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MARSHFIELD, WI, (July 10, 2021) – The John Brevik Classic had all the attributes of being a great event, and the drivers of all divisions did just that as they put on a spectacular show for the fans that packed the house.

In qualifying for the Super Late Models, it was Verona, WI driver John Beale taking home fast time honors.  Heat winners tonight for the Super Late Models were Jerad deBoer, Dillon Mackesy, and Justin Mondeik.   

Once the drivers to the green flag from starter Geno Eckes for their 40-lap feature event, it was Dillon Mackesy darting out to the early lead.  Mackesy, who has been nothing short of sensational the past few weeks, was looking to make it three feature wins in a row.  Moving to the second position was Action Racing’s Monte Gress.  Gress, who calls Neilsville, WI home, looked to have a very fast 107.5 numbered car.  With Mackesy holding a 3-car length lead over Gress, it was AJ Kreager racing her way to the third spot by lap six.  On lap 15, Monte Gress pushed up the track slightly in turn three; This allowed Darren Jackson to make the pass on the low side of Gress for the runner up positon.  Before Gress could get back to the bottom of the track, Justin Mondeik and John Beale followed Jackson.  Mondeik, who has been fast wherever he goes, and has had a sensational career in the super late models thus far, was certainly a threat to win the John Brevik Classic.           

Caution flew on lap 19 as AJ Kreager and Monte Gress made contact in turn one.  With Gress spinning to the inside of turn one, Kreager made heavy contact with the turn one wall.  Unfortunately, both drivers were done for the night, as both drivers were having great runs.

As the drivers realigned themselves on the Norlen, Inc. cone restart, Darren Jackson took the outside of a very fast Mackesy car.  Jackson was able to edge his #2 Sunrise Bar sponsored car around Dillon Mackesy for the race lead.  As Jackson started to create some space between himself and the Mackesy machine, Mackesy had a mirror full of Justin Mondeik and John Beale.  Mondeik looked low on Mackesy on several occasions, but Dillon Mackesy slammed the door on Mondeik.  It was obvious that if Mondeik was going to pass Mackesy, he was going to have to do it on the top side.  With that being said, the Gleason, WI driver in Mondeik, jumped to the outside of Mackesy, but could only get to the door, as Mackesy had more momentum built up as he got off the corner.  One lap later, Mondeik, who has been on a winning streak as of late, looked low once again on Mackesy.  As the drivers entered turn one, Mondeik got into Mackesy’s left rear quarter slightly.  The contact sent Mackesy up the track just enough, allowing John Beale to make the inside pass of Mackesy.  With Mackesy still up the track, Mondeik was also able to clear the #93 machine of Mackesy.  Now, when all this was going on, Darren Jackson had built up a sizable lead.  With 13 laps remaining, the fans in the stands knew they were going to see a fantastic finsh.  As the laps continued to dwindle down, and Jackson doing a magnificent job of weaving his way through lapped traffic, the dual of Beale and Mondeik gradually closed the gap that Jackson built up.  Fans started to squirm and move closer to the front edge of their seats, as the lead Jackson once enjoyed, was basically gone.  With two laps remaining, Beale and Mondeik closed to two-car lengths of the tail secton of Jackson’s Bac-Kar built chassis hot rod.  On the race’s final lap, Beale closed to a car length, but tonight was going to be Darren Jackson visiting the McDonald’s Drive Thru Victory Lane.  With Jackson scoring the win and John Beale and Justin Mondeik finishing second and third respectively, Dillon Mackesy finished fourth, and Travis Volm coming home in fifth.

In Jackson’s post-race interview he said, “It’s very special to win a race in John’s memory.  He and the whole Brevik family have been a big part of my racing career, and are like family.”  John Brevik notched many feature wins in his career, spanning from 1958-1983.  He enjoyed a 37 year career with the Department of Natural Resources, and enjoyed spending time with his wife and 7 children, whether it was camping, fishing, swimming, or at the race track.  Brevik passed in December of 2019.

