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Eagle-eyed royal fans are all saying the same thing about Archie after spotting photo of him in Meghan Markle’s study

MEGHAN Markle delighted fans by giving them a sneak peek at the family photos she has framed on her desk in her £11m Californian mansion.

And royal watchers were quick to point out how a cute photo of Archie has very red hair – like his dad Prince Harry.

Royal fans gushed over a photo of Archie in Meghan Markle’s 40th video pointing out his red hair – like his dad Prince Harry[/caption]
Meghan and Harry shared this clip of Archie enjoying the beach during their bombshell Oprah Winfrey interview earlier this year[/caption]

The Duchess of Sussex released a two-minute video in honour of her milestone 40th celebrations – and eagle-eyed fans honed in on the family snaps.

One fan gushed over the picture of Meghan’s two-year-old son Archie, saying: “Awwww he’s a redhead.”

Another added: “Archie’s redhead.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex previously disclosed that Archie has inherited his dad’s ginger locks at the WellChild Awards in London in 2019.

One attendee confirmed: “Meghan said he has and Harry said he definitely is [ginger], you can see it in his eyebrows.”

Meghan also revealed the first photo of baby Lilibet in her 40th birthday video, Page Six confirmed.

Meghan has four framed photos on her desk, which appear to show little Archie, two, and baby Lilibet, who was born on June 4 this year. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are yet to officially share a photo of their newborn baby, and fans excitedly took to social media at the brief glimpse.

???? Read our Meghan and Harry live blog for the latest updates

One person wrote: “I like to think that on the three photos joined, the one in the middle is a photo of Harry holding Lili.”

Another added: “Looks like photo 1 is Archie, 2 Meghan and Harry, 3 Harry holding Lili about to give her a kiss and 4 Meg or Doria holding Archie.”

Meghan released the glitzy video to mark her 40th birthday as she called on her Hollywood pals to join her mentorship programme.

The Duchess of Sussex joked with actress Melissa McCarthy in the two-minute clip in her first appearance since giving birth to daughter Lilibet two months ago.

The video gave a candid look into Meghan’s new life in LA, with the duchess seen wearing neutral colours as she chatted on a laptop with the famous actress – with a juggling Prince Harry even making a cameo.

The clip launched Meghan’s 40×40 initiative which sees the duchess ask A-listers including Adele and Stella McCartney to donate their time.

The video, believed to have been filmed in Meghan’s LA mansion, shows the former actress joke with Bridesmaids star Melissa about tattoos.

But the duchess also released a serious message to mark her milestone birthday, urging people to value their time in a gushing statement.

The 40-year-old wants people around the world to “help women reentering the workforce”.

Meghan is celebrating her milestone day in the US – although exactly how has been kept under wraps.

Meghan released the video on her milestone birthday
Meghan released the video on her milestone birthday
Meghan has launched a women's initiative to mark her 40th birthday and revealed the news in a video shot in her £11million Santa Barbara mansion
Meghan has launched a women’s initiative to mark her 40th birthday and revealed the news in a video shot in her £11million Santa Barbara mansion
Meghan and Harry released this adorable Christmas card which appeared to show their son with red hair[/caption]
The Mega Agency
Archie stole the show during the Sussexes’ royal tour of South Africa in 2019[/caption]

We shared how Prince Harry was spotted JUGGLING in background of Meghan Markle’s birthday vid.

The duchess has previously made it clear her charity work began long before she met Harry.

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