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Leeds United Chat • Re: Thanks Covidiots

BobHirst » Thu Feb 11, 2021 1:00 pm

I really don't understand your viewpoint.
Maybe I misunderstood your previous posts but didn't you tell us that you got Covid-19 and were hospitalized with it and were ill for quite a long time?
Why didn't you just take 2 Tylenol and go to bed for a day? Why the over reaction by going to hospital?
You honestly confuse me.
I don't think I said I was ill for quite a long time - if I gave that impression I apologise. I'm just fed up of all the doom and gloom and I did quote the worldwide death rate percentage, which is not what the media do. Look, it must be awful to get the full force of C19 and the body not be able to withstand its ravages - I have great sympathy for sufferers and their families, but all we hear about is the thousands who are diagnosed, not the survival rate and especially the asymptomatic and survival percentages.

First, I had minor snuffles and a significant headache and generally felt yucky, then my wife checked my temperature and we were floored by a reading of 105.6 out of the blue and that's something you can't ignore. Tylenol didn't make it go down altogether so it was still high and my upper body and head felt hot. At this stage we didn't know if my symptoms were the tip of the iceberg and this was going to get worse, and the only recourse if you want to be professionally checked out is to go to the ER, so my wife drove me to hospital as a precaution mainly because of the temperature but also about the unknown.

Whilst in the hospital I had a few tests and they said I was correct to have it checked out. I had contracted C19, my temperature was taken several times and at first it was high then it eventually reverted to normal and my upper body lost it's heat. I have no explanation for my body's reaction.

Maybe the hospital visit was unnecessary but when you have that kind of temperature you tend to want some reassurance that you're not actually on death's door - I don't know, but put yourself in my shoes for that.

My test said I had C19 but maybe the whole thing was just 8 or so hours of misdiagnosed pure joy.

I honestly have no idea but I wouldn't wish the anxiety and uncertainty on you.

Maybe it was a false positive and maybe the Stella finally has me as relaxed as a newt. :)

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