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UK Weather – Gusts to batter Britain before weekend washout with thunderstorm weather warnings EXTENDED

BRITAIN is set to be drenching in relentless rain and hit by heavy gusts of wind with thunderstorms and flash flooding expected for the weekend.

Storm warnings which were already in place for today and Friday have now been extended to Saturday, with the Met Office urging Brits to stay safe.

Britain is set to be battered by a weekend of thunderstorms[/caption]
More flash flooding is expected as 100mm of rain is expected to fall in a day[/caption]
Winds are to reach 60mph in some places[/caption]
The Met office has extended the thunderstorm weather warning to Sunday

From today 60mph winds are expected and more than a month’s rainfall in a single day is possible in some areas.

Today a yellow thunderstorm warning is place for the entirety of Northern Ireland with the Met Office warning of power cuts, deep floodwater and danger to life.

But by tomorrow the alert will spread to cover most of northern England and Scotland from 10am, with up to 100mm of rain set to fall in some parts.

This will remain in place until 9am Saturday – and the Met office are warning that the combination of flooding and lightning strikes could pose a danger to drivers, homes and businesses.

Met Office forecaster Nicola Maxey said this week’s weather may still be under an “Atlantic influence”.

She said: “We are likely to see potential for thunderstorms through much of this week.”

Ms Maxey added it was “quite usual to receive most of the month’s rain in two to three bursts during the summer months”.

Bookmakers have now slashed their odd on 2021 having the the wettest August on record in the UK to 6-4.

Shoppers brave the wind and rain in Liverpool city centre this afternoon[/caption]
Bodyboarders brave the waves in rough seas at Fistral beach[/caption]
Britain was already battered by Storm Evert last week[/caption]

Coral’s John Hill said: “We are in for a rough few days ahead and with torrential rain set to fall in many parts of the UK, we could be set for the wettest August on record.

 “It’s been a wet summer so far and if things continue, it may end as one of the wettest ever,” added Hill.

But a heatwave is set to send temperatures soaring in the second half of August, with the sunshine starting as early as next week.

The mercury will also struggle to climb above 19C or 20C across Saturday and Sunday.

But thankfully Brits can enjoy another heatwave for much of the rest of the month.

The Met Office says the weather will turn more settled, bringing drier conditions and sunny spells.

Temperatures will “trend closer to, perhaps above average”, experts say.

Weather maps show highs of 25C in Southend-on-Sea on August 11, and 26C in London on August 15.

Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze said: “Computer models are suggesting that temperatures are more likely to be above the average than below it over the period as a whole.

“There could be some very warm periods mixed in, particularly in the south.”

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