the latest Hollywood movie release,” Love Island producers have teased of the explosive drama in tonight’s episode.

Not wanting to give away any more, they concluded: “What will the clips reveal? And who is left hoping the credits will roll?”

Fans will expect to see Jake encouraging the other lads to cheat on their girls in Casa Amor as one of the devastating movie clips.

While the 24-year-old engineer stayed completely loyal to Liberty in the second villa, he was frequently heard telling the boys to kiss the new girls.

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Unbeknownst to Lib, he found himself forming a reputation of being a “snake” after destroying all of the other couples with his not-so-wise words.

Elsewhere, clips of the girls being mean behind each others’ backs could be among those played – causing rifts in the tight-knit group.

While there is speculation of a ‘secret feud’ between Faye and Clarisse, behind-the-scenes chats could prove there’s more than meets the eye.

Perhaps Liam too will have the truth of his romp with Lillie put out there – after both he and the bombshell told Millie their very different versions of events.

And it’s possible Toby could find himself in trouble for his comments about grafting for other girls, despite now turning back to old flame Chloe.

Matthew may get to hear Kaz’s side of the story after Tyler confronted him about the former couple’s decision to get to know each other further.

With plenty of dirt to dish on the islanders’ opinions of each other – it’s no doubt set to cause chaos no matter what footage airs tonight.

Last night, fans voiced their fury Ofcom over the show’s “cliffhanger endings” as yet another episode ended mid-drama.

Viewers were desperate to find out which girl and which boy would be saved from the brutal double-dumping announced in the episode.

Hugo Hammond, Amy Day, Tyler Cruickshank, Clarisse Juliette, Sam Jackson and Mary Bedford are among those facing elimination.

Will Millie get to see more of Liam’s romp with Lillie?[/caption]
Jake has gotten into trouble with fans for encouraging the boys to cheat[/caption]

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