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Piers Morgan & Stacey Solomon lead tributes as England lose Euro 2020 final to Italy after tense match goes to penalties

Piers Morgan lead the commiserations as England lost the Euro 2020 final to Italy after a tense match.

The 56-year-old star had been documenting the entire match, which he was watching live at Wembley with his sons, comic Jack Whitehall, and other pals.

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Piers tweeted his disappointment after watching with his sons and comic Jack[/caption]

But after the lengthy game came to an end he took to his Twitter page to share his disappointment.

Piers simply wrote: “It didn’t come home”, alongside an angry swearing, and crying emoji.

He later added on Instagram: “I admire every player who steps up & shows the balls to take a penalty in a game that important.

“Especially when they’re just 19, 21 & 23. Proud of you @bukayosaka87 @sanchooo10 @marcusrashford – you missed, and we lost, but you’ve all got guts.”

Stacey comforted her son
Adele remembered her roots as she posed in an England shirt[/caption]

Stacey Solomon also took to social media to share her reaction, posting a black and white photo of her hand on the back of her son’s head while she comforted him.

She wrote: “Just wanted to say… Thank you to the England team for giving our family so many exciting memories.

“It’s been so exciting to watch and although we are gutted for you all, you’ve been amazing.”

Adele even posted a rare social media photo to mark the occasion, showing off her recent seven stone weight loss while posing in an England shirt.

Kate Garraway posted a pic of her devastated son

She wrote: “You did us so proud! You brought our game home and brought us all together ???????????????????????????? ♥

Elsewhere, Kate Garraway’s son Billy appeared to break down in tears, with the GMB favourite sharing a photo of him burying his head into a cushion on the sofa.

She wrote: “God it’s heartbreaking ???? isn’t it – but thank you #englandteam for getting us close enough to feel a united moment of joy – and for giving a whole new generation a chance to believe.”

Dermot O’Leary shared a photo of Bukayo Saka being hugged by England manager Gareth Southgate and wrote: “Keep that beautiful head up, Saka. You did your club and country proud.”

This pic of Gareth Southgate with Saka has been doing the rounds[/caption]

Meanwhile, Love Island’s Amber Gill took to her Instagram Story to pay tribute to the team.

Pulling a sad face as she watched live at the stadium, Amber assured the team that they’d done us proud.

She wrote: “You did us proud, all of you, and we love you.”

Amber was among the first celebs to pay tribute to the England team

And over in the actual Love Island villa, Islanders were treated to a viewing of the final in a shock U-turn from producers.

When Italy were confirmed as the winners, they all shouted in despair, with the boys putting their heads in their hands.

Brad even shouted: “What a f***ing idiot” about the missed penalty.

The Islanders’ reaction to the result was shown on After Sun
The team put on a heroic display[/caption]

The Three Lions put on an impressive and respectable performance – but it was Italy who were victorious at the end.

England got off to a great start, with Luke Shaw scoring within the first two minutes of the match.

However, Italy scored in the second half – forcing us into extra time.

The two teams remained equals, and it was penalties that proved to be England’s downfall – with Italy getting three out of five into the goal, and England only two.

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