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“WEB REPORTS… COULD NOT BE CONFIRMED” – Virginia Delegate Chris Head Responds to Ballot Dumps of 300,000 Biden Votes and He Doesn’t Seem to Care

“WEB REPORTS… COULD NOT BE CONFIRMED” – Virginia Delegate Chris Head Responds to Ballot Dumps of 300,000 Biden Votes and He Doesn’t Seem to Care

A Republican delegate from the Virginia House provided a response to a constituent’s questions about the 2020 Presidential election results in Virginia. 

The response unfortunately leads to more questions.

A Virginia resident shared a post from the Gateway Pundit with a local state delegate.  The post share was as follows:

Add Virginia to the List of States Where a Forensic Audit of the 2020 Election Results is Absolutely Necessary

In the above report we noted that:

Overall three entries of over 300,000 votes were posted in the data base to Biden’s vote total [in Virginia].  Two entries of over 300,000 votes were taken away.

We also reported that a judge looked at the state’s methods of counting absentee ballots and ruled against them:

One of those changes allowed ballots arriving after election day and without a postage mark indicating when they were mailed to be counted. Now a circuit court judge has ruled that the rule in question violates state statutes and the practice will be banned in the future.

The purpose of our article was to point out that Virginia had five large vote recordings that were over 300,000 ballots for Biden that were suspect and that the state allowed ballots to be counted that had no evidence of being mailed.  Both of these items indicate large scale fraud in Virginia.

A Virginia resident forwarded our post to a Republican representative who provided the following information in an email to their constituent.  We received a copy of the response (attached below):

The representative starts off referencing Dominion which was not mentioned in our post and suggests that Trump won 24 or 27 localities in Virginia (not including Fairfax county) and therefore the election there had no problem with Dominion machines.  The representative even provided a list but not include Fairfax.  It’s unknown what logic was used to make this argument.

Next, the representative stated that the local committee chairmen had no problem with a portion of Dominion’s work and noted that Dominion has sued some people, insinuating that therefore they must be legitimate(?)

Next, the representative claims that TGP data is “manipulated two times”.

First, in Edison Research, the numbers only appear as whole integers unlike in the Gateway Pundit article.  Second, Edison Research’s data had the margin of votes from a few hundred to over two thousand votes edited.

[What the represenative claims is the Edison data is in whole numbers.  This is not true.  The data we received from the New York Times live feed on election night does not include whole numbers and they had to be  derived from the report.  This is what the media was using to report the official results for the election.  Second, the file we received was for all of Virginia which accounts for the small differences between our numbers and the representative’s numbers which are for Fairfax County only.]

Next, the representative notes the following regarding the massive vote dumps in Fairfax County [something we didn’t know before – that these occurred in Fairfax County]:

The first large vote dump entry at 23:42:34 ET on Nov. 3 shows an addition of 330,442 votes for Biden and 38,150 for Trump in the Edison data. This is close to the 331,289.50 votes for Biden and 39,368.76 for Trump recorded in the Gateway Pundit chart, which carries a timestamp of 04:42:43 GMT. As GMT is five hours ahead of ET, this time stamp is the same as the Edison data. In the Edison data, 330,442 and 38,150 votes were subtracted from Biden and Trump’s vote totals respectively at 00:12:37 ET on Nov. 4.  In the Gateway Pundit data, 330,153.34 votes were subtracted from Biden and 37,510.59 from Trump at 05:12:38 GMT.

A second large entry at 00:26:42 ET on Nov. 4 showed 308,407 votes added to Biden’s total and 79,372 to Trump, all of which were then subtracted at 00:30:55 in the Edison data. In the Gateway Pundit data Biden received 308,341.59 votes and Trump 80,357.05 at 05:26:48 GMT, all of which were subtracted at 05:30:56 GMT.

The third large entry at 02:17:05 ET saw Biden receive 308,407 votes and Trump 79,372 in the Edison data, while in the Gateway pundit data Biden received 308,051.63 votes and Trump 77,492.67 at 07:17:06 GMT. There was no subtraction of votes following this addition.

A spokesman for Edison Research explained that the subtraction and multiple entries occurred because Edison deleted two web reports from Fairfax County after they could not be confirmed: “At 11:42 PM on 11/3 we received a web report from Fairfax County and that went into our system. We could not confirm that report so we took it out of our system at 12:12 AM on 11/4.”

In the Edison data, the amount taken away from the total matches the amount originally added on. For example, where 330,442 votes were added for Biden at 23:42 ET, 330,442 votes were subtracted at 00:12 ET on Nov. 4. This means that the subtractions made no difference to the overall vote total until the figure was verified.

The key points here are that in Fairfax County one “web report” was added to the results at a 90/10 ratio of Biden to Trump.  Then this was reversed, then a “web report” was entered at an 80/20 ratio and reversed.  And then finally it was added again into the results at an 80/20 ratio.  The representative apparently has no problems with these suspect entries and ratios which are very unlikely due to the size of the entries and the ratio of Biden to Trump in Fairfax County which is unlike other entries for the County. 

We also don’t know what a “web report” is.  It sounds like an ad hoc report but it is being added to the results.  What is this and why was it used for official results and reposted and reversed two times?  Where did it come from?  Who created it?  Why was it in error?  How could a 300,000 net increase in Biden votes get populated from a “web report” and no one question it?

The representative then claimed that our report that shows a 55/45 ratio of Biden to Trump after the large data drop never occurred and yet our reporting from Edison clearly shows it did.  Why is this Republican trying to tell us not to trust our own eyes?

Next, the representative says the Edison data doesn’t matter and yet he just finished defending it and it is used by every major media outlet to report election results on election night!

The representative went on to say that no absentee ballots without postmarks were counted in the election. [Which is questionable based on the above responses.]  And finally, the representative mentions they will put together some [BS] audit [that will never address any of the observations of potential fraud that we have uncovered].

Finally, one overall observation is how defensive and unhelpful the Democrats and the Republicans have been around the country, not just in Virginia, when it comes to the 2020 election and fraud concerns.  There is an apparent concerted effort by the Republican Party to allow the Democrats to steal the 2020 election.  The Republicans are fine with elections being unfair and clearly fraudulent and have no apparent understanding of the consequences of this happening in 2020 and how their response will impact future generations.

Below is the letter from the Virginia Representative:

Virginia Election Response by Jim Hoft on Scribd


The post “WEB REPORTS… COULD NOT BE CONFIRMED” – Virginia Delegate Chris Head Responds to Ballot Dumps of 300,000 Biden Votes and He Doesn’t Seem to Care appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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