  1. Darren Jackson                               
  2. John Beale
  3. Justin Mondeik
  4. Dillon Mackesy
  5. Travis Volm
  6. Frank Nitzke
  7. Cody Blakeslee
  8. Jerad deBoer
  9. Curt Tillman
  10. Greg Matthews
  11. Greg Blount
  12. Harley Jankowski
  13. Ernie Schlough
  14. Greg Borchardt             
  15. Joe Scholze
  16. Todd Rueden
  17. Monte Gress
  18. Mike Reichenberger
  19. AJ Kreager

Visiting tonight, was one of the most entertaining racing divisions in all of racing, the Midwest Truck Series.  Twenty three trucks parked their rigs/trucks in the pits, early in the day, but only one driver was going to walk away with the Kim Parsons Memorial Trophy.  

The Midwest Truck Series was established in 2011 with a goal to build a cost savings series of racing. With an incredible mix of veterans and youth, this series provides some great racing on the track.  Series President John Wood stated, “We love coming to Marshfield, not just for the great fans, but the feeling of gratitude that this track provides to our drivers and officials.”   

 The Midwest Truck Series was back in action on Saturday at the Marshfield Motor Speedway for the John Brevik Memorial. A quality field of twenty three trucks were on hand and Tristian Swanson took Fast Time honors with a lap of 19.155. In preliminary action, Heat 1 winner was Brent Kirchner, Heat 2 winner was Kenny Joosten and Bryce Miller was the winner of Heat 3.

The feature was brought to green by Chester Ace and last year’s winner at Marshfield Danielle Behn. Chester Ace jumped out to the lead early from the pole position. He paced the first 11 laps before Bryce Miller who started 4th slipped inside the 93 to take the lead on lap 12 only to give it back to Ace on lap 13. The two then raced side by side until lap 23 when the first caution came out. On the restart the 93 chose the high side and the 11 chose the bottom. As they entered turns three and four there was contact sending Ace around, but under the gentlemen’s agreement Miller tapped out which allowed Ace to take back the top spot. After two more aborted starts for spin outs the race restarted on lap 24 with Tristian Swanson and Chester Ace running side by side. Over the next 14 laps they swapped the lead 6 times until a lap 38 caution came out for third and fourth place between Kody Hubred and James Lynch. Series officials went to video replay of the last completed lap and Tristan Swanson cross the line just inches ahead of Chester Ace. This gave Swanson control of the single file restart and put Ace second and Derek Doerr third who had worked his way up from his 6th place starting spot. The two lap dash saw Swanson pull away and claim his 3rd victory of the 2021 season. Ace finished second, Doerr followed in third, Brent Kirchner was fourth and Kenny Joosten rounded out the top 5. The race saw the lead swap 9 times amongst four different drivers. James Swan had issues a few laps into the feature event forcing him to the pits early and ultimately eliminating him from the race and scored in 21st. With the win and fast time award Swanson saw his point lead grow to 27 over Chester Ace, 56 over Bryce Miller and 91 over Swan. Brad Kossow rounds out the top five, 130 points back with 7 races yet to go in the season.


1 – #100 Tristan Swanson [R]               

2 – #93 Chester Ace

3 –#20 Derek Doerr

4 – #8 Brent Kirchner

5 – #47 Kenny Joosten

6 – #11 Bryce Miller

7 – #28 Danielle Behn

8 – #86 AJ Kreager

9 – #21 Eugene Gregorich III

10 – #22 Bradley Gajewski

11 – #3 Evan Hassler [R]                           

12 – #12 Brad Kossow

13 – #5 Nick Quinnell [R]

14 –#57 Steve Henke [R]

15 – #20 Kody Hubred

16 – #76 James Lynch [R]

17 – #85 Danny Darnell

18 – #31 Trevor Raskie [R]

19 – #26 Chris Blawat

20 – #4 Cody Vander Loop

21 –#97 James Swan

22 – #7 Tyler Noble [R]

23 – #99 Phillip Wuesthoff [R]

Up next the Midwest Truck Series returns to Wisconsin’s Action Track the Jefferson Speedway on Saturday July, 24th. For more information visit or check us out on Facebook at Midwest Truck Series.

X-Treme 4’s once again took to the half-mile paved oval tonight, and it was Kenny Meyer fastest in qualifying.  Meyer, a rookie in the division, turned a lap time of 21.954 seconds.  Points leader Chad Ferge pocketed the heat win tonight, with Don Tieman placing second.

