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Beheading suspect Alexis Saborit who ‘dumped “bloody body” of America Thayer’ was illegal Cuban immigrant wanted by ICE

ALEXIS Saborit who allegedly beheaded America Thayer was an illegal Cuban immigrant wanted by ICE, police documents show.

The 42-year-old appeared to drag Thayer, 55, from her car and reportedly left her body on the pavement in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Suspect Alexis Saborit was an illegal Cuban immigrant wanted by ICE, according to police documents
Saborit allegedly beheaded America Thayer in Minnesota[/caption]

It’s reported that Saborit was an illegal immigrant from Cuba, according to Alpha News.

ICE spokesperson Shawn Neudauer told the outlet that ICE has not placed a “detainer” on Saborit.

Officials reportedly tried to remove Saborit in 2012 but were unsuccessful after travel documents were not approved by Cuba.

A 2001 Supreme Court case limits the time under the Immigration and Nationality Act that ICE officials can detain non-US citizens who are subject to a deportation order.

Saborit was charged with murder on Friday after allegedly beheading Thayer while they were in a car in traffic at an intersection.

Friends and colleagues of Thayer told of how Saborit’s alleged controlling behavior had raised alarm – and they suspected she was a victim of domestic abuse. 

Reba Skaar, who worked with Thayer for three years at a store in the area, told the Star Tribune that Saborit had once not let her use the bathroom alone on a visit to her apartment and was “just dangerous”. 

Skaar also claimed that Thayer would sometimes spend the night sleeping at her desk at her MyPillow job or in her car at the Amazon fulfillment center parking lot.

It’s claimed that Thayer would stay with friends to avoid Saborit’s behavior.

Cops have not said what motivated the attack.

In a police statement that was submitted to the court, it states that Saborit and Thayer had been dating for several years.

He reportedly told investigators they were going to go to his court appearance together.

On the way to court, Thayer allegedly told Saborit that she wanted to “get rid” of him and end their relationship, the statement adds.

He allegedly told cops he used a knife to kill Thayer because she had “gone too far” in her alleged abuse of him and in her comments about ending their relationship.

A local resident reportedly helped cops locate the weapon allegedly used to kill Thayer.

Police saw a black handle sticking up from the ground that was concealed in a bush, MSN News reports.

Cops said the weapon was covered with a “blood-like” substance and there appeared to be “strands of hair” on the blade.

According to the complaint and a search warrant affidavit, police were told that a body with no head had been pulled out of a car belonging to Thayer.

Cops were also told that a “suspicious man” was seen walking in a nearby alley.

Police arrived to find Thayer’s headless body on the ground, next to her bloodied car.

Her head was a foot away. A machete-style knife, bloody shirt, and shoes were found in an alley a few blocks away, according to The Star Tribune.

According to court documents, several people saw the attack.

One witness a few cars behind Thayer’s allegedly saw Saborit make a hitting motion while sitting behind the wheel, then throw something.

They claimed they saw Saborit dragged what looked to be a body out of the car.

Another reportedly recorded footage that appeared to show Saborit pull Thayer out of the car before picking up her head by the hair, according to Bring Me The News.

Saborit was arrested by cops around one and a half miles from where he was staying.

State of Minnesota County of Carver
ICE officials have not placed a ‘detainer’ on Saborit, according to a spokesperson[/caption]
It’s not known what motivated the attack in Minnesota last week[/caption]

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