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July Club Meet – Sunday 25 July 2021

With several other meets in June and July we’ve interrupted our regularly scheduled monthly club nights for a club afternoon – Sunday 25 July. Warm up starts at 2pm with racing from 2.30pm. We expect to be finished around 4pm depending on the number of entries.

Events: 25m, 50m, 100m, 200m in each stroke and 100IM and 200IM. Please note that swimmers should only enter a 25m event if they haven’t yet achieved a time of approximately 30 seconds (35 seconds for breastsroke) and have not swum a longer distance in the same stroke in another meet or at this meet.

Entries are open now and close 21 July at 8pm. There is a max of 5 events per swimmer.

Entries through swim central or by clicking here. Unregistered swimmers including younger siblings can enter by emailing Melissa at: clubnight.coordinator@wodenswimclub.org.au and including the swimmers name, DOB, a contact number and events they wish to swim.

As always we need volunteers to help run the meet. We need 2 timekeepers per lane, volunteers to assist with marshalling and check starting, Judge of Stroke and general organisation. Any parents who are interested in learning Meet Manager, recording, and the PC/timing and scoreboard system we are happy to have help on the desk and will provide training and supervision. When registering for the meet please consider which job/s you will be able to assist with and let our club night coordinator know. Timekeepers will be called for on the day but volunteers for other roles in advance would be appreciated so we know we have enough volunteers to run the meet.

We are still planning to hold a Club Championships later this year, a date will be advised soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime we hope to see as many of you as possible on the 25th!

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