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Manny Pacquiao: “I Don’t Think He (Floyd Mayweather) Can Give Errol Spence Advice”

By: Hans Themistode

Floyd Mayweather figured them all out.

No matter the name, the newly inducted Hall of Famer analyzed what was in front of him on fight night, and found a way to unlock the puzzle they presented to him. Amongst the long list of fighters that Mayweather ultimately defeated during his 50-0 career, was none other than Manny Pacquiao.

With the 42-year-old now scheduled to take on unified welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr. on August 21st, Mayweather has openly admitted that he is rooting against his long-time rival. In fact, Mayweather has gone as far as to say that he’ll be reaching out to Spence Jr. in the coming weeks to offer him advice.

Upon hearing the news, Pacquiao couldn't control himself from laughing. While he respects Mayweather as a great fighter, he doesn't believe there’s anything he can teach Spence Jr. at this stage.

“I don’t think he can give Errol Spence advice about technique,” said Pacquiao to several reporters. “Errol Spence is younger and he knows what he’s doing.”

During their 2015 showdown, Mayweather boxed a cautious fight against Pacquiao. Although there were several dull moments throughout, Mayweather successfully disarmed his man throughout 12 rounds. With that said, Pacquiao had his moments. In round four, the Philippine native avoided a right hand of Mayweather and landed a straight left of his own. From there, he unloaded with a barrage of punches, most of which were blocked.

Those moments of action, however, came few and far between as Mayweather picked his shots and banked rounds all night long. While it wasn't viewed as the most exciting fight, Mayweather got the results he was looking for, a unanimous decision victory.

In the case of Spence Jr., Pacquiao is expecting a much different fight. The powerful southpaw is known for breaking his opponents down until he scores the violent stoppage win. In his most recent ring appearance, Spence Jr. relentlessly attacked former two-division champion, Danny Garcia. While he didn't get the knockout victory, Spence Jr. dominated his man over the course of 12 rounds.

Pacquiao has taken the time to look closely at both men. On one end, Spence Jr. presents all-out action. On the other, he views Mayweather as not always fan-pleasing but highly effective. With the massive difference in their styles, Pacquiao simply doesn't believe that Mayweather's level of expertise is pertinent.

“He’s an aggressive fighter. That's the kind of fight that the people want. He (Floyd Mayweather) can't help.”

The post Manny Pacquiao: “I Don’t Think He (Floyd Mayweather) Can Give Errol Spence Advice” appeared first on BoxingInsider.com.

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