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Celebrate national underwear day: 9 supportive sports bras for everyday wear at the yard and in the saddle

Today (5 August) is national underwear day, so if you’re looking for the best sports bras for horse riding you’ve come to the right place. Studies have shown that less than 35% of female horse riders in the UK wear a sports bra compared with the vast majority of runners, despite the impact not being all that different. Three in four riders also reported that they wanted an improvement in bra support, style and fit for riding and breast pain was found to be the fourth-greatest barrier to riding for women.

Wearing a sports bra can reduce breast movement by 80%, while a normal bra only achieves a 38% reduction. Reducing movement prevents breast pain and damage to the breast tissues, so a good sports bra should be an essential part of your riding kit.

The good news is that as well as being practical, lots of equestrian brands have designed sports bras that look great – and don’t show through competition shirts – too. It’s important to choose the right bra for you – jump down for more info on what you should consider when choosing a sports bra.

Here’s a range of sports bras to take a look at…

Aztec Diamond sports bra for horse riding

Aztec Diamond sports bra

Colours: Black, white, burgundy or khaki | Sizes: XS–XL | RRP: £25 |

Suitable for working out as well as horse riding, this medium-support sports bra is described as comfortable enough for everyday wear. It has a chic design and is suitable for all ages and chest sizes. This Aztec Diamond sports bra was reviewed as part of our independent testing scheme and scored 8/10read the full review.

View at aztecdiamondequestrian.com

Boobuddy Original support band

Boobuddy Original support band

Colours: Black, pink, grey, beige or green | Sizes: S–L | RRP: £20 |

Not quite a sports bra itself, this support band sits under or over your existing sports bra and provides breast compression during physical activity. It was developed to dramatically reduce vertical and lateral breast movement, and so prevent pain, injury and ligament damage. This Boobuddy support band was reviewed as part of our independent testing scheme – read the full review.

More info at theboobuddy.com
View at amazon.co.uk

Derriere Equestrian Sportief bra

Derriere Equestrian Sportief bra

Colours: White | Sizes: 7 sizes, covering 32B–38E | RRP: £54.99 |

This bra is designed deliver superior support with both compression and encapsulation. It has a low, wide torso band that sits deeper than the average sports bra to give thoracic core support, while the angled padded straps are designed to alleviate neck and shoulder pain. It has completely seamless areas to minimise rubbing, and it offers full zipped entry, which makes it easy to get on and off, and the racer back style prevents straps falling down.

More info at derriereequestrian.com
View at amazon.co.uk

Domyos 500 cardio training sports bra

Domyos 500 cardio training sports bra

Colours: Blue, black or black/pink | Sizes: XS–XL | RRP: £9.99 |

Designed for medium-impact cardio fitness activities, this racer back sports bra has an elasticated underband and built-in foam for shaping. This sports bra from Decathlon was reviewed as part of our independent testing scheme, scored 9/10 and was awarded Horse & Hound approved status – read the full review.

View at decathlon.co.uk

DVR Chiara Econyl compression sports bra for horse riding

DVR Chiara Econyl compression bra

Colours: White or sand | Sizes: XS–XL | RRP: £35.99 |

Made from recycled fishing nets, this sports bra also offers UPF 50+ sun protection. It has flat seams and a printed label for ultimate comfort, while is also invisible under competition shirts. This DVR sports bra was reviewed as part of our independent testing scheme and scored 8/10read the full review.

View at dvrequestrian.com

LeMieux Activewear sports bra for horse riding

LeMieux Activewear sports bra

Colours: Black, musk or sage | Sizes: XS–XL | RRP: £24.95 |

Made from a soft, seamless fabric this sports bra offer gentle support for lower impact sessions while letting you move freely. The wicking material help you stay dry and feel fresh.

View at amazon.co.uk

Mountain Horse Adore Tech Top sports bra for horse riding

Mountain Horse Adore Tech Top

Colours: Blue melange, white or black melange | Sizes: XXS/XS–L/XL | RRP: £25 |

This seamless sports bra is made with hard-wearing, moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabric. It’s designed to offer support while riding with removable pads.

More info at mountainhorse.se
View at amazon.co.uk

Pure Lime high impact compression bra

Pure Lime high impact compression bra

Colours: Black, white or dress blue | Sizes: 28B–44GG | RRP: £39.99 |

Made of a moisture-wicking, breathable fabric, this compression bra has isolating and encapsulating cups so offers all-round support. It has a soft and wide elastic underband as well as wide, padded and adjustable shoulder straps that feature a slider hook for a cross-back option.

View at amazon.co.uk

Shires Aubrion Dagenham sports bra for horse riding

Shires Aubrion Dagenham sports bra

Colours: White, pink or aqua | Sizes: XXS–XXL | RRP: £21.99 |

This medium-support sports bra has removable padding and a cross back design. It’s made of quick-dry fabric and has a fun look. This Shires sports bra was reviewed as part of our independent testing scheme and scored 7/10read the full review.

More info at shiresequestrian.com
View at equus.co.uk

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How to choose the best sports bras for horse riding

Firstly you need to decide on what style is best for you. The general rule is that encapsulating sports bras (where each breast is encapsulated separately, such as the Pure Lime high impact bra) are better for larger breasts, whereas compression bras (that squash the breast tissue into the chest, such as the LeMieux Activewear sports bra) is preferable for smaller breasts.

It’s important that your new sports bra fits correctly – follow these steps for a good fit

  1. Straps – the shoulder straps should not be too tight or dig into the skin. Adjustable straps are ideal.
  2. Cups – there should be no bulging or gaping and the top or sides.
  3. Underband – this shouldn’t slide around your chest, but neither be too tight, uncomfortable or cause flesh to bulge at the edges.
  4. Front – this is the lower edge under the breasts (and sometimes between the cups) and should sit flat against the body.
  5. Underwire – if the bra is wired, it shouldn’t rest on any of the tissue (including in the centre, under the breast or arms)

When it comes to colour, if you’re worried about it showing through a white competition shirt you’re best to choose a nude or white. Otherwise the world’s your oyster when it comes to fun colours and prints. Finally, to check that the bra is offering you enough support for the level of impact you need, try jumping up and down in it to assess how it might stand up to the job.

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