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Anda Seat T Pro 2 Gaming Chair Review – is the Anda Seat T Pro 2 a reliable XL option for gamers?

AS a tall man in search of a chair which supports long stints at the keyboard, I was offered the chance to review the Anda Seat T Pro 2 gaming chair.

I jumped to sit on the opportunity. Comfy gaming chairs have become more sought after in recent times – especially since the COVID-19 outbreak. But picking one isn’t an easy task.

The T Pro 2 is Anda Seat’s ‘supersize’ gaming chair

Anda Seat T Pro 2 gaming chair review: Quick summary

The Anda Seat T Pro 2 gaming chair is unquestionably a clear upgrade on more regular office chairs.

At £399 it has a lot going for it in terms of comfort, body support and adjustability.

But its desire to be the go-to super king size gaming chair faces some stiff competition.

It isn’t perfect either, with one or two considerations worth having in mind before making a purchase.


  • Good adjustability options, particularly for seat tilt and back rest angles
  • Comfortable cushioning on both seat and back rest, with included lumbar pillow
  • Competitively priced, compared to better known brands.


  • Max seat height may be too low for very tall users
  • Most narrow arm rest width feels too wide
  • Lumbar cushion often slips and needs re-seating.

Do I recommend the Anda Seat T Pro 2? Yes, if your budget is £400 max and you want a good quality gaming chair with strong adjustability and comfort.

But if you require extreme seat height, and don’t have wider than average shoulders for comfortable use of the arm rests, it may not be the seat for you.

A hefty seat, the T Pro 2 offers good supportand comfort

Anda Seat T Pro 2 gaming chair unboxing and first impressions

Like with many hefty chairs and irregularly shaped furniture, it’s just impractical and ill-advised to ship the Anda Seat T Pro 2 assembled.

So the first job upon delivery is to waddle a giant box through your home and find a space to unpack the included parts: the seat base, hydraulic mechanism, casters/wheels, seat segment, back support and arm rests.

You won’t want to carry a gaming chair box up a flight or more of stairs, so unloading it piece by piece is the way to do it.

Once all pieces are accounted for, the putting together is fairly straight forward. I had no issues, and construction of the Anda Seat T Pro 2 took me a relaxed 30-45 minutes.

First impressions of the parts during the setup were good, and when finished it’s clear there’s plenty to like.

The cushioning of the back rest and seat look to be as you’d expect, the arms are adjustable, and two levers on the underside of the seat offer height and tilt/lock adjustments.

For extra support, the seat comes with lumbar and head cushions too. These should allow you to find maximum comfort.

In all, the Anda Seat T Pro 2 certainly looks like a gaming chair fit for bigger users.

Anda Seat T Pro 2 gaming chair performance

This chair solved a significant issue for me: a sore backside from working from home, sitting on a £100 no-brand office chair which had lost its cushioning sometime mid-2020.

The T Pro 2 has also helped me to regain a sense of better posture, thanks to its supportively-shaped back rest.

Generally the Anda Seat T Pro 2 performs well, offering plenty of cushioning to glutes as well as my historically sore back.

In adjusting to my requirements, I found most parts of the chair good initially. For longer periods, though, there were additional adjustments I kept wanting for.

Since using it over the last few months, working from home and spending close to eight hours a day in the Anda Seat T Pro 2, I’ve not quite found a consistent sweet spot.

That is particularly true of seat height, which is alright for me (I’m 6ft 6inch, appx 2m, tall), but may be a little low for anyone up to four inches taller.

The arm rest positions also feel odd. Yes, you can twist, shift forward and back and raise and lower the arm rests, but the width range feels too limited: even at the narrowest width they feel fairly wide for my arms.

As it is, just the tips of my elbows balance on the arm rests while using mouse and keyboard.

This means they don’t provide full support unless my arms are away from my desk and in a resting position.

Additionally, although the included lumbar support cushion is excellent while in position, it doesn’t stay there.

