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Super-hot Covid nurse Priya Gopaldas ‘being sent into Love Island villa’ to turn boys’ heads

LOVE Island is set to receive another bombshell as the show winds down into its final weeks – student nurse Priya Gopaldas.

The soon-to-be reality star – who worked in a Covid-19 ward during the pandemic – has been isolating in Majorca ahead of her entry to the villa.

Priya Gopaldas/Instagram
Priya will no doubt shake things up in the villa after tonight’s dumping[/caption]
The Love Island hopeful worked 12-hour night shifts

Priya, 23, is set to become one of the final bombshells to stir things up on Love Island, and is believed to be making her first appearance this week.

As four islanders are due to leave tonight, the numbers will need to be bumped back up again with fresh contestants to form further couples.

Priya is set to be one of those entering the villa after she completes her self-isolation, having arrived on the Spanish island last week.

A TV source told the MailOnline: “Priya will turn heads for sure. She’s beautiful, intelligent and has a heart of gold.”

They added that if she “gets the nod” of approval from show bosses, there will be no doubt “the guys will be scrambling over her”.

Priya is in her fifth year of studying at University College London, and until recently was working in a Covid-19 Intensive Care Unit.

She volunteered to work on the ward after Christmas when students based at the UCL hospital were asked to assist with the ever-growing case numbers.

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Priya will turn heads for sure. She’s beautiful, intelligent and has a heart of gold.


The Love Island hopeful worked 12-hour night shifts for six days in a desperately understaffed hospital, supporting fully-qualified doctors and nurses.

She told her social media following in January: “I decided to throw myself in at the deep end and take on the challenge of a 12-hour night shift, despite having never done one before.

“I was shocked to see how ill the patients were. Most patients were intubated, ventilated and sedated, needing round the clock monitoring and care.”

Her social media also shows that Priya is a keen runner, and aimed to complete six marathons in six days later this year.

Based in London, the nurse is often seen visiting other countries including Tanzania, Macedonia, North America, Italy, Jamaica and France.

Priya is set to join the reality cast in upcoming episodes and add the Balearic Islands to her list of recent travel destinations.

Tonight, couples Amy and Hugo, Clarisse and Tyler and Mary and Sam are all at risk of being dumped from the villa in a brutal elimination.

As the three pairs with the lowest votes from the public, their fellow islanders now have to choose only one girl and one boy to stay.

Many believe Kaz Kamwi will save Tyler, as she made no secret of her desire to restart their relationship.

Such a move would mean Hugo and Sam – both of whom have failed to build romantic relationships – being dumped.

Many are sure the girls will rally round Kaz with one insisting: “The girls will wanna save Tyler for Kaz. I have no idea who the boys will pick though.”

Another tweeted: “I wish they’ll give Sam a chance but I just know Kaz will out rank everyone and pick Tyler . She should just go home with him and let Sam stay.”

A third agreed: “They’ll pick Tyler for Kaz and Mary for Dale.”

Mary Winstead, who is in an all-Casa Amor line up alongside Clarisse Juliette and Amy Day, is the only one in a budding romance.

Things with Tyler ended abruptly for Clarisse tonight when Tyler explained he was wheeling back to Kaz.

Meanwhile, Hugo made little secret of the fact she doesn’t see a stable relationship forming with Amy, who he brought back from Casa Amor.

Priya is sure to turn heads
She’s been on the NHS front line during the pandemic
Priya Gopaldas/Instagram
The nurse is in her fifth year of training at UCL hospital[/caption]

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