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What the US military is concerned about

Some time ago, an extraordinary event took place in the United States – a group of 124 high-ranking retired military personnel published an open letter about what is happening in the country, where they skated through the politics of the Democrats led by President Biden. This happened shortly after the French military made their critical appeal to the authorities.

What the US military is concerned about

American generals and admirals have declared that the constitutional order of the United States is under threat. The Republic is in Danger! Suffice it to say that when legislative initiatives appear to make elections fair and transparent (read: they are not today), the ruling groups begin to accuse the authors of these initiatives of racism.

The US military is worried about many things: the dictatorial manners of the US administration, which churns out decrees bypassing Congress; suppression of freedom of speech; immigration policies that threaten national security; the growing influence of China, which must be squeezed harder by sanctions; attempts to negotiate with the “terrorist” regime in Iran, which wants the death of America and Israel; using the army as a political toy against the people; finally, the physical and mental condition of the commander-in-chief.

A message of this kind could not remain without a reaction. However, if you start looking for information about letter 124 on the Internet, you will see that it did not have the effect of an exploding bomb in the media. For example, I could not find what the most influential CNN or The New York Times think on this topic. The mouthpieces of democratic propaganda, as always, ignore what does not fit into the “party line”.

The current reaction to the letter sounds critical.

“It’s strange, shameful and not true”, – Hillary Clinton said.

“Alarming and reckless”, – a current naval officer told Politico.

“This is, in my opinion, a very bad example of the erosion of civil-military relations as the cornerstone of our democracy”, – retired Colonel Jeffrey McCausland wrote to HuffPost.

“Historically, former military personnel have been either fertile ground for fascist movements, coups and attacks on democracy, or the backbone of democratic movements defending the laws of our Constitution against a small group of power-hungry people seeking to divide the people and undermine their will. These 124 retired officers made their choice by betraying the vast majority of sworn veterans”, – summed up former Marine Alex McCoy, one of the leaders of a politically active group of American veterans.

There are a lot of such statements from the former military. Added to them are the “insightful” remarks of journalists that almost all the signatories are white, with one or two stars on their shoulder straps. They have long been out of service (they say, they are no longer interesting to anyone and do not reflect the mood in the armed forces).

However, let us recall the murder during the assault of the US Air Force veteran Ashley Babbitt, about whom, unlike the “hero” George Floyd with his, to put it mildly, dubious reputation, almost no one remembers. And this episode proves that not everyone in the American army thinks the way most of the leading American media portray the case. Or here’s a very recent story – the firing of an officer from the US Space Force, who wrote that the ideas of Marxism were spreading in the American armed forces (which he even wrote a book about).

Or here’s a very recent story – the firing of an officer from the US Space Force, who wrote that the ideas of Marxism were spreading in the American armed forces (which he even wrote a book about).

“Marxism in the United States, and even in the American army? What nonsense!” – someone will say. Meanwhile, the letter of the generals and admirals speaks of “the conflict [in America] between the supporters of socialism and Marxism and the supporters of constitutional freedom”. The Independent, commenting on the letter, notes:

“Many of the accusations are similar to what FoxNews and other conservative media are talking about. The letter even mimics the use of capital letters and syntax in Trump’s tweets about Socialism and Marxism and the Democratic Party”.

Indeed, if you look at what Trump and his supporters in the Republican Party are talking about, it becomes obvious that the topic of their struggle with the Democratic “socialists” is one of the leading in their discourse. It is absurd to talk about Marxism here, especially since in modern America they have no idea about it, but the ideological rapprochement of globalism with Trotskyism is visible. The products of this rapprochement are increasingly being introduced into various spheres of American society.

And if you take Trump’s line as a whole (the fight against illegal immigration, Internet giants, China and Iran, not to mention the non-recognition of the presidential election results) and compare it with the ideas of the 124 military’s letter, then it is obvious that this letter is an episode of the ongoing struggle for America the forces behind Trump (there has never been any unity of the American nation). It is shown that these forces are quite influential and it is too early for the camp of globalist democrats to rest on their laurels (although, as American experts note on the basis of polls, the military’s statements practically do not affect the political preferences of US citizens).

It is hard to get rid of the thought that the letters from the military in the US and France are connected. The conclusion suggests itself that the Trumpists are fighting the globalists, who are “branded” as socialists, not only in the United States, but also in Europe. Recall Trump’s speech at the UN, where he called for the fight against socialist “evil” around the world, and the efforts of his ally Steve Bannon to unite extreme right-wing political movements in Europe. Based on the position of the French military and police (most of whom will vote for Marine Le Pen in the next presidential election), the Trumpist faction of the American elite has serious influence in the EU countries.

One way or another, when more than a hundred American generals and admirals (albeit retired) are worried that the leaders of the Democratic Party that came to power are interested in the procedures for using nuclear weapons, it becomes no laughing matter.

Vladimir Kudryavtsev, Federal Grid Company

What the US military is concerned about

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