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Ditch your phone contract and get a year of wireless service from Boost Mobile for under $100

Forget $100 per month phone bills, how about under $100 per year?

SAVE 51%: Cut back on your phone bill with this Boost Mobile prepaid deal, on sale for 51% off. As of Aug. 5, get 12 months of unlimited talk and text, 2GB LTE data, and a free SIM card for only $95.

Many Americans are paying well over $100 per month for their cell service. In fact, between taxes, surcharges, and hidden fees, U.S. wireless phone plans are among the most expensive on this planet. And, of course, there are only so many ways you can actually lower your phone bill while still keeping your contract. But what if, instead, you just ditched the contract for good? 

With no annual contract, no hidden fees, and prepaid unlimited talk and text, Boost Mobile is looking more and more appealing by the day. And for a limited time, they’re offering 12 months of service for under $100, proving you don’t have to break the bank for good wireless service.  

Boost Mobile gives you all the stuff you look for in a wireless carrier — unlimited talk and text, 2GB of high-speed monthly data with 99% nationwide coverage, mobile hotspot access, and a free SIM. There are no annual service contracts, no monthly bills, no roaming charges, and none of the other annoyances that come with other wireless carriers. You simply pay upfront and enjoy an entire year of coverage. 

You can either keep your number or get a brand-new one to truly cut ties with the cell provider of your past. Boost Mobile works on most unlocked GSM phones, but you can always double-check your eligibility on the site. Once you’re sure your phone is compatible, you’ll snag the SIM + plan bundle for just $95 (regularly $194). Then you’ll wait for your SIM card activation to arrive via mail and an email from Boost Mobile with an ePIN to activate 12 months of service. At activation, you’ll select the 2GB 4G/5G data plan and you’ll be good to go until next year.

Save 51% on this Boost Mobile Prepaid Unlimited Deal and sign up for only $95 for a limited time. That’s 12 months for likely less than the cost of a single month on your current plan.

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TotalEnergies принял участие в MIMS Automechanika Moscow 2021

В Подмосковье прошли инженерно-спортивные соревнования «Формула Студент Россия 2021»

«Дачные» электрички в столичном регионе выведут из расписания с 31 октября

Sohu: решительный шаг России лишил Украину авианесущего крейсера «Адмирал Кузнецов»

«Чтобы не был в заложниках»: раскрыт план Европы по «газовой войне» с Россией

Валерий и Константин Меладзе появились на дне рождения матери без Брежневой и Джанабаевой

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Даниил Медведев может пропустить "Кубок Кремля"

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Потапова вышла во второй раунд турнира WTA в Остраве

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Москвичей предупредили о "ненастной" погоде на выходных

«Петровы в гриппе» сведут всех с ума

Путин в России и мире

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