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Wayne Lineker enjoys boozy dinner date with Chloe Ferry before heading to the fair on wild Ibiza night out

WAYNE Lineker enjoyed a boozy dinner date with Chloe Ferry before heading to the fair on a wild Ibiza night out.

The Ocean Beach club owner, 59, and 25-year-old Geordie Shore star shared dozens of videos on Instagram as they headed out with a bunch of pals.

Wayne reunited with Chloe in Ibiza
The pals socialised with their families in tow
Chloe Ferry and Wayne Lineker enjoyed a fun night out in Ibiza last night

They lined their stomachs with a pub dinner and cocktails before heading to a fair ground for a spin on the bumper cars.

Wayne braved the huge slingshot ride while Chloe watched and the group later headed to a nightclub to see a friend DJ.

In one clip shared by Chloe the Celebs Go Dating stars appeared cosy next to the DJ booth, with Wayne giving Chloe a peck on the cheek.

The pair sparked romance rumours after they appeared on Celebs Go Dating earlier this year.

They even teased fans by pretending they had got engaged at one point.

But while Chloe has been keen to point out the duo are “just good friends”, Wayne has been hopeful in the past the pair could become something more.

Explaining their relationship in May, Wayne told The Sun: “Chloe and I are good friends.

“We’ve got an arrangement, but what she does, she’s good to do that, and what I do, I’m good to do that.

“But we still see each other, and we’ll see what happens in the future. She’s a good girl Chlo. I love her to bits.”

Wayne is in need of cheering up from his “bestie” after he was left “hurt” when he was called a “nonce” during the furious row at his venue.

He shared the clip himself and claimed it kicked off after the man whispered that he was  “a nonce”, a slang word for a paedophile, while asking for a picture with him earlier this week.

In the video Gary’s brother is seen approaching the man while flailing his arms and ordering him to be removed from the venue.

Keen to clear his name Wayne posted the video and explained: “Evidently this video is all over Tiktok and in the papers today so f**k it I’ll tell you exactly what happened. 

“This guy called me a nonce (child molesting rapist) not cool not nice so I was upset… what would you do? I can’t deal with these people.”

He added: “All I am is nice… he asked for a pic and whispered that s**t in my ear wtf #bye.”

The group had a laugh at the fun fair
Wayne had a spin on the bumper cars
They enjoyed drinks and food at Linekers earlier in the night

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