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Appointment of sole administrator for NDDC treacherous — Pukon, IYC scribe

Appointment of sole administrator for NDDC treacherous — Pukon, IYC scribe

NDDC Sole Administrator: We'll resist attempts to ridicule Akwa— Kinsmen…As mothers’ in oil producing communities threaten to protest nude

  By Emma Amaize & Jimitota Onoyume

SECRETARY-GENERAL of Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, Mr. Frank Pukon, has described the appointment of Sole Administrator for Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC,  against the law establishing the interventionist agency by the Federal Government,  as deceitful and treacherous.

This came as mothers in Niger Delta under the aegis of Mothers  of Óil Producing Communities of Niger Delta, MOPROCOND,  have called for sack of the Sole Administrator of NDDC, Mr Effiong Akwa, threatening to protest nude at all the offices of the commission in the nine member states.

Pukon in a statement made available to Vanguard, said: “The NDDC Act did not make provision for sole administrator and the action of the presidency is treacherous, worrisome and contrary to the provision of the law, which is a siege to our region’s development.

“How can a sole administrator formulate policies that will be a guide to the development of Niger Delta? Is this not dancing to the melody of corruption and systematically frustrating the forensic audit with a political undertone?

“The NDDC can work for Niger- Deltans and become the people’s board when it’s establishing Act is respected.

“June 5, this year, will apparently make it 21 years the NDDC is saddled with the sole responsibility to develop and provide infrastructure and proper corporate governance such as accountability, checks and balances, overall, fair and equitable representation to the constituent states of the Niger Delta region.

“Some of us, however, are incredibly stunned on how the NDDC intends to pursue its policies of promoting the Niger Delta’s physical and socio-economic development, particularly with regard to the sad events of this present administration in the past three years, where there is no substantive board.

“This is unlawful, illegal and unacceptable to this generation of Niger -Deltans and our forebears who fought and died for the region’s progress, stability and development.

“The NDDC’s vision can only be achieved if stakeholders forgo their political gridlocks and work accordingly in line with the commission’s sacred document or its establishment act.

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“When former President Olusegun Obasanjo in the year 2000 established NDDC with a sole mandate of developing our oil-rich Niger Delta region, we were all happy with a glimmer of hope because our continued agitation in articulating our demands for greater autonomy and control of our area’s petroleum resources were visibly achieved to an extent.

“This beckons to all well-meaning Niger Deltans to painstakingly embark on self-reflection and search for answers to what is happening to NDDC, which ought to be the people’s board,” he stated.

Mothers in oil producing communities threaten to protest nude

In a communique, after their meeting in Warri, Delta State, yesterday, MOPROCOND said the office of Sole Administrator was unknown to the NDDC Acts.

The communique signed by the duo of Lady Kagogo Happy, Convener  and Mrs Ogheneruro Emudiakevwe , Head of Media Relations further enjoined President Muhammadu  Buhari to inaugurate the new board of the commission to avert threat to what they termed fragile peace in the Niger Delta region.

“We reiterate that the Mothers of Oil Producing Communities of Niger Delta reject the purported appointment of Effiong Akwa and demand his sack with immediate effect. This interim Sole Administrator designate and position is not known to the NDDC Act,” they said.

“MOPROCOND is  to simultaneously hold our nude  protest to take place at the NDDC offices of the Nine states across the Niger Delta and also occupy  major oil fields in the region.

” That the grand nude protest shall take place with all the Mothers  converging at the NDDC’s Headquarters with their Tents and cooking utensils to celebrate with Effiong Akwa for his appointment. Take notice that the occupation of the Headquarters will last as long as we can sustain it.

“We therefore urge the NASS to compel the President to issue a directive to the Minister to inaugutare the appointed board already screened and confirmed by it as soon as possible.

“The  substantive board would have been the most appropriate body to midwife the audit of the commission. The audit could go on simultaneously as the board is working to bring smile on the faces of the people of the region and new infrastructure, “they said.

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