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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason shares rare photos with daughter Maryssa to celebrate her 14th birthday

JENELLE Evans’ husband David Eason shared a slew of rare photos with his daughter Maryssa to celebrate her 14th birthday.

The Teen Mom 2 alum hugged his eldest child, who wore a pink T-shirt and posed with matching pink balloons.

Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason shared a slew of rare photos with his daughter Maryssa to celebrate her 14th birthday
Maryssa wore a pink T-shirt and posed with matching pink balloons

David captioned the snaps: “Happy Birthday Sweetpea! You the best sweetie heart. I love you so much!”

The former MTV star, 33, shares Maryssa with his ex and is also father to daughter Ensley, 4, with Jenelle.

Back in June, Maryssa sparked fan concerns when she posted an emotional picture about feeling “bruised” and “broken.”


On Instagram, the teen wrote: “I stopped venting and started praying cause I don’t need sympathy.

“I need strength – bruised but not broken.”

Just weeks earlier, Maryssa graduated from middle school and her father praised her as “beautiful and smart” on TikTok.

He shared a video of her alongside her classmates in a cap and gown, then walking across the stage to get her diploma.

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Jenelle recently faced backlash as many fans believed she snubbed Maryssa in a new video created in honor of her children.

The mother of three shared a throwback clip of her time on Teen Mom where she broke down in tears saying that she “has no one,” “no one cares” about her, and “no one loves” her.


“My mom never even tells me she loves me,” she cried, adding: “No one tells me they love me.”

The video then switched to current day, where Jenelle stood in the pool holding her youngest daughter Ensley, and gushed about how much she “loved” her children.

The controversial parent explained how the four-year-old, Jace, and Kaiser are her “best friends” and she will love them “forever.”

However, the North Carolina native made no mention of Maryssa, as fans reminded her of the teen in the comments.

“Don’t forget Maryssa?!” one concerned fan wrote, while another advised: “I tell my bonus kids the same as I tell my son.

“But maybe it’s because I have a great relationship with their mom,” they argued.

Jenelle made sure to clear the air by responding: “Thanks everyone for the support! I didn’t forget about Maryssa but I feel like it would’ve been rude towards her mom.”

Jenelle also wished Maryssa a happy birthday[/caption]
TikTok @easondavid
David posted a photo of Maryssa at her middle school graduation in June[/caption]
David shares Maryssa with his ex and has a daughter Ensley, 4, with Jenelle[/caption]

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