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Who is John Whaite and is the Strictly star married?

STRICTLY Come Dancing 2021’s fourth contestant has been revealed as John Whaite. 

Here is everything we know about the celebrity chef and author.  

Bake Off winner John Whaite is taking part in Strictly 2021[/caption]

Who is John Whaite? 

John Whaite is an English baker, who rose to fame after winning The Great British Bake Off in 2012. 

He works as a chef, television presenter and author. 

He was born in Lancashire and grew up on a farm. 

He became interested in baking when he was five after his parents divorced. 

He got into Oxford but decided to study law at Manchester to be closer to home, he got a first-class degree after sitting his exams while filming Bake Off. 

He decided not to pursue a career in law, and to follow his passion of cookery, taking classes at Le Cordon Bleu. 

Whaite has written four cookery books, John Whaite Bakes, John Whaite Bakes At Home, Perfect Plates In 5 Ingredients, and Comfort: Food To Soothe The Soul. 

He has also written columns for The Daily Telegraph and Heat magazine. 

Whaite has suffered from depression and battled bulimia in the past. 

John Whaite won The Great British Bake Off in 2021[/caption]

What TV shows has he been on? 

Whaite became a household name after winning the third series of Bake Off.

After his success he has gone on to become a TV regular, taking up the role of resident chef on ITV’s Lorraine, hosted by Lorraine Kelly

He has also appeared on This Morning, What’s Cooking?, The Alan Titchmarsh Show and Sunday Brunch. 

In 2016, Whaite started co-presenting Chopping Block, a daytime cookery competitive show on ITV, with Rosemary Shrager

And now he will be showing his moves on Strictly Come Dancing.

He told BBC Radio 2 that he “was born to be on that dance floor”

Whaite will make history as one half of the first male partnership on Strictly. 

Is he married?  

Whaite is engaged, he lives with partner Pail Atkins, who is a graphic designer, in Leeds.

The two have a dog, Abel, who is four. 

The pair have been together for 13 years, and Whaite has taken to his 100k instagram followers to gush about his husband to be. 

Celebrating their 11th anniversary he wrote: “11 years and I’m still basking in the warm, soothing light of this chap.”

Their wedding was originally scheduled to be on Halloween of 2020.

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