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From the lips of Lithuanian politicians, where refugees are beaten, criticism of Lukashenko sounds absurd

Belarusian border guards found an Iraqi refugee with serious injuries on the border with Lithuania. Attempts to provide him with first aid were unsuccessful – the man died

From the lips of Lithuanian politicians, where refugees are beaten, criticism of Lukashenko sounds absurd

The investigation of the incident is under the control of President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. The Lithuanian side hastened to call it a provocation organized to discredit the official Vilnius.

The fact that “the Lithuanians killed the refugee at the border” was the first to report by the Belarusian political scientist Aleksey Dzermant. Literally a few minutes later, an official message from the State Border Committee of Belarus followed. Representatives of the department confirmed that a “man of non-Slavic appearance” in serious condition was found in the area of ​​the village of Benyakoni. The border guards tried to save him, but he died on the spot from his injuries.

Soon, the details of the incident were shared by the official Telegram-channel of the Belarusian authorities “Pool of the First”. It turned out that the killed refugee is an Iraqi citizen. The incident was immediately reported to Alyaksandr Lukashenka. The investigation of the murder will be carried out by the Investigative Committee of Belarus under the control of the prosecutor’s office and the president personally. The first step is to interview local residents (it was they who discovered the beaten foreigner).

Official charges have not yet been brought against Lithuania, but there is no doubt that this version will be worked out in Belarus: the unfortunate Iraqi was beaten to death by Lithuanian border guards when he tried to enter the territory of the Baltic republic.

Or when he refused to come back.

Lithuania hastened to put forward an alternative version. “We expected a provocation from the Belarusian regime. You can see that the messages themselves (about the death of a migrant – approx. RuBaltic.Ru) are prepared in advance. Lukashenka ordered to interrogate witnesses from local residents who found the migrant. Then they reported that the border guards had found him, ”said Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anushauskas.

The line of defense is clear.

Vilnius will claim that the Iraqi refugee was beaten to death by order of Lukashenko.
He, they say, does not like that the authorities of the neighboring country have begun to deploy illegal immigrants back to Belarus. The murder of a migrant is an attempt to discredit Lithuania and undermine its efforts to combat “hybrid aggression”.

Probably, we will never find out the truth. Neither side will take responsibility for the crime, Minsk and Vilnius will not cooperate in the investigation.

If we turn off emotions, we can say with certainty only one thing: beating of illegal migrants who are trying to cross the border is probably already practiced in Lithuania.

Human rights activists are beginning to draw attention to this problem.

“Since there is no physical barrier on the border with Belarus, the question arises of how to prevent a disproportionate use of force, which would not be justified, against persons wishing to seek asylum,” said Egle Samukhovaite, a spokesman for the Red Cross.

The only “guarantee” of respect for the rights of refugees is the word of honor of the representatives of the authorities, who themselves gave the border guards the command “face”.

Literally one day before the murder of the illegal, Lithuania began to forcibly expel migrants to the territory of Belarus. If necessary, they are allowed to apply measures of psychological and physical influence. That is, nothing prevents a Lithuanian border guard from beating an unarmed Iraqi if he does not want to change his “tourist route”. Why not, if the victim of his beatings ends up on the territory of another state? No man – no problem.

On the other hand, the psychology of migrants also predetermines their potential clashes with border guards in Lithuania.
Who is a migrant? A conditional citizen of a country in which he has no prospects (except for the prospect of becoming a victim of another terrorist act). Mentally, he had already said goodbye to his past: he sold everything that could be sold, bought a one-way ticket, destroyed his documents to avoid deportation. He has nothing to lose. He has one road – to a bright European future!

Now let’s imagine that on the border with the European Union this person is deployed back to Belarus. Will he obey? Is not a fact. And even the threat of the use of force will not have an effect on all migrants.

As practice shows, refugees from North Africa and the Middle East know very well what human rights are.

This is clearly seen in their behavior in temporary accommodation camps.

Lithuanian journalists noticed an interesting fact: illegal immigrants begin to actively protest and express their indignation when they find themselves in the lens of television cameras. Let us recall the recent riot at the Rudninkai test site, which the police suppressed with the use of water cannons and tear gas. The instigator of riots from behind the fence has repeatedly appealed to journalists: “Media, look here. We will stand here one day, two days, three days, no matter how long. We will not eat, we will not drink. European cue Union should help us, because we live like animals, okay? We will not leave here. ”
Illegals arrive at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border in the firm belief that they will not be touched here. They have no right to!

They were told about it. In their view, the European Union is a wonderful place where human rights are above the law (and the rights of refugees – even more so).
Starting to catch and expel the violators of the state border, Lithuania must be prepared for the fact that it will have to act as harshly as possible. Beating up migrants will become common practice. In this case, the strength of the blow in each specific case, ordinary border guards will determine independently. Where are the guarantees that they will not taste good?

Can government officials guarantee that not a single illegal on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border will be beaten to death?
“War is like war,” they will answer in Lithuania. The migration crisis is officially recognized here as “hybrid aggression”.
But in this case, the Lithuanian authorities should forget about their human rights activities in the Belarusian direction.
From the lips of politicians who bless the brutal beatings of refugees, criticism of Lukashenka will sound absurd. You need to either remove the cross, or wear panties.

Alexey Ilyashevich, Rubaltic.Ru

From the lips of Lithuanian politicians, where refugees are beaten, criticism of Lukashenko sounds absurd

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