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Wigan Warriors • Re: Attendances - Do we need to be worried?

Jukesays wrote:

I wonder if above poster has ever thought that a lot of people (probably all) are aware of the problems within the game

they just don't feel the need on every thread to make that point over and over again and make completely irrelevant parallels with yesteryear

What does it matter what Maurice did in 1981? he couldn't do it again in 2001 never mind in 2021
Circumstances are completely different
The RFL are in a poor state, Guess what? It was as bad back in the late 70's early 80s and that bad that Mo left Wigan to try and make it better in the early 90s
How does Mo & the Gang of 4 taking us to the bring of extinction level up with anything Leneghan is doing now? they were the ones that handed the club in a way to Whelan, not anything leneghan has done.
How does it marry up that attendances even in the 80's early 90s and more interestingly at the back end of the 90s were no better than what we were getting Pre-covid?
How would Mo/RFL are anyone else coped with a pandemic in the 80s?
How were the finances of other clubs compared to now? Despite the state of RL pre covid (I don't think it's fair to compare it as of now as no-one in living memory - apart from Rogues who lived through Spanish flu and Bubonic Plague - as ever experienced anything like this) I would say that clubs such as Saints/Hull/Leeds/Catalans/Warrington etc compare favourably to how they were early 90's pre SL? In fact, given the poor foundations that Wigan were built on and a couple of defeats triggering the fall of the empire I would say Wigan also in a way weren't what we remember them wise financially

The point is - We all know what the issues are
RL in this country is struggling - Change is needed
I have my personal opinions and I will expand (rather than continually just keep saying everything used to better and slagging off other posters who won't also just say the same, because they want more substance than just everything is rubbish)

The game missed opportunities mid 2000's - The game was vibrant, we had numerous teams competing along with Catalans introduction into the League (And like someone (MattyB?) said earlier I believe this was when we were consistently competing with the Aussies - A Vibrant international game etc. Without going into the detail IMO we have stalled around 2008/09/10/11 ish and regressed from around 2015/16 onwards Despite that coinciding with Wigan's resurgence etc.
Bradford were long gone
Leeds were coming to the end of the golden generation and dipped and never really recovered
Saints were awful to average in the most for about 5 years - only returning to former glories alte 18/early 19 - Just not really as good as the 00's
Warrington, despite their rise around 10/11/12/13 never kicked on
Hull - despite a couple of CC's were pretty average
Catalans - Were just Catalans
Cas - Pretty much the same as Hull if not worse without the CC's
And to be honest the rest - Meh - year on year of false dawns etc.

But behind all of that is the Salary cap
People were talking about it being too low mid 00's - not really raised with inflation etc. and since say 07/08 onwards they've skirted around the issue by tinkering with Home grown plyer rule. exemptions for some things, Marquee rules etc. when the truth is it's like sticking your finger in the proverbial leaking damn!!!!
We lost more and more star players to RU & NRL
the clubs had to build Squads and couldn't afford superstars as that would have messed the balance of squads up
And putting a whole lot of other issues together in one statement "We started a Race to the bottom".
People have wanted to come into the game and invest money, we've pushed them away
Very successful clubs like Leeds who were sit on millions entered a relegation race due to injuries, existing contracts that stopped them buying new players when injuries kicked in etc. when other clubs worked on a balanced Shoestring and they navigated survival better.
We should be encouraging the Leeds of this world to be able to spend their money
Encouraging Moran to spend his money at Warrington
Encouraging Pearson at Hull, Leneghan at Wigan, Macmanus at Saints etc. etc. to look for more investment form other sources and invest in the game.
But here's the key

Why spend hundreds of thousands trying to bring more money into a game when you can't spend it where you want to?
Why invest in clubs that are on a race to the bottom?

Salary cap needs a massive overall, it needs to be raised significantly, investment from outside of the game needs to be attracted, Barla and youth set up reviewed

I could go on for hours - nobody wants that

But to suggest that fans do not understand this is ridiculous
they just don't want certain posters moaning on every thread over and over again basically just saying "Look at me - I know the answer - Everything is rubbish compared to the 80's/90s" without any substance or solutions attached.

we could double the cap and have 50 percent paid from sky then upto the clubs to pay the rest, might make teams work to get investments instead of sitting back

Statistics: Posted by Pieman — Thu Aug 05, 2021 12:25 pm

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