It feels like this could be easily solved with a wrap-around strap attached to the cushion, as is already used for the head cushion.

Meanwhile, the head pillow does its job pretty effectively but doesn’t feel integral. Sometimes I just remove it to get some neck stretches in. But that’s not really a negative for the chair.

The chair also comes in Blue and Black or Grey options

Anda Seat T Pro 2 gaming chair features

The T Pro 2 gaming chair is Anda Seat’s answer to the likes of the Secret Gaming Titan XL.

Anda calls the seat its super king size, and it comes in Grey and Black, Blueand Black or just Black. I received the Black model.

Specced for users of a height between 180-210 cm (5ft 9inch – 6ft 10inch), it can hold a load up to 200kg (440lbs), but Anda Seat recommends keeping it below 150kg (appx 24 stone/330lbs).

Supported by a strong steel framework, The T Pro 2 offers ‘4D’ adjustable arm rests, lumbar and head-rest pillows, 65mm caster wheels and an aluminium base.

Arm rests twist inwards and outwards, adjust up and down, forward and backwards, narrower and wider.

Seat height is adjusted thanks to hydraulic pistons, although Anda Seat doesn’t state the maximum seat height.  

The Seat tilt (which can be locked or left to rock) can be set in five different positions from 90-160 degrees, while the back-rest can be independently adjusted via lever at the back right of the seat.

The finish is fabric, not hybrid, PU or even real leather offered by competitors like Noble Chairs, but that’s likely a cost saving.

As a finish the fabric is good quality, and the ‘body-facing’ fabric of the chair has a pleasing, soft-brushed feel.

The downside to fabric of course is that it attracts dust and hair, especially hair of the canine or feline kind, much more.

Comfort-wise the finish it’s good and never too warm unless it really heats up. Although generally, sitting at a PC during hot temperatures is never a good idea without a fan or air conditioning.

Under the fabric, the cushioning is ample, allowing muscles to relax and you to feel decent good support.

You can order the chair from Amazon, or direct from Anda Seat

How much does the Anda Seat T Pro 2 gaming chair cost?

Pricing is where the Anda Seat T Pro 2 hits an important point.

Arguably less well known than the likes of Secret Lab and Noble Chairs, Anda Seat has the T Pro 2 priced at £399.99.

That’s at the more affordable end of the gaming chair market, with Secret Lab’s Titan XL (also for larger and taller users) £449 in its fabric finish – so £50 more.

The T Pro 2 wins on price then, plus it throws in a lumbar pillow which you can move as required.

Where to buy the Anda Seat T Pro 2 gaming chair

The Anda Seat T Pro 2 Gaming Chair is available from Anda Seat’s Amazon store.

Alternatively, you can pick up the T Pro 2 directly from the Anda Seat website.

Anda Seat T Pro 2 gaming chair: The Verdict

As is clear, this Anda Seat T Pro 2 gaming chair review was written by a gamer and editor who is 6’6”. In short, I work and play at my desk and have spent a lot of time testing for this review.

In all I’ve found the chair comfortable and supportive, cushioned and pretty well adjustable, but with a couple of quirks.

An excellent lumbar pillow shouldn’t slip when it’s easy to remedy and fix in place.

Additionally, the most-narrow arm rest width feels like it may be an issue for actual support while using a computer. Anyone who doesn’t have particularly wide shoulders may feel similarly to me and struggle a little.

Finally, while the adjustability of the Anda Seat T Pro 2 is good in general, I wonder if anyone over my height will feel the chair goes high enough.

I like tall chairs, and for me it is just about right with my shins at an angle greater than 90 degrees to my thighs. But for anyone nearer 6ft 10inch it may not be quite what’s needed.

As an overall package? The Anda Seat T Pro 2 Gaming Chair is a good ‘taller or bigger’ option providing commendable support and comfort at a competitive price.

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