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Three reasons to watch Defiance at Los Dos with us

Ray Serrano snaps off a shot on his way to scoring a brace in the Defiance 2-nil win over Los Dos. | Charis Wilson courtesy of Seattle Sounders and Tacoma Defiance

Tacoma’s SoCal swing ends tonight with a 5 PM PT start on ESPN+

If there’s one thing the LA Galaxy have done well in recent years it’s to win with their USL team. They, along with the Monarchs, are the class of the West’s MLS2 sides. This year Tacoma Defiance, and maybe Las Vegas Lights, are challenging Los Dos for a spot in the playoffs.

Tonight’s match at Dignity Health Sports Park is a key Pacific Division contest between Wade Webber, current Tacoma Defiance head coach, and Junior Gonzalez, the former Seattle Sounders 2 assistant.

Both teams will have a few of their MLS prospects available as neither Galaxy nor Sounders played over the weekend. With a longer break for both orgs this should raise the level of play. There’s a possibility that Reed Baker-Whiting, Ethan Dobbelaere, and Abdoulaye Cissoko get a run with Tacoma in this one. RBW has been played in both the deep and advanced CM roles in the 3-4-3 that Webber uses. Dobbelaere was recently tested at right wingback.

Why You Should Watch

  1. Focus on Issa Rayyan: As Rayyan says on his social, “Issa Gameday.” And for Issa it’s also another day close to looking like an MLS replacement-level right wingback. Considering that Schmetzer’s current best option at the same position is also his best option in three other roles, another strong night for the Jordanian could mean a contract.
  2. The Ray Serrano Show: Often overshadowed by the more hyped prospects from that 2019 GA Cup Championship side, Serrano is now 4th among all-time active Defiance goalscorers (Diaz is 1st among active players and within a hattrick of leader Zach Mathers). His brace against Los Dos secured Tacoma’s win earlier in the month. Ray’s expected Goals numbers are better than both Adeniran and Diaz.
  3. Playoff Race: With a win Defiance move back into a playoff slot. With a draw they would be tied with Las Vegas Lights and LA Galaxy II at 13 points. Tacoma would hold the tie-breaker over Galaxy II but not with Lights (first tie-breaker is head to head points and then goal differential, next up is a series of performances within the division). With games-in-hand against the competition for that 4th spot, beating one of them now is an extra boost.

How to Watch

Match date/kickoff time: Sunday, July 11, 5:00 PM PT

Venue: Dignity Health Sports Park | Carson, California

Online Streaming: ESPN+ (affiliate link)

Defiance Absences: No absences reported.

Los Dos Absences: No absences reported.

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