For their feature event, Don Tieman set the early pace for the X-Treme 4’s.  Tieman, whom of which races the Bill Herr Ford, led the first three laps.  Chad Ferge made the pass of Tieman for the top spot on lap four, and held off a hard charging Kenny Meyer for the win.  With Meyer finishing second, Mike Jeager had a fast car and grabbing the final podium spot.

  1. Chad Ferge
  2. Kenny Meyer
  3. Mike Jeager               
  4. Don Tieman
  5. Ryan Brock
  6. Ron Sischo

In what is a very competitive division of racing, the Bandits, a four-cylinder stock division, has become a fan favorite.  With numerous drivers vying for the 2021 track championship, the second half of the season will prove to be an exciting one.  In qualifying tonight, it was the #14 of Eric Breitenfeldt earning fast time honors.  Hunter Landwehr put his #85 4-cylinder in the top spot, and stayed there as he captured the heat win tonight.

In tonight’s feature event, Hunter Landwehr darted out to the early lead.  Eric Breitenfeldt, from his outside third row starting postion, quickly moved to the second positon by lap four.  Breitenfeldt, whom of which is extremely fast wherever he competes, got to the tail end of the Landwehr maching at the halfway point of the feature event.  Once lap later, Breitenfeldt got even with Landwehr as the two drivers raced down the backstretch.  Breitenfeldt, a very talented young driver, made the pass of Landwehr gaining the top spot.  Breitenfeldt would lead the next five laps.  With two laps remaining, don’t look now, but here comes Hunter Landwehr battling back for the top spot.  Landwehr and Breitenfeldt put on a fabulous show for the race fans, as the two drivers race door-to-door for the race lead.  In the end, It was Landwehr battling back for the feature win, and holding on to the top spot in championship points!  With Breitenfeldt grabbing the second spot, Brad Lecher had another great run coming home in the third position.  

  1. Hunter Landwehr                       
  2. Eric Breitenfeldt
  3. Brad Lecher
  4. Branden Sischo
  5. Tom Lecher
  6. Max Manowski
  7. John Domine
  8. Joey Blashka
  9. Wayne Gauger

The Dairyland Vintage Series visited Marshfield Motor Speedway tonight, and it was Terry Firkus winning the heat putting the #99 in victory lane. In Dairyland Vintage feature action, it was #61 Cody Smiley jumping out to the early lead.  Smiley’s lead was brief however, as the #5 of Jason Stark motored to the lead.  Stark would never reliquish the lead, and grabbed the feature win.

  1. Jason Stark
  2. Terry Firkus
  3. Brian Lee                             
  4. Sean Herzog
  5. Denny Paasch
  6. Cody Smiley

6-Shooters tonight were once again dominated by Brandon Van Stedum.   Van Stedum earned the clean sweep as he extended his point lead over Pat Literski.  Literski and Van Stedum raced side-by-side for much of the feature race, however, Van Stedum raced to the outside of Literski and made the pass complete on the final lap.

  1. Brandon Van Stedum
  2. Pat Literski
  3. John Wendt
  4. Amanda Cnare                                     

The team of John Van Stedum and Craig Lyon extended their point lead tonight, as the 2-Man Cruiser team captured the heat and feature win tonight. Joey Kuhn and Walter Mancil earned top honors in qualifying.  

  1. Craig Lyon/John Van Stedum
  2. Walter Mancil/Joey Kuhn
  3. Jake Bohnman/Brandon Van Stedum

For the up-coming few weeks, Marshfield Motor Speedway will be off, sharing our Saturday night of racing with TUNDRA Super Late Model Series, and State Park Speedway’s ARCA Midwest Tour’s Larry Detjens Memorial.  TUNDRA will be competing at Jefferson Speedway next Saturday, and the Larry Detjens Memorial is July 24th.  Grab the family and get out and enjoy these two fine series/speedways, for some great racing action.  Marshfield Motor Speedway will be back in action on July 31st for Budweiser Night at the races.

Photos Courtesy of Tom Loos Photography –     

Special thanks to Steve Parsons for presenting trophies and his Kim Parsons Memorial Trophy Tour!         

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