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Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry hints she’s getting back together with ex Javi Marroquin as fans believe they’re ‘hooking up’

TEEN Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry hinted she’s may get back together with her ex-husband and baby daddy, Javi Marroquin.

However, fans are already convinced the former couple is ‘hooking up.’

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Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry hinted she’s may get back together with her ex-husband and baby daddy, Javi Marroquin[/caption]
Social Media - Refer to Source
Kailyn and Javi were married from 2012-2017 and share seven-year-old son Lincoln together[/caption]

Kailyn told HollywoodLife: “I won’t say that we will never get back together because I feel like never say never, but I do really like where we’re at right now.

“We’re getting along and having our space and things like that. I just don’t — I’m honestly just not looking for a relationship with anyone. But, I’m not going to say I would never get back with him.”

She also discussed what she’s looking for in her next relationship: “I feel like I need someone who’s just as driven as me, especially when it comes to school and work and things like that.

And I want someone who is wanting their space to where we don’t have to, like, spend all of our time together, because obviously, I have four kids. And my first priority is them.

“So I just want someone who’s not like clingy but can be a companion when I don’t have my kids with me.”

The Teen Mom Chatter Instagram shared the article in a post captioned: “So #KailLowry won’t say that she doesn’t want to get back with #javimarroquin because “never say never”… is it a game to strum up clickbait, get under #LaurenComeau skin, mess with #ChrisLopez head, or a genuine feeling? Let’s discuss! #TeenMom #TeenMom2.”

Fans commented: “She’s probably already back with him… waiting for him to hit Lauren up in the Wawa parking lot.”

Another added: “All that, plus she feels validated by him since he’s the only one that actually married her so she will always feel a special way about him for that.”

A third follower scoffed: “She does not want that man..she just don’t want anyone else to have him!!”

Last week, Kailyn packed on the PDA with Javi in a new photo as fans are convinced they’re back on.

A fan commented: “Love to see you and Javi getting along”

Kailyn responded: “Same! Hopefully it stays this way”

The former couple recently decided to go into business together on a training camp called Lethal Speed Javi explained“allows you guys to experience the same things that we have with Lincoln and the amount of growth that has happened throughout the year.”

He went on: “Kail and I decided to go into business together and show all of you how amazing @lethal_speedy really is. We’ll be holding camps throughout the US for you to bring your child and get some work in! First camp is August 15 in Newark, Delaware.”

Kailyn and Javi were married from 2012-2017 and share seven-year-old son Lincoln together.

She also praised Javi last week for helping her rush Creed to the ER during her family’s Punta Cana trip.

The Teen Mom 2 star shared: “I had to call Javi for him to translate the whole thing because I was so upset … my Spanish has been good enough to get us around [but not for this.]

Kailyn continued: “I had never needed him to come through harder than what he did for me yesterday.”

Kailyn also recently defended Javi during a battle between him and his ex-fiancé, Lauren Comeau.

She said: “So Lauren, this one is for you! You don’t get to attack my ex-husband in front of your son and I know that that was true because my husband would never ever ever ever lie about you beating him in front of his son.”

The TV personality slammed Javi’s ex for “acting so perfect online” and claimed Lauren’s “entire following came from me and my sacrifices and my dirt.”

Javi will also be a guest on an upcoming episode of Baby Mamas No Drama, which she cohosts with her ex Joe Rivera’s wife, Vee.

Last year, Kailyn dropped a bombshell about Javi during an episode of the reality show as she claimed: “You’re going to treat me like this … oh is that why you tried to f*** me on Tuesday? In the Wawa parking lot, while your girlfriend is home with your son…just this past week.

Lauren, 29, broke up with Javi, 28, following Kailyn’s claims.

However Kailyn’s other ex, Chris, Kailyn and Javi are “making it look” like they’ve reunited as a couple.

He shared: “If that’s what those people want to make it look like they’re doing and if they want y’all to think twice, then I don’t know.”

Social Media - Refer to Source
Kailyn said her four sons are her first priority[/caption]
Social Media - Refer to Source
Lauren, 29, broke up with Javi, 28, following Kailyn’s claims Javi tried to cheat on her[/caption]
Javi and Kailyn share son, Lincoln[/caption]

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