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Tired of Bandages Falling Off Every Time You Wash Your Hands? It’s Time to Try Waterproof Bandages

It’s a problem that probably sounds familiar. You get a small nick on your finger, cover it with a bandage, and then, not five minutes later, you have to wash your hands. Off comes the soggy bandage and on goes another. That’s why it’s a good idea to pick up waterproof bandages.

One obvious benefit of buying waterproof bandages is that they will stay on better than regular bandages if they get wet. Plus, by keeping water out, your cut won’t be exposed to moisture. This helps to reduce the risk of infection. Waterproof bandages are good options for swimmers as well. Of course, waterproof bandages are not totally impervious to water. Eventually, they’ll come off due to water exposure. But you should be changing the bandage daily anyway, so these waterproof bandages will offer enough protection and grip that you won’t have to constantly change them.

These are some of the best waterproof bandages to buy, including options for kids, large bandages for covering bigger cuts, as well as flexible bandages that are specifically designed for the contours of your hands and fingers. And whether it’s a Judy emergency kit or survival kit, it’s always a good idea to add a box of waterproof bandages to your emergency supplies.


1. Nexcare Waterproof Bandages Family Pack


These bandages from Nexcare come in a variety pack of 100, and they’re available in a medley of sizes. There are 30 2.5-inch bandages, 30 2.25-inch bandages and 40 1.1-inch bandages. The bandages are clear, making them more discreet and easier to place. The bandages have paper seals on the ends, which are removed upon application. This makes the bandages easier to apply one-handed, which is especially useful if you cut yourself on one of your hands. The bandages are made without natural rubber latex, so it’s suitable for those with rubber latex allergies.

waterproof bandages Buy: Nexcare Waterproof Bandages $8.99

2. Band-aid Tough-Strips Adhesive Bandages


If you’re prone to scrapes and scratches on your arms or legs, these bandages from Band-Aid are worth keeping around. They come in a pack of two and are all extra-large, so they’re not ideal if you just need bandages for occasional finger cuts. The bandages have a textured grid fabric that helps to form a tighter seal, in addition to the waterproofing. These bandages come in a pack of two, which have 10 bandages each.

waterproof bandages Buy: Band Aid Waterproof Bandages $6.48

3. Curad Assorted Bandages Variety Pack 300 Pieces


Different cuts and scrapes require different bandages, which is why this variety pack from Curad is such a great option. There are 300 bandages in total, comprising of six different styles of bandages in assorted sizes. The six include antibacterial fabric, sheer, plastic, heavy-duty, flex fabric and medium waterproof. 30 waterproof bandages are included, and they’re made from a thin breathable material that keeps you comfortable while blocking out water.

waterproof bandages Buy: Curad Variety Bandages $9.99

4. Welly Bandages – Waterproof Bravery Badges


Welly’s bandages come in colorful, eye-catching tins that make them great for keeping in a bag, glove compartment or at your desk. The bandages come in several different colors and three sizes, and 39 waterproof bandages are included in total. They’re also latex-free, making them great options for anyone with natural rubber latex allergies.

waterproof bandages Buy: Welly Waterproof Bandages $6.99

5. Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal Adhesive Bandages


These bandages from Band-Aid have very narrow wings with a rounded pad, making them more maneuverable than standard bandages. They’re specifically designed for toe blisters, but they can work for a variety of hard-to-reach areas. They have Band-Aid’s proprietary Hydro Seal, which blocks out moisture if you’re showering or washing your hands. They also have cushioning to provide relief to blisters.

waterproof bandages Buy: Band Aid Waterproof Bandages $3.97

6. CURAD Waterproof Butterfly Bandages


Butterfly bandages are generally used by professionals, but they can be worth keeping as part of an emergency kit. The way they work is that the wider strips act to pull the skin closer, effectively closing the cut and helping it to heal more quickly. They can work for small, shallow and even cuts. In the event that you would need stitches, butterfly bandages can act as a temporary solution if used properly.

waterproof bandages Buy: Curad Waterproof Butterfly Bandages $4.99

7. Nexcare Tegaderm Waterproof Transparent Dressing


For covering larger areas, these bandages from Nexcare can help cover scrapes and cuts while blocking out water. They’re waterproof but breathable, preventing moisture from getting trapped under the bandage. These are transparent as well, making it easier to monitor healing, and they can be kept on for up to seven days. And since they’re made without natural rubber latex, these dressings are hypoallergenic as well.

waterproof bandages Buy: Nexcare Waterproof Bandages $6.98

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