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Summer 2021 Transfer Window: The Exits

Gigio Donnarumma and Calhanoglu left for free. Laxalt left for Russia. Dalot and Meite’s loans were not renewed. Though the former remains a target for the bare right back spot, more on that below. A seemingly whole set of young players – Giacomo Olzer, Riccardo Tonin, Marco Brescianini, Alessandro Sala to name just a few – left as well and mostly on loans. All of this has brought in only one income. Dynamo Moscow paid €3.5 million for Laxalt. The team needs to sell more and replace them with more useful and better players.

Hauge and Caldara may be the next two that do that, kind of. The former’s saga is perplexing having been bought last fall for €5 million he was soon all but exiled from the team and now finds himself on his way to Eintracht Frankfurt in Germany. The infamous difficulty Milan has in selling players has become apparent again. While the reported €12 million fee for Hauge is more than double what Milan paid Bodo/Glimt for the young winger it is to be paid only next year. Not much is expected from Caldara and the newly promoted – and very much fashionable – Venezia are taking him on loan with a €4 million option next summer. Milan are also paying part of the player’s salary.

Who else can or should leave.

It is is generally agreed that Castillejo has no place at Milan. The much maligned right winger is often seen and described as a bottleneck for Milan and renders the team’s right side impotent in attacking and goal scoring situations. This summer whispers of Spanish interest have surfaced but it is far from certain if a transfer will materialize. A loan with little money later may not happen either.

Krunic is unpopular amongst most fans and commentators. Many would like to see him leave but Pioli is a fan and Krunic gets minutes at (attacking) midfield and left wing spots and is seen as defensively safe player. An exit seems very unlikely.

Conti returned from loan after Parma were relegated. For a few moments he was considered an option to remain and be Calabria’s back up. However the likes of Genoa might take him on and of course pay very little. The team will need a replacement and perhaps a relative unknown – ala Ballo-Toure on the left – can be found. Dalot is not very convincing option. Word remains that Manchester United are not open to another Dalot loan and want a sale. Milan can not afford a transfer fee that some claim is as high as €18million for the Portuguese full back.

Pobega returned from at Spezia and may be considered as back up midfielder. If he stays it would at least save some money. Milan would probably not need to go after another central midfielder. Bakayoko would be one natural option if Pobega does leave but there is little reason to believe this scenario will play out. Pobega has been solid and shown to be hard working this off season.

Daniel Maldini is another mentioned for a possible loan but that seems unlikely and this offseason the player looks to be growing and can contribute minutes.

Less than four weeks to go to another transfer window closing. A team that has qualified for the Champions League will need to be creative if not capable of spending